Abdullah Aa Gym Gymnastiar

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Charismatic Muslim preacher Abdullah “Aa Gym” Gymnastiar has taken a second wife.

Abdullah Gymnastiar, commonly referred to as Aa Gym, a hugely popular preacher and holy man, has shocked the nation, particularly its women, by choosing to exercise his right to take more than one wife. Not satisfied with long-term spouse Teteh Nini Gym three months ago married a former model from Bandung, Alfarini Eridani, or Rini, 37 years old, who is divorced with one three children and currently works at the sharia banking section of Bank Panin in Bandung. poskota

Abdullah Aa Gym Gymnastiar
Abdullah “Aa Gym” Gymnastiar.

Gym, the head of the Darud Tauhid Islamic boarding school, and an often seen presence on television screens, explains that polygamy is a legitimate practice within Islam, sanctioned by God himself, but it’s not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry:

Polygamy is clearly allowed by God, but it is not recommended. Polygamy can be done in certain ways as an emergency exit.
(Poligami ini jelas hal yang dibolehkan oleh Allah, tapi tidak dianjurkan. Poligami dibolehkan dengan cara-cara tertentu sebagai emergency exit.)

It is not clear what exactly is the situation from which Gym is seeking an emergency exit.

Gym admits that his decision has upset a lot of people, especially women. He says that the two injunctions which his legion of followers most often convey to him are, from men: don’t get involved in politics; and from women: don’t have more than one wife. He says he has already discussed political issues, like the RUU Pornografi debate, because pornography is something which damages the nation, he feels bound to discuss it.

For polygamy he says that many people in Indonesia regard it as an always negative thing. Most women are not able to accept the matter, it hurts them, he says, but there is a small group of women who can. Those who criticise polygamy, he says, should remember that it is God’s law. mediaindo

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  1. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Shame on you Aa Gym,

    The Verse that allows polygamy “was revealed after the battle of Uhud in which many Muslims were killed, leaving widows and orphans for whom due care was incumbent upon the Muslim survivors.”

    The translation of the verse is as follows: “If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then (marry) only one”¦” (Qur’an 4:3)

    From this verse a number of facts are evident:

    That polygamy is neither mandatory, nor encouraged, but merely permitted.

    That the permission to practice polygamy is not associated with mere satisfaction. Rather, it is associated with compassion towards widows and orphans in a time of war, a matter that is confirmed by the atmosphere in which the verse was revealed.

    That dealing justly with one’s wives is an obligation. This applies to housing, food, clothing, kind treatment”¦etc., for which the husband is fully responsible. If one is not sure of being able to deal justly with them, the Qur’an says: “then (marry) only one.” (Qur’an 4:3)

    This verse, when combined with another verse in the same chapter, shows some discouragement of such plural marriages.

    The other verse plainly states: “You are never able to be fair and just between women even if it is your ardent desire”¦” (Qur’an 4:129)

    As fairness and justice between two wives is a requirement for polygamous marriage and Allah Himself tells you that “you are never able to be fair and just between women even if it is your ardent desire”

    How do you justify your actions?

  2. 1ndra says:

    Well, at least he didn’t marry a young virgin one.

  3. huangeffendi says:

    Too bad. Anyway, do you know if Rini divorced because Aa or not?

    Those who criticise polygamy, he says, should remember that it is God’s law.

    It’s a hard sell now, God’s law is not to be negotiate and as always, Aa is a briliant story-teller (and negotiator?)

  4. Bas says:

    Do what I say, not what I did. What a shame… what a pig.

  5. 1ndra says:

    Well, are you Muslim huangeffendi?

  6. Anonymous says:

    well, at least now we know something more about him. he is just a good old regular horndog.

    “Those who criticise polygamy, he says, should remember that it is God’s law.”
    WTF??? This a*hole makes it look as if he is doing a good deed, on behalf of his god.

  7. Anonymous_aloy says:

    We should’ve seen this miles away. AA Gym is an old school ustadz with new packaging, none of his teachings shed new lights on contemporary problems. He’s the Islam version of the megachurch preachers, exploiting the newly increasing purchasing power of Indonesian Muslims. He has always shy away from important issues (e.g.: tolerance) and only has only dwelled on things like “is it haram to smoke during Ramadhan”, “is it ok to combine prayers when travelling”.

    Again, I think it is actually better if he just keeps a mistress, so then only he and the mistress will bear the sins. By openly marrying his mistress, he “legalized” his adultery acts and tell his children and the world that women are indeed inferior to men.

  8. Anonymous says:

    extract from [1], translated:
    Teh Ninih, as his first wife, supports his decision. “This practice of polygamy has been planned since 5 years ago”, says her.
    At that time, Teh Ninih proposed 4 candidates: an unmaried woman, a widow with no children, a widow with many children, and an older widow. But it wasn’t explained why Rini was chosen.

    Is it just me or they both (Aa Gym and his wife) are mentally sick??
    So one day, out of the blue Aa Gym said to his wife: “Dear, I feel like having a second wife. Could you please kindly select some candidates for me?”

    [1] detik.

