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Muslim extremists and radicals misunderstand their religion, says a senior cleric.

Hasyim Muzadi of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) says terrorists and radicals who operate under an Islamic banner have just misunderstood the teachings of Islam, particularly in the area of war.

The concept of war and jihad have to be understood within the context of the time of Muhammad, he says. Muhammad never attacked anyone, he claims, he never started any wars but simply fought in self-defence. What’s more, opines Hasyim, the prophet of Islam never killed women and children, never destroyed crops, never burnt down houses and churches, or any other buildings.

Sectarian conflicts were an increasing trend in Indonesia, such as in Poso and Ambon, and their occurrence meant that religion had lost its positive influence.

He went on to say that both Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah had decided to shoulder the responsibility of making sure that Islam had a peaceful, benevolent aspect and role in Indonesia, that it uplifted humanity, that is was rahmatan lil alamin, a blessing for the world.

Over the past seven years, he said, the NU had focused on implementing the key concepts of moderation, uprightness, tolerance, balance, and dialogue. This was part of NU’s committment to the unitary republic of Indonesia, based on faith in God but not based on any particular religion and its laws. mediaindo

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  1. Tomaculum says:

    Mr. Muzadi should do something for it, and not just talking, talking, talking and just talking.

  2. Ismail says:

    this man is practising “taqqiya” the traditions say differently. Off course mohammed killed, assasinated and robbed. i am shocked at this so called scholars cause all they do is to lie cause they know if right thinking Muslims know the truth, they will burn the so called Islamic banner.
    if this man want to know the truth and help rid the world of radicals and Islamist, he should denounce all tha barbaric deed of the so called prophet, Muslims will realise that there no virgin to die for and all such non-sense.


    religion of peace i am sure he meant religion of death and hate, and yet you hardly hear of any of the muarading Muslims mention peace, please go talk to them thailand, somalia, sudan, iraq and so on. Islam is a big sad joke.

  3. Rockstar says:

    Ismail, we are all a big sad joke 🙂

  4. Miss Indo 07 says:


    I agree with Tomaculum, walk the talk.

  5. Ismail says:

    MISS INDO 07, i guess what you mean is that i should join the chorus, and agree that Islam is a religion of peace. even though it a religion of death. no sir!! or madam as the case my be, i have seen what it can do up close.
    i guess if we keep this head in the sand tactics it will get to you soon either you like or not, do you know now that Islamic court in somalia said yesterday, if you don’t pray to the god Allah five times aday your head will be chopped off, if you live in the somalia that is. i am sure there are people there who still think Islam is great just hijacked. heheheheh!!!
    just give it time Islam will come for you, they can’t help themselves, mark my word.

    yes,we are all big sad joke, as long as we continue to lie to ourselves about Islam.

  6. Tomaculum says:

    Miss Indo 07,
    I think it is useless and wasting time to discuss with Ismail.

    “i guess what you mean is that i should join the chorus, and agree that Islam is a religion of peace”

    I wonder he can read out these from your “sigh”. Maybe this is his mannerism.

    And Ismail:
    Miss Indo 07 has lost an aunty and a cousin during the SARA in Indonesia (sorry Miss Indo), so the zealots came already to her.

    In former discussions in this blog I have the impression, that miss Indo 07 can differ between Moslem zealotism and Islam teaching (despite those burden).

    “yes,we are all big sad joke, as long as we continue to lie to ourselves about Islam”

    Off course you don’t belong to those sad joke group, aren’t you? Because you already “know” about Islam.

  7. Rockstar says:

    If I have to choose only one reason to not agree with what Ismail has in mind, is my neighbour.
    he’s a very good Moslem.

  8. Tomaculum says:

    And some of my best friends are Moslem and good persons.

  9. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Tomaculum n Rockstar have said what I want to say ^^

  10. Ronald says:

    hello my friends Moslems, please tell your brothers in countries like iran, somalia, sudan and alike to stop oppresing other believes there. Your voice may be more effective. genocide is happening in Sudan now.

  11. si bibir mer says:

    There will be peace after the whole world converts to Islam.. Then, like what Ismail said, world is so peace, because there’s no other believers except Moslem, and those who are resistant had their heads chop off.. And those who live “peacefully” are actually live in distress… They keep asking themselves this question: When is going to be next turn my head rolls off?

    I hope this makes sense as it certainly is.

    So, before that happens, I suggest you to go to Iraq and subscribe as suicide bomber. Hopefully you die for the right purpose, because there are two Islam groups in Iraq, and they kill each other with absolute hope to enter into heaven.. I can’t imagine, will they carry same war in heaven? DOH! Or perhaps each of them are given “angelic virgin with delicated eyes” as promised in certain holy book by certain holy prophet…

  12. Tomaculum says:

    To my opinion there you will find zealotism and diehard/irreformable zealots in other religions or faiths too, or even among non believers, agnostics, atheists or else.
    They yell and spread hate. They don’t kill other people with their own hands, but they can cause the now already problematical understanding beetwen the religions/faiths/cultures being worse. And the effect? …………………
    So, tell me: would you say, that their religions, believes or even “non-believes” bad? Are these people better then the Moslem zealots we now insult?

