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Maria Eva, deeply religious woman and star of the Golkar porn flick, a hive of contradictions.

Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, 29, usually called Merry, from Sidoarjo in East Java, is the dangdut singer and sometime sinetron actress who appeared in the raunchy sex recording with Golkar parliamentarian Yahya Zaini.

Her name has cropped up here once before, when she was reported to have attended a gathering of the Muhammadiyah branch of Surabaya on November 11th 2006 whereupon it was announced by Din Syamsuddin that a Muslim (inner) beauty contest would be held. Maria, along with other local celebrities, Cici Tegal, Yolanda Yusuf, and Ozzy Saputra, put in an appearance to show her support of the idea.

Maria Eva
Maria Eva, enjoying herself in both roles.

Maria Eva, it appears, is not only active in the religious activities of Muhammadiyah, but also in Partai Golkar on a long term basis. She is said to belong to the youth wing of Golkar and has made herself useful at a number of Golkar events. L6 Controversy has sometimes ensued. In 2005 she entered into a legal dispute with the wife of a DPR member – Maria claimed that her good name had been besmirched by the woman. Both of the women reported the other to the police. gatra

Maria, who was born Maria Ulfah, has fairly good religious credentials. She has been on the pilgrimage to Mecca, twice, both in and out of the Hajj season, and spent much time in prayer, contemplation, and communication with God, in the Holy Land of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. poskota

I tell God about whatever is buried within my heart.

Maria is still a virgin, it seems, because she is not yet married, and she claims to be unafraid of the prospect of being a “perawan tua”, literally “old virgin”, or more likely “old spinster”, preferring instead to just “go with the flow” of life.

What’s important for me is to just go along in life so long as God gives me health and opportunities.

However she does admit to having dated western men in Jakarta, and even while such men are notorious for their ravenous sexual appetites, it appears she managed to maintain her purity. sapos

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144 Comments on “Maria Eva”

  1. Neil Stanson says:

    How is she still a virgin? This is the most rediculus claim that I have ever heard. !!!!!

    I do not think that she should have a part in modern Islam for it goes against everything it stands for. The repression of women.

  2. Rockstar says:

    “What’s important for me is to just go along in life so long as God gives me health and opportunities.”

    it actually reads:

    “What’s important for me is to just go along in life so long as God gives me health and opportunities to keep scoring”

  3. Fanglong says:

    How can one speak like this ?
    This woman is a human being. What a confusion ! Is freedom just a word ?
    I’m sorry she works for Golkar & Muhammadiyah and have to say stupid things about God. But why not leave God alone, or pray that he saves people in Sidoarjo and opens the heart of the white-collared responsible criminals ?
    Men should stop bothering women in the name of their stupid muscles.
    Men should stop seeing women as mere reproductive or sexual organs.
    Men & women should stop thinking that some other people belong to them.
    Kebebasan !

  4. 1ndra says:

    Well, bad luck for YZ

  5. ali says:

    She’s still a virgin. And I’m the King of Monaco.

  6. huangeffendi says:

    I bet her album is sold out now… thanks for the 3gp technology (and mr YZ too)

  7. Bas says:

    Don’t forget mr YZ was the secretary of Golkar for religious affairs…

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Maria is still a virgin, it seems, because she is not yet married”

    well, that statement might be plausible in Indonesian community until 10-15 years (or even earlier) back.

    This has to be taught at school:
    not yet married == don’t have husband
    not yet married != a virgin

    and perhaps in the near future:
    not yet married != don’t have defacto partner

  9. alterjiwo says:

    Let’s be real here and le’t put our feet on the ground… human beings are made of flesh and blood, complete with all the biological needs. So, what’s this talk about only men can fulfill their sexual needs whether they are under holy matrimony or single; and women can’t – because of culture, religious, believes and values… Shouldn’t it be more based on attitudes, approach in life, boundaries, privacy – rather than based on cheap publication, because some GOLKAR member ambition was met with sleazy, old bitch dangdut singer – proclaimed herself as ‘old virgin’… please… GET REAL and GROW UP!

