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Maria Eva, deeply religious woman and star of the Golkar porn flick, a hive of contradictions.

Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, 29, usually called Merry, from Sidoarjo in East Java, is the dangdut singer and sometime sinetron actress who appeared in the raunchy sex recording with Golkar parliamentarian Yahya Zaini.

Her name has cropped up here once before, when she was reported to have attended a gathering of the Muhammadiyah branch of Surabaya on November 11th 2006 whereupon it was announced by Din Syamsuddin that a Muslim (inner) beauty contest would be held. Maria, along with other local celebrities, Cici Tegal, Yolanda Yusuf, and Ozzy Saputra, put in an appearance to show her support of the idea.

Maria Eva
Maria Eva, enjoying herself in both roles.

Maria Eva, it appears, is not only active in the religious activities of Muhammadiyah, but also in Partai Golkar on a long term basis. She is said to belong to the youth wing of Golkar and has made herself useful at a number of Golkar events. L6 Controversy has sometimes ensued. In 2005 she entered into a legal dispute with the wife of a DPR member – Maria claimed that her good name had been besmirched by the woman. Both of the women reported the other to the police. gatra

Maria, who was born Maria Ulfah, has fairly good religious credentials. She has been on the pilgrimage to Mecca, twice, both in and out of the Hajj season, and spent much time in prayer, contemplation, and communication with God, in the Holy Land of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. poskota

I tell God about whatever is buried within my heart.

Maria is still a virgin, it seems, because she is not yet married, and she claims to be unafraid of the prospect of being a “perawan tua”, literally “old virgin”, or more likely “old spinster”, preferring instead to just “go with the flow” of life.

What’s important for me is to just go along in life so long as God gives me health and opportunities.

However she does admit to having dated western men in Jakarta, and even while such men are notorious for their ravenous sexual appetites, it appears she managed to maintain her purity. sapos

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144 Comments on “Maria Eva”

  1. Akim says:

    It is better for YZ to step out from Indonesian Parliament, become porn stars, before being fired. But please extend your “gun”, it’s too small Mr. YZ.
    Hi. people in Parliament, Please do not retain any “porn star” in the “revered” Parliament.

    Bad luck for YZ

  2. Parvita says:

    Hey, to spice this up, just heard from the radio that those who distributes the video of YZ and ME could be jailed because of criminal act, while the ‘actors’ won’t be prosecuted because they are the victim of criminal act.


  3. nining purches says:

    What ashame!!!
    The girl who claims herself as a religious has done not just one big sin (having sex before married (jinnah)), but also aborted the baby. Big punishment awaited her in the day of judgement. Hopelly she realizes this and ask Allah for forgiveness.

  4. miko says:

    Maybe me just want a be top in Indonesian dangdut singer, cause so far away I dont know her, who is me? So me make the video by cellphone and send that her hot video to the press. So now me very famous not just around in Indonesian dangdut singer but. . me famous too in MPR-DPR.

  5. huangeffendi says:

    good point miko… and that’s why we can read from all of her statement to press so far, she easily admit what she’s done with YZ, including unknown question such as the abortion & quarell with YZ’s wife, etc.

    Now, if u had a chance watch the video – you’ll see a scene where ME laugh spontaneously, as if she was happy, funny or had evil plan in her mind… to make it more detail, i’ll break it down :

    1. Happy : becoz both of them were indeed fallin in love , as she claimed so far with the media
    2. Funny : okay, be creative now.. watch the movie, and what makes you laugh ? Some of my friends were raising the same question “Why his **** so small??”
    3. Evil Plan : You know what i mean…

  6. Maya says:

    MY LORD!

    Sex is again becoming a problem.
    Ladies and gentlemen, here are my statements:

    1) Animals have sex everywhere as they want. They don’t need any marriage bound. But we are not animals, aren’t we?
    2) Lions have more than a partner in their group. Are we lions? (hello guys)
    3) Everything is about ‘how to be loyal and faithful with your legal partner only!’
    4) Respect a faithful marriage!

    If you don’t like my statements, no need to argue. My belief is ‘controlling your desire because you are not an animal!’
    Do not legalize your man’s desire by being a LION.
    Do not act like an animal, dear ladies and gentlemen!

