Beaded Rattan Baskets

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Beaded craft baskets made of rattan and bamboo.

Baskets beaded handcrafted by Balinese artisans at Novica.

Colorful Beaded Basket
Colorful Beaded Basket.
Colorful geometric motifs, arranged in chains grace a round surface. Handmade from rattan and beads this basket is a mix of the traditional and modern. A fine example of Balinese art.

Beaded Rattan Basket
Beaded Rattan Basket.
Great beauty in this zig-zagging pattern. The artist weaves the basket from a rattan base, then applying a careful beaded array in blue and gold.

Mini Bamboo Baskets
Mini Bamboo Baskets.
Four small baskets with weaving of each bamboo basket being done by hand creating shimmering motifs from beads and sequins.

Lots more at Novica.

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