  9. Charles says:

    Well guys; the best Indonesian Islamic cleric has done the worst thing. What can we expect from the worst ones?

  10. winie says:

    Haiya..why don’t they chose kindda grandma, or homeless old lady, that’d be helpfull !!! -) better than to sent them to the house for old people….

    But, anyway they’re the one who knows it better lah….let GOD judge whats the best.

  11. Tomaculum says:

    the best Indonesian Islamic cleric has done the worst thing
    1. Is he really the best Indonesian Islamic cleric?
    2. Is a polygamy really the worst thing? For me personally is to outcast (sorry I don’t know the right word for this in Islamic context) his wife with talak, to marry again and to refuse his responsibility to pay the obilgational alimony more horrible than a polygamy. Such men are de facto and de jure monogam, aren’t they?
    How many times I have seen poor outcasted widows with some children living at the lowest edge of the minimum living wage. For these women and their children is a polygamy maybe a better alternative (?). And the irresponsible monogam men should go to hell!!
    If a polygamy is practiced under the ingenuous consideration and allowance of all participants, why not?
    – the first wife has to agree with all of her heart (someone believe it?)
    – the man should do this at first (according to the teaching) because of noble basic (to help a poor widow with her children etc), off course is it to be accepted, that sexual desires (and off course love too) takes a part by the decision making.
    – the man must be financially (and sexual) able fair and responsible to attend the wifes.
    – the next/further wifes have to decide for this marriage not only because of poorness, because it is also a form of unfreedom, isn’t it? There must be love too in this relation.

    Before someone asks: No, I’m male and not a Muslim and in principle don’t agree with polygamy.

  12. 1ndra says:

    Well, if he married for sexual desire, why not marry a young one?

    If he married for good purpose and his wife agreed, why not?

  13. Nona says:

    If his wife agreed, why did she cried during press conference and whined that “this has been very difficult for me”.

  14. andonk7 says:

    I agree with Tomaculum, but some notes:

    – He is one of the most famous preacher
    – A lot of his followers are women. Indonesian women generally disagree w/ poligamy (let say, you can counts with you fingers how many men do poligamy in every 1000 in this country)
    – By doing poligamy, he just cuts the respect maybe half of his followers, which is very bad. His teachings is good for Indonesian, since he tries to introduce sets of values/ characters widely agreed in all religion/ thinkers. So this half need a new figure which is not available at the moment.

    It is just a stupid move. I regret it.
    Let see what kind of damage control plan he had.

    As bad as a lot of people see him now, he is generally a good guy.
    And in a country like Indonesia, you need all possible able-man to change the country; the country which is so corrupted, with low moralities, and leadership with generally bad characters.
    In a country like us, we don’t have the luxury to be so picky.

    Let’s mad like hell at him today, but don’t eliminate him completely as a “hope” for a change.

    As someone who loves Indonesia so much, grew up in bandung, and closely watch his moves, I still support him with his agenda -with all blunder he makes up to date-

    Hope he didn’t create another one ;p

  15. Tomaculum says:

    Some men desire simply mature women, it is normal. To think a normal man has to have always sexual desires to young women is too simple. In the history and in the present you will find men desiring elder women.

  16. yani says:

    used to admire him……., dxxn, how i regret it now!

    just another hypocrite, caught on cheating and now he’s sounding us this sh*t :
    that men are destined to be stereo and women mono (can only love one man), what a bullsh*t ! never he talked like this before!
    he suggested men not to do polygamy since it’s dangerous and heart-broken things to wifes if men can’t act and share their love equally ??? (so he did understand, right?)

    never heard he divine himself and his flock, he used to say : ‘yeah, we are same in God’s eye, i am not taller, nor u shorter, we are learning together” and suddenly now he’s graduated, he’s different, higher than others, he ‘deserved to’ because now he can act as fair as prophet ? come on guys, this make me sick !

    his wife is not sad ? *grin*
    what can she do? run away? which means she has to lose everything and separate with her children after struggling for long time to gain what they have now? who the hell wanna be? truth is : SHE DOESN’T HAVE CHOICE !

    if AA feels his ‘fall over in passion’ is not wrong, then why tried to hide the marriage for almost 3 mths? wait until all be ready he said….., what does that suppose to mean??? it hurts his family for sure !!!
    now over 3 mths and teteh still can’t talk ‘naturally’ in tv, but once again, she has no choice !!! (and guts?)

    he conquered teteh by using our Islamic doctrine, that as wife she should support him all the way, no matter what and bla bla bla … as a defence for himself !!!
    He’s cheating, he covered up himself by using religion, what a shame !

    am nothing, not even know them well, just an usual ‘fans’,
    but am sick, heart broken, desperate …. (can u tell how teteh really – really feels deep inside her heart ?)

    we’ve been cheated !

  17. Fanglong says:

    Gape !

    Should re-read Ananta Pramoedya Toer’s Korupsi, bukan ?

  18. wong pati says:

    God bye AA, I have just remove your Quran on SMS from my cellphone.
    Why don’t you married with second wife when your condition still in poor in the past..?

    Hope Allah SWT in future create new AA without second wife.

  19. jackazz says:

    my condolence.

    This is terrible.

