Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal

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A sex scandal involving a Golkar politician and a dangdut singer.

A video recording has been circulating which purports to show a member of parliament from the Golkar party, with the initials Y.Z., and a lady dangdut singer, with the initials M.E., in a hotel room, frolicking about in a fashion thought by many only permissible within the bounds of holy matrimony. The man, Y.Z., may or may not be Yahya Zaini of East Java, who is currently on a study tour of Australia, although due to return on December 2nd. dpr The woman, M.E., is Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, a singer and actress from Surabaya, East Java, who belongs to the Golkar youth organisation. L6

Yahya Zaini
Yahya Zaini.

The five to ten minute porno recording, believed to have been made in 2004, shows the nude singer laying on a bed, seductively one might imagine, while the politician, who is still standing and also stark naked, approaches her. He playfully attempts to take the camera away from the woman, which brings him into rather close contact with her. Shortly after the recording stops.

Maria Eva
Maria Eva.

The video has apparently been circulating among members of parliament and journalists. antara

House leader of Golkar, Andi Matalatta, says he can’t be sure if Y.Z. is involved in the scandal but if he is he will be punished. Y.Z. was known to be a man of good moral character, he said, and so he wasn’t jumping to conclusions especially considering he hadn’t seen the video yet.

Chairman of parliament, Hidayat Nurwahid, remarked disapprovingly that parliamentary members have a respected position in society and so should behave themselves and keep their trousers on. antara The parliamentary ethics committee should take action, he said, unless Golkar itself took action and fired the man.

Deputy chairman of parliament, Muhaimin Iskandar, said if the woman in the video was Y.Z’s wife there was no problem, but if not, the code of ethics of the DPR had been violated.

The Video


133 Comments on “Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal”

  1. Hermawan says:

    I wonder if the politicians take care of the whole nation. They even cannot handle the passion of his sexuall habits.
    I wonder the lady politician and dangduter if she cannot handle the greed and she is able to sell herself for money and power. How can she take care of the nation?????

  2. cinta says:

    YZ is far less immorale than the holy haji Rhoma Irama the Indonesian bastard!!!!! Plz, beg Inul so she will not curse U to be a monkey!!!!!!

  3. cinta says:

    G: ho..ho..ho..ho I’m Gennie in the bottle. U may have 3 wishes, and I will make your wishes come true…

  4. Semar mendem says:

    Golkar Politicians have one thing in common.

    1. They love their women and the other women.

    2. They love money and a lot of money

    3. They love sensation and a lot of sensation

  5. coeloen says:

    Dear Zaini,

    Go find another young girls just f***, don’t make any deal except sex. I think your mistake is got insane f*ckin* woman that looking for your money. Waiting you in hell.

  6. ads92 says:

    ME is like a pest killer, and YZ a pest. We need more ME and less YZ in DPR.

  7. Ihaknt says:

    Brilliant analogy!

    ME is like a pest killer, and YZ a pest. We need more ME and less YZ in DPR.

    Love it! You never know, ME probably already has bedded many from DPR. We just havent seen the bids yet 😀

  8. NOKIA says:

    It is interesting to see how people have been using recent technology in the most dumbest way possible. What kind of HP she uses? (If she’s using NOKIA, then it’s a surefire way to “connecting people” )

  9. 1ndra says:

    Connecting people in ‘special way’ 😀

    Poor for YZ, he ‘dont know’ the camera technology yet.

  10. Tej Rai says:

    Anybody can send me the video on my email?

  11. Lidya says:

    Yahya Zaini?

    I dont like him. His penis is very little!

  12. Just4you says:

    Yahya Zaini I know him by his several discussion and by face reading we pass year and knows people from their face. This is one moment get he for get and put in hell of this work. but by nature he is a good man. A gentelman always in a good way after excuse his past and read lesson from his past …I hope he got lesson so kindly PADEN him a lot of person doing this if he did PADEN him first and last time my request to Indonician People….Being A pakistani we found too many coruptions if Yahya Zaini excuse kindly Paden him..Once…only…

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