  7. bmw says:

    Nasiiiiiib………………….kacian deh you….if you a nothy yes nothy….but do not too nothy to yes….. God watch you and you will get back what you did be4…. any way….ME…just call me if you need me….kak kak kak…

  8. Daniel says:

    Here we go again…

    Always got to do with these people (“Muslims”) in the political circle contradicting in not just what they say but what they do as well… I supposed it’s going to be another forgotten unsolved case at the end…


  9. eci says:

    typical hypocrisy somehow so strongly related to indo people nowadays. she’s obviously pretending to be religious and *gulp* virgin just to get a place in the golkar party probably. and i suspect the vid scandal is not an accident. she probably staged that as well for some cheap publicity stunt, it’s not coincidence the scandal happened after she released an album is it? that just shows wot a brainless cheap hypocrite she is.
    and that we couldn’t trust politicians coz they are just as dumb.

  10. Politisi Suka Nge-Sex says:

    I do agree if Maria Eva will be selected as a Miss Moslem’s Women 2006. I am sure that mr. Din Syamsuddin from Muhammadiyah will be agree with this idea….
    Right Sir…??

  11. Disciple says:

    Maria Eva

    Ave Maria

    Is this a sign from above?

    How do we get a copy of the tape for our Sunday School Religious Instruction class?

  12. Charles says:

    Oh my God!.

    What sort of country or people is it?
    No wonder most disasters always visit this country

  13. Fredy says:

    I want to see those video, anyone would send it to me at


  14. sim says:

    Its obvious that Islam is into repressing women. Your a sad bunch of people. Hopefully your religion will learn to right it ways. We are all human and free.
    Its sad your country is so dependent on tourist dollars because the was Indonesia is going right now you can kiss your tourist dollar goodbye.

  15. mr.KongGuan says:

    hhhh..bad luck for you MR fact a lot of your friends may also do the same thing like you..but they r much more smart than what do you think mr YM..??? never allow your girl or any one else take the picture of your sexual activities…:) especially when you are an “honour” person..
    what a dumb and dumber things happen here in this mess country…

  16. Gotohell says:

    I’m not amazed about what happened with YZ and maria eva. Almost all member of parliament have low morale. They are corrupt and evil. Go to HELL all of you!!! For maria eva, your next career is porn star and start looking another men who have family – be a mistrees.

  17. (|) says:

    I’ve seen hers 3gp and I think:

    1. she has to clean that pubic area. its too bushing!
    2. she cannt reach sex fullfilment discern that yahya tool is too too small for hers!
    3. Yahya my man! you got to make her wet first, lick hers will ya?
    4. overall appearance = 4 of 10

  18. GJM says:

    Why is there no mention of the man involved?

    Of the two people involved in the ‘video’… who was the one that is married?

  19. O. Bule says:

    “She does admit to having dated western men in Jakarta, and even while such men are notorious for their ravenous sexual appetites, it appears she managed to maintain her purity.”

    What kind of idocy is this? I have never heard such stupidity in all my life. As if “western men” had more sexual appetite than Asian men. Hogwash.

    O. Bule

  20. arya says:

    F*ck tax , we pay tax for nasty official,

    so boycot pay tax.

  21. Bholots says:

    Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee send me URL of Maria Eva scandals

  22. Me says:

    Maybe AA Gym can kindly marry M.E to help her reputation? 🙂

  23. emwady says:

    mrs. ME
    I would like for booking you, at five hotel

  24. coolguy singapore says:

    as the truth reveal itself so what the f*ck is all the Muslim body doing in that country. What happen to all kiayi diam aja atau takut . sorry to says its a ashamed to regards yourself Indonesia as a Muslim courntry while nothing is been done to upheld justice for these two idiot people. It’s definitely a disgrace. munafik semua…..
    sudah lah sula aja pantat kedua orang berkenaan itu biar yang lain bisa jadi kapok.
    dont you agree?


  25. Boyolali says:

    But if they get married, it will be a disaster to Maria Eva. Because the b*tch must deal with that “so-very-tiny thing” in the rest of her life, ha..ha..

  26. aque says:

    I give you 5 for the video. you don’t make a nice role play ha..
    please mr. YZ give your full expression….

  27. rdg says:

    it’s very clear that there is no relation between morality and religion. although we have deeply knowing about religion, sometime we fall in sin. the men with religion background is not always become a good people. let’s we look to the member of Departemen “f*cking”Agama in our country, they know about sin but they still corrupt in their job.

  28. noel says:

    god will never let you sleep in peace, god must be sick and rage to see them…

  29. Abah says:

    The woman thinks ‘no matter with the size but the taste, Man!’ since she thinks that the ‘size’ generally measure inversely proportional with the income to support her every month he..he..

  30. Saddam says:

    What Yahya Zaini, Maria Eva, Rhoma Irama, AA Gym all have in common?

    They all have a double life, appearing as piously religious Muslims when in fact they are all shameless adulterers. They can talk the the talk, but can’t walk the walk. If this is the best Islam can offer in Indonesia, Indonesian people are sick and tired of this religion.

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