Handmade Sandals & Slippers

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Handmade leather slippers and wooden sandals from mahogany and ate weaving.

Leather Slippers

Mens and womens slippers from Bali, Indonesia, handcrafted of leather.

Leather Slippers
Leather Slippers suitable for outdoor and indoor house wear.

Leather Slippers
Leather Slippers, down to the sole.

Hand Weaved Sandals

These sandals are hand made from ate grass and mahogany wood. Ate comes from the small village of Tenganan on Bali, Ate is a sturdy and beautiful grass is traditionally used for weaved baskets and footwear such as sandals and shoes.

Weaved Sandals
These sandals are designed so that the shoes rest on a cylindrical heel lying sideways. The soles are handmade of mahogany covered over with rubber, and the sandal sides have a suede border tooled with a floral chain. Comfort derives from the woven ate.

Island Weave Sandals
Traditional Balinese designs, these sandals are also handcrafted from mahogany wood with ate weave that provides cool comfort. Rubber soles.

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  1. Col Lewis says:

    Hi, do you know where I can get men’s shoes made, please?

    I am coming to Bali next week and looking to have a few pairs of leather men’s shoes made. These are not sandals, I require shoes.

    Can you help?



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