Wooden Animal Carvings

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Huge range of hand crafted wooden animal carvings from the finest exporters of Indonesian handicrafts.

Lion Carving
Wooden Animal Statue Carving.

Animal wood carvings from Indonesia at reasonable prices and handmade by craftsmen in Bali. View the complete range.

Wood Animal Carvings - Eagle
Wood Animal Carvings – Eagle.

Turtle Animal Carving
Turtle Animal Carving.

Dragon Carvings
Dragon Carvings.

Wooden Owls
Wooden Owls.

Piglet Carvings
Piglet Carvings.

Horse Head Figures
Horse Head Figures.

Wooden Dolphin Carvings
Wooden Dolphin Carvings.

Wooden Snake
Wooden Snake.

Elephant Head Statuette
Elephant Head Statuette.

View the complete range of animal wood carvings at Novica, wholesale and retail suppliers of Indonesian wood carvings.

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