  13. Mat Malaya says:

    Salam Ismail,

    Is is sad to read your hatred comments about Islamic teaching and prophet Muhammad. Without no apparent reason, you keep bombarding Islam and our beloved prophet. What’s wrong with u? Are you a member to any satanic worshipping group? It is wrong to condemn other religion without any provocation!

    I’m a Moslem and totally denying any act of zealot or fanatism in religion. Just becos Indonesia hav a lot of so called ‘unrecognised Islamic suicide bomber’ u immediately jumped to the conclusion that Islam is a religion of hatred and death.

    u sounds like a religion zealot (I’m not sure what ur religion is), and to be frank with u, u sounds like an agent of provocateur, hoping that other people will join your chorus.

    I believe that u never been to any other Islamic country like Malaysia or Brunei. Go and talk to them about ‘those unrecognised Islamic suicide bomber’ and ask them about these stupid bomber. None of them will recognise it.

    There are lot of suicide bomber apart from so-called Muslim suicide bomber for instance tiger tamil ellam. Why not make a fuss about them? In my opinion, Islam and his prophet Mohammed has been manipulated by those stupid and uneducated suicide bomber group. Indonesia is not in a war zone.

    Islam allows you to fight back should your self, family, property or country is attacked or harmed by other people, not attacking or killing innocent people without any cause.

    Sorry Ismail, but you are too much..


  14. Ismail says:

    Hello all, I can understand that what i say is a bit hard and can get lots of people upset, and for that i am sorry.

    But… Mat Malaya, you’re allowed to say anything you want to say about me, you can call me names, but everything i say is the truth and well thought out, you might be a good person and that might be true, but Islam and its prophet is satanic and anti-Christ. your being a good person, if you are, is not because of Islam, it because you remember your humanity. once you got Islam on your mind, then i really don’t want to be next to you.

    Off course Islam allows you to fight back, that is the very reason, its satanic cause its all about revenge. and its constantly against the words of Christ, i.e Jesus says forgive 70 by 70 times, he told us in the bible to love our enemy and pray for them not fight back, i know that is not human, but its definitely devine.

    You also talked about, Malaysia, do you know its a crime to convert to Christianity in malasia or be an apostate of Islam the verse of sura 4:89 that tells you to kill saudi Arabia you will be killed if you carry a bible or hold a Christian service. my friend that is Islam!

    Rockstar,the fact that you neigbour is nice and friendly don’t mean much, his religion(Islam) is satanic, i know idol worshippers that are really nice, that doesn’t mean there religion is great. ”

    Saying the truth is not hate,its the truth, for instant mohammed had sex with a 9 year old is a fact and it true, he married is adopted son’s wife( prophet’s former daugther in-law), he assisianted people because he felt insulted another fact. and he called for the death of infidels and that is what radicals follow. please the so called prophet also raided carravans of the meccans. The prophet had no prophecy not a single one, he had no miracle. but he engineered the biggest cult in world history and that is the miracle.

    Islam is a religion hate and death, just look in the news you will see what they do, its in the news daily.

    Finally,Tomaculum, you are living in your own world, Islam is what Islam does, Miss Indo 07 i am sorry for your loss but you need to study Islam to know the so called radicals are the true Muslims, in fact a peaceful Muslims is an oxymoron because they are regarded as fake because they rather be peaceful than to fight jihad. they are some sort of apostate.

    If I have said anything wrong about Islam, please point it out, no need for insult and please feel free to ignore me.

    Yes I do hate Islam, because i know it will destroy the world, but i do not hate the Muslim person, some in my family is still Muslim, if i do hate, it will be a sin and i will offend the lord Christ Jesus, the real reason for Christmas.

  15. Rockstar says:

    hey my Moslem neighbour just confirmed for a Christmas celebration at our home.. pretty neato..
    well he always go along with his family for the xmas eve dinner actually.. infact he has this big xmas tree in front of his house..


    plus a reindeer statue..


    and some dwarfs..

  16. Ismail says:

    i guess you can say he his Muslim-for-identification sake only, and an apostate, because if he his a true Muslim and he his got ISLAM on his mind, you better beware….. remember all the Muslims that have killed were normal until they got Islam on there mind.please read about the all they were pious loving people before the transistion(the change)

    please do forgive if i sound nasty, but its the truth, i saw my father change from loving and sweet to mohammed and its the same for all the jihadist,you have ever read about they were nice once, even osama bin ladin.