  10. winie says:

    HO HOHOHOHOHO….this woman acted like an angel, what a funny….kekekkkekkekk-)) Bitchy,-) on the street much more better..I guess.

  11. be3 says:

    She has the look and opportunities to keep Screwing… What a Virgin…NOT!

  12. Message from God says:

    yusuf kalla should refrain from commenting to challenge for presidential. Otherwise, more such videos will come out. Is YZ secretary general of religious affairs? What a surprise.

  13. budhi says:

    Well, she is not lucky, because of that video. It is better for not recording any bad activity, like doing funs activity anywhere. so we can learn that, if we want to do that, it is better to throw the camera.

    Well don’t blame our GOD! Because God never blame us!

  14. Karlira Kanakhuko says:

    I’m so very fun about all of this comments. Bad luck for YZ, hmmmm there is something fishy. M.E. right, maybe she is still virgin coz she is M.E.—>Memang Enak. Sex scandal is Memang Enak!!!!!!

  15. Message from God says:

    Well, she has got her popularity, her CDs sold out, her name is everywhere, her video is most sought after, her story is headlines, … seems she really gets what she wants.

  16. Agus Mulyana says:

    He..he..he… That’s the price of stupidity that YZ should pay. Do not blame somebody else, the fact is the woman is smater than the man. Sorry man! You are the looser!

  17. Taufiq says:


    The Indonesian Parlement is very bad, if they can’t rule the people in that parlement, how they can rule the Indonesian people?


  18. 3gp addicted.. says:

    who can affort me the video?

  19. la baik says:

    bad luck for YZ and remember guys……! never record your sexual activities.. 🙂 even you badly want to do that..
    btw, do you think maria is hot girl, guys?

  20. tukijo n gandaruwoo says:

    lol, something funny, the private video was published like this…. :))

    then i quess…
    why the private video like that become public video… ??
    who’s found and published??? 🙂
    bad luck for YZ…

  21. Dangduters says:

    Maria Eva should take next step…She should register herself to Playboy Magazine and Penthouse magazine, please dech ah..nanggung gitu loch…biar basah sekalian, naked sekalian…dibayar sekalian, and more popular… FPI..where is your voice?!!!?…. DIN SYAMSUDIN…MUHAMADIYAH!..WHERE IS YOUR VOICE!!?!>>>> MUNAFIK LOE SEMUA!!!!!!!…HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  22. batman says:

    Ah.. Shitt!! Indonesia does have a lot of Hypocrit People, they said that they are realigious, but look at that!! even the legislative that responsible for religious affairs do

  23. Masindi says:

    I just saw the video. Her partner has a very big belly and a small “asset”. That’s why he is to embarassed and ran away to Sydney.

  24. Boyolali says:

    They should tie the knots to prevent furthEr damages. Imagine this: A BITCH AND A ROTTEN POLITICAN…
    What a couple!

  25. ravenous bule says:

    Yet another nail in the ever deeper coffin of morality in Indonesia. Makes me laugh that foreigners are slated by Indons yet the largest red light area in SE Asia – dolly -is full of Muslim men, not foreigners. The hypocrisy just gets funnier by the day and I’m glad that yet another ‘preacher’ has been caught with his pants down!

  26. Faiz says:

    WTF small tools mr. YZ..??

    Should you go to Ma Erot at Sukabumi before the act..

    maybe then some people will admire your skills in playing those (supercharged) tools”¦

    what a pity”¦

  27. Bagus says:

    …………YZ doesn’n mean last man, any others …… from parliement? ask ME please!!!! Don’t blow up the small think (tools)

  28. abang says:

    don’t spread more any garbage comment

  29. Axel says:

    Popularity..? Maria shy you cry in talk show on trans tv… Are you sad? or you happy? …:)

  30. coolguy says:

    i dont give a dam what the f*ck is shes doing but least the truth reveal itself of what kindda women she is and what kindda legislative is the government running. I would agree with hypocrit is the best words dont u think so . jangan munafik loe….


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