    Well AA , you’re off my list from people that i could listen.

  20. Rockstar says:

    it was all started from the eyes went down to the heart, and all the way down to his hormon..

  21. Sweety says:

    Well,… well…. I guess we ALL can help those (men and women) who are less fortunate with no “string” (read: D*&$K) attached.

    Here are some ideas that he could do with his money:
    1. Create jobs so that the less fortunate can stand on their own feet.
    2. Provide housing and food until they can be independent.
    3. Sponsor free education. Such education should be carried out in the bedroom ..ehem..

    Got that?

    There are many ways to Rome, right. And marrying those who are “less fortunate” does not always solve their problems. It is a qui pro quo. H for H (help for hole)!

    BTW, how unfortunate is this Mrs. Gym no#2?

  22. trihadi says:

    Hopefully AA will become a good sample. The best solution is whatever ALLAH says. We can not only believe a part of Qur’an. But all of the Qur’an contents must be believed. BarakAllahu laka wa baaraka’alaika wa jama’a bainakuma fii khoir AA. And to teteh Ninih, may the ‘heaven bidadari’ are smiling to you.


  23. abi says:

    Dear bro and sis,
    It was AA decision. We have no right to judge a people especially for ‘ustadz’ like him. Judgement only from Allah.
    Just do what we have to do. If you want to reject AA please do so. IF you still want to hear AA advise, you are free to do. The sadness, angry, applause or whatever will no change the situation.
    The show must go on, the khalifah must go, tahsikhun niyah. BarakAllahu fii kum.

  24. Masindi says:

    PS: emergency exit apaan?? Emangnya si aa gym bisa mati kaluk kagak kawin lage’?

    definisi “emergency” : “An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate threat to human life or serious damage to property or environment. A false report of an emergency is usually a crime”¦”

  25. Bradlymail says:

    shame on you ! AA Gym !!! i always love my wife forever !!! not in my mind to marry another one.

  26. Anonymous says:

    poor bastard,
    he is trying so hard to cover his mistake with all the possible excuses that he can think of.
    the harder he tries, the more apparent it is that he is just a regular horndog.

    to end this whole controversy, he just need to admit these points:
    1. he is just a regular horndog who can’t resist sexual desire.
    2. he chose his second wife because she’s got the look, the body, etc…
    3. he is not breaking any laws.

    “it’s better to have a second wife than to have TTM”.
    Is this guy plain stupid or what? Of course the best thing is: be faithful to your (the one and only) wife.

  27. the Moslem says:

    Hallo Aa

    I have predicted a long time before that this guy will be like others such as rhoma irama, hamzah haz, and zainudin.

    His carreer must be begun to die now.

    whatsoever the reasons he would say…..of course…take the source from the words ALLAH and MOHAMMAD…..Indeed, he has not other logical reasons for what he has done…he has not capability to meet the reasonable matters. He is just religious entertainer for the stupid and hopless people. Indonesian culture supports his pretex.

    It will not take a long time later for his disappearance from the public space.

    My last word…..don not put My Beloved God, Alloh, for just your stupi reason AA.

    Go to hell with your dirty mouth AA.

  28. Iwan says:

    Brother Trihadi, I agree with you. All of the Qur’an contents must be believed. I think it is a really good shock theraphy for us.

  29. Message from God says:

    AA, we are all very disappointed in you and so angry at you. How can you disappoint so many people who respect you. You were one of the model for all of us. We are lack of real good people in Indonesia. You really tarnish this your own image. Cannt you just hold you

    I was your fans. I looked up onto you because you were one of the best preachers and shows some tolerance to others. I liked you because you never insult others. Having no political agenda. You were so different from others. you were so different before.

    I have barely known you for 2 years and with this stupid move i think you must have been quietly waiting for having sex with other woman for long. You choose the easy way out while you preach the other way. how can you do that? Only stupid people will head you now.

    You have a good motives and I supported all of your agenda all along this year, but now i really cannot face someone who cannot really control himself well let alone others. This is so because I believe you will make a bigger mistake in your life. Despite your good deeds, your hardwork and our perseverance towards your movement, your credibility is zero now.

    And Teteh, i think you also have made a big blunder. you can not support this marriage. This is crazy. It shows you are weak. you depend on your husband so much. it is also your mistake that you can not keep AA happy in the sex life. Being a public figure you must ensure AA does not do something stupid. It is your responsiblity as a wife. AA is a famous person. So you have to level up to him. You should get the professional to help your marriage. You have failed. You have failed totally. So please stop the preaching as you are also not good.

  30. Insan says:

    Too Bad AA, you have lost one of ALLAH’s test. If there are billions of Muslim men in this world who are uneducated & not a preacher like you that can love & care for their one & only wife till death do their part, no reason for you as a well known preacher to easily lost to you own sexual desire. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you really understand why our beloved prophet had 4 wives? Do you think you can be fair to your wives like him? Shame on you by using ALLAH & PROPHET’S (S.A.W) name to justify your mistake. I’m very surprised to see you descend from such a high level of ‘ulama’ status to that lower than ‘common’ people’s rank…….YOU’RE OFF MY LIST….. 🙁

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