  17. Deacon says:

    Mr. Muzadi should do something for it, and not just talking, talking, talking and just talking.

    Quite often, moral suasion is the best action to take.

    Assuming Hasyim Muzadi has his facts right, he is giving a positive message.

    I suggest you spread his message rather than ridicule him for it.

  18. Tomaculum says:


    Finally,Tomaculum, you are living in your own world, Islam is what Islam does.

    And you live not in your own world, hm, Ismail? Your world is the only true world and your sight is the only true sight, aren’t they?
    Sorry, Ismail, you are not better then those Moslem zealots, you sound like such from the other side.
    Enjoy it and this “discussion” is for me finished here. Bye and I wish you much luck and happiness in your life.

  19. O. Bule says:

    Any religious doctrine can be misused to justify murder or theft, for example during the infamous Spanish Inquisition, when thousands of people were tortured and murdered by the Catholic church for being “heretics”. Islam is currently being misused in such a manner, and it must reform itself world-wide, or it will become unwelcome in civilized states.

    O. Bule

  20. Mat Malaya says:

    Salam Ismail,

    I’m quiet agree with Tomaculum. People who not saw things through their heart will always find ways to ridule other people and other religion. Their eyes were blinded by their fanatism because they live in their own world. What a pity..

    It’s a waste of time trying to correct people who refuse to understand the concept of truthfulness in other religion esp. Islam. I’m here not to convince u about Islam but to tell u that u are totally not right to ridicule other religion. People really sick of u. Please realise that.

    I’m a Moslem. My late grandfather and my late grandmother was a chinese Buddhist as well as my other relatives. We have no problem at all. They respect us very much and vice versa. We never asked them to convert to Islam.Islam never says that u must hate and leave your parents if they are not Moslem.My mother, her sisters as well as her brothers are a wonderful Moslems. They never turned to ‘Muhammad’. But one thing for sure, they became more humble and loving.

    Violence and hatred were not thought in Islam. That are what according to our Ulama’ and ustadz in Malaysia. I dont know what were thought by those ustadz in Indonesia. Maybe the other way around. If Its true, then those ustadz should take the blame, not Islam and Mohammad.

    Have u checked their qualification in Islamic teaching? are u sure that these ustadz were recognised by your Islamic counsel? I dont think so, just because they wear turban and a little bit of pious in their conduct, people easily took their words and became obsessed with them, and to some extent worshipped them as a wali. What a nonsense!

    In Malaysia, u are not allowed to conduct a ceramah if u are not qualified. Even in a small musolla. Our Islamic Counsel as well as the undercover police will go around to check these people who claim to be a wali or ustadz from spreading hatred and fanatism towards government and other religion. See what happened to Nordin Mat Top and Azhari husain? They dare not to come back to Malaysia because they know the consequences. Those people who spread hatred and jihadist ideology like those 2 Malaysians are very2 dangerous. We never proud of them!

    So mr Ismail, the morale of the story is, stop playing Nordin Mat Top and the gang because u are no better than them should u keep continue this kind of hatred game..


  21. Ihaknt says:

    Rockstar…tell your friend to come and have a party at my place, he sounds like a good guy.
    im a Moslem and i have balloon xmas tree. over here xmas is more of a tradition (a very fun one too!!) than a religious thing. it’s time to give back, charity, etc. a bit like lebaran. i tolerate the people who also tolerate me when i celebrate or enthusiastically share stories about my religion – Islam.
    From tolerance comes respect, from respect comes peaceful harmony AND a lot of laughter.
    it’s actually far more enjoyable to learn different cultures and religions. in the end i conclude all religions teach good things AND it is ok to have a bit of fun. so you people with so many subliminal negative messages, i pity you coz you live your life in constant anger and suspicions over other beings.

  22. Kareem Junaidi says:

    Ismail, tell me, where in the bible that said that you can or should slander and insult other religions and their followers?

    A. if the bible teach those things then the bible is vile

    B. if the bible didn’t say that you can slander other religions then your actions are not in accordance with the bible, it means you’re not one of Jesus’ follower.

    so which one is it, smart ass bigot?

  23. Riccardo says:

    Kareem J,
    Maybe I can help you with your interesting, albeit elementary, questions. The Bible doesn’t focus on other “religions”, because there is no other Religion except that which is in the Bible. The Bible does strongly exhort it’s readers to distinguish good from evil and speak the truth to clearly expose all evil.

    Islam is evil, therefore, the Bible’s exhortations to call it exactly what it is are pure and holy. There is no slander, libel or bigotry in that. It is called purity and holiness.

    No place in the Bible does it say “show respect for evil cults and religions”, you got that from your ORBA/Pancasila propaganda in school — and you probably think “Bhinneka Ika Tunggal” came from the Koran and the Bible and the Bhagavadgita… it most definitely does not. The Bible does say love them and show compassion and mercy to cult followers in order to help them See, but definitely NOT respect their evil cult.

