Wood Carving Sculptures & Statuettes

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Bali wood carvings, sculptures, and elegant statuettes for the home and garden.

Exotic Indonesian handmade crafts, wooden sculptures and figures in contemporary, abstract style, imported from Bali by Novica.

Some of the featured wood art sculptures from Bali include, among about 130 models,:

Bali Wood Carving Sculpture
Bali Wood Carving Sculpture.
Made of suar wood, a fine statuette by Balinese artisan Wayan Rendah. Family intimacy expressed through wood and hand craftsmanship.

Contemporary Statuette
Contemporary Statuette.
Bali wood sculptures, handcarved pair of slender hands evokes the delicate and graceful hand movements used in Balinese dance.

Wood Sculpture Carving
Wood Sculpture Carving.
Ideal gift for a new mother, a woman cradles and feeds her newborn child.

Lots more abstract wood art and Bali made sculptures and statues at Novica.

7 Comments on “Wood Carving Sculptures & Statuettes”

  1. Scott Surber says:

    Looking for a bali(?) wood carving I saw in a knick-knack store in Deep Elum, Texas (an eclectic suburb of Dallas) in which a man and a woman figure sat in a round swing joined at the pelvis.
    It was a beautiful carving I wish now I had purchased.

    PLEASE, help me if you can–any suggestions would be3 greatly appreciated.



  2. saint flairs awards ltd says:

    Please can you produce a customized statuette for us.

    urgent reply

  3. saint flairs awards ltd says:

    Please do you customize statuette we are very much interested.

  4. kinch says:

    Show us the naughty ones you keep out the back of the store 🙂

  5. David says:

    Saint flairs awards ltd, you’re in Nigeria right? Anyway the products above are sold by Novica, they are retailers in America – they might have some naughty ones too.

  6. inderjit says:

    Beautiful Wood Carving Sculptures & Statuettes i like it very much, simply designed.

  7. Tracey Cook says:

    Looking for a Tastefully done wooden sculpture has to be 1foot high and 2 foot long approx, would like it to be a Bali sculpture of a man and woman any ideas where I could get one then please contact me.
    Thanks Tracey

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