Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal

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A sex scandal involving a Golkar politician and a dangdut singer.

A video recording has been circulating which purports to show a member of parliament from the Golkar party, with the initials Y.Z., and a lady dangdut singer, with the initials M.E., in a hotel room, frolicking about in a fashion thought by many only permissible within the bounds of holy matrimony. The man, Y.Z., may or may not be Yahya Zaini of East Java, who is currently on a study tour of Australia, although due to return on December 2nd. dpr The woman, M.E., is Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, a singer and actress from Surabaya, East Java, who belongs to the Golkar youth organisation. L6

Yahya Zaini
Yahya Zaini.

The five to ten minute porno recording, believed to have been made in 2004, shows the nude singer laying on a bed, seductively one might imagine, while the politician, who is still standing and also stark naked, approaches her. He playfully attempts to take the camera away from the woman, which brings him into rather close contact with her. Shortly after the recording stops.

Maria Eva
Maria Eva.

The video has apparently been circulating among members of parliament and journalists. antara

House leader of Golkar, Andi Matalatta, says he can’t be sure if Y.Z. is involved in the scandal but if he is he will be punished. Y.Z. was known to be a man of good moral character, he said, and so he wasn’t jumping to conclusions especially considering he hadn’t seen the video yet.

Chairman of parliament, Hidayat Nurwahid, remarked disapprovingly that parliamentary members have a respected position in society and so should behave themselves and keep their trousers on. antara The parliamentary ethics committee should take action, he said, unless Golkar itself took action and fired the man.

Deputy chairman of parliament, Muhaimin Iskandar, said if the woman in the video was Y.Z’s wife there was no problem, but if not, the code of ethics of the DPR had been violated.

The Video


133 Comments on “Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal”

  1. ucup says:

    “please forgive unto Allah because of your sex scandal”

  2. ty says:

    wher can we see d video?

  3. Miss Indo 07 says:

    @Alfrida n nothing to lose..
    long live poligamy? *LOL*
    can reduce AIDS? *LOL*
    ur comments are the TOLOLest comments,,
    if u think that ppl with more than 1 wife didnt do illegal sex,, u’r soo naive dudes,,
    i dont agree with free sex,,but yes it’s happening,,n it’s still better than hiding behind religion to do sins,,

    YZ resigns? that’ok,,but actually it has nothing to do with that,,
    u knoe wad? being a wakil rakyat has nothing to do with ur sexual life,,ur marriage life,,n ur religious life,,
    just represent ur ppl correctly,,

    Indonesians are just way too fussy about other ppl’s personal life,,
    can take some lessons from here,,
    1. never record ur sexual activities,,
    2. dont talk too much so that u wont b trapped by ur own words,,
    for example,,the holy satria bergitar,,who talk talk talk n make a
    noise abt Inul,, porn,, n everything,,n then?what happened?

  4. Adkhilny Siddika says:

    We must make the rule, that the payment of DPR member is not big as now. 1 month 1 member about Rp. 5.000.000,- per month is so enough. So that, people who is honesty, tawadhu’ (who is don’t think about money) etc, that will be come to Senayan. I think people like Ust. Basyir will be make a new colour in Senayan. Now, the colour in Senayan is black, just people like YZ, Agung Laksono, Roma Irama and other munafik-munafik people that just thinking money and money… don