    Cheers, hope that helps you to understand.

  24. Ihaknt says:

    Riccardo, there’s no point attacking a different belief. In the end all religions are basically a cult. A cult is a belief in which there are followers. A cult can be good can be bad. I must say what makes a religion (look) bad is mainly its followers who intrepret their belief to suit their own wordly needs or just too stupid to question themselves whether a teaching is right or wrong. Then again if you dont know any better then human, naturally, will just take what’s in front of them.

  25. Dimp says:

    Hey Ricardo,

    If Islam is evil then are you saying that all the people who follow Islam are evil? This means what approx. 1 billion people are evil? That is weird, some of my best friends are Moslems, and they seems okay, does this make me evil as well…. in that case some of my family who are Christians who mingle with me are evil as well….

  26. Gada says:

    Whose religion is the best?

    The answer is:
    The religion itself is the best.

    First of all,

    Don’t believe in Beatles …
    Don’t believe in Kennedy …
    Don’t believe in Hitler …

    Just believe in YOU …

    Then you can realize how good and strong you are … and finally YOU can see how wonderful this life …

    Pray for your enemy … don’t fight them … we are the same …

    Peace and have a nice day,

  27. Riccardo says:

    I’m not quite sure even how to address you two. Shall I call you Mr. and Mrs. Phrasal Name? I had no intention of attacking anyone, but the fella before, Kareem J., was asking questions so I answered them.

    “If Islam is evil does it make the 1 billion followers evil?”

    Not necessarily, more likely it makes them deceived. In the original Hebrew texts of the Old Testament the word that represents evil incarnate — the devil — is directly translated as “the great deceiver”. So your answer would be that these 1 billion children of the one true God have been deceived. They are lost and in need of mercy, compassion and guidance to lead them out of the evil cult they are following.

    And that also is one of the key differences between evil and good. When totally deceived, or hardcore radical, Islamists disagree with someone with different faiths, the response is to kill or terrorize and it is supported by the books that Islamists consider holy. On the other hand, when a Christian sees evil, he/she is commanded to show mercy and guide that person. See the difference?

    None of this is *my* interpretation nor does it mean that all Islamists and all Christians follow these things dogmatically; so try to remain calm and as Sophocles once famously opined, ‘Don’t kill the messenger.’

  28. Tomaculum says:


    “No place in the Bible does it say “show respect for evil cults and religions”, you got that from your ORBA/Pancasila propaganda in school

    Really? Do your home work again, Riccardo. I haven’t heard about that during my school time in the Orba era. Were you there, Riccardo?

    “and you probably think “Bhinneka Ika Tunggal” came from the Koran and the Bible and the Bhagavadgita”¦ it most definitely does not”

    Do you understand what this means? Who believed, that Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (and not Bhinneka Ika Tunggal) came from Koran etc?

    Btw: B T I is a citation from Kakawin Sutasoma (writen by Mpu Tantular during the Majapahit Era in the 14th century. And his sources for this Kakawin? Maybe Hinduism or better: Shiwa-Buddhism? Heard about that? Think about it after you get more informations.).

    ” Rwāneka dhātu winuwus Buddha Wiswa,
    Bhinnêki rakwa ring apan kena parwanosen,
    Mangka ng Jinatwa kalawan Åšiwatatwa tunggal,
    Bhinnêka tunggal ika tan hana dharma mangrwa. “

    What is evil cult? Satanism?

    None of this is *my* interpretation nor does it mean that all Islamists and all Christians follow these things dogmatically.

    Whose interpretation then?

    “Cheers, hope that helps you to understand.”

    Riccardo: :)) claps, claps, claps!!

  29. Dimp says:

    Hi Ricardo,

    Thank you for explaining everything to me.

    Now tell me this, why did George W. Bush (a Christian) attack Saddam who he considers as “evil”, why as a Christian he did not “show mercy and guide him”?

    Or has he also been “deceived”?

    How about his minions? Tony Blair, John Howard? Have they been “deceived” too?

  30. Mat Malaya says:

    Yo Riccardo,

    Bravo! You ARE a religion extremist. Accept it. You interpret Islam from the conduct of the bad Moslems. I bet u never read Quran. Anything to do with Islam will raise you anger and hatred. You are no better than those Islamist jihadist who turned Islam to evil.

    Stop labelling other religion as evil esp. Islam cause u know nothing about Islam. My family members consist of Buddhist, Christians as well as Islam. But we do respect each other.

    We celebrate chinese new year, lebaran and Christmas with lots of laughter and harmony. They respect us as a Moslem. They dont served pork when we are around. Even their meat and chicken are bought from halal store but that did not make us angry should they drink wine and liquor. They NEVER call Islam evil. Pity u for living around with all those stupid Islamist jihadist.


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