Handmade Walking Sticks

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Handcrafted wooden walking sticks from Bali, Indonesia.

Cobra Head Wooden Walking Stick
Cobra Head Wooden Walking Stick.

Made of sono wood, or sonokeling, an exotic Javanese tropical wood species, these handcarved walking sticks and canes make unique handmade gifts for men.

Wood Walking Stick
Wood Walking Stick.

The handmade walking sticks here are mostly long, thin sticks carved by hand and feature animal or human heads at the tip inspired by Balinese lore and tradition.

Dragon Head Wooden Walking Stick
Dragon Head Wooden Walking Stick.

Nyoman Karsa
Nyoman Karsa, the artist.
Nyoman, born in 1967, learned woodcarving from his father and elder artists in his Balinese village. He has worked in his own art studio and shop since 1987.

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2 Comments on “Handmade Walking Sticks”

  1. Dale says:

    Would like info on cobra head walking canes if you manufacture them?

    Thank you!

  2. Steve Westerfield says:

    Hi. I am at the Fontana Hotel, Kuta, Bali. I want to buy a cane – walking stick, but no one here seems to know where I should go to buy it. I need a solid – strong one piece hard wood or rattan cane with a “candy cane” (shaped like a ?) handle. No separate piece for the handle, cane must be made from one piece of wood for strength purposes. I intend to use it to help me walk but also to fight (for self defense) if I am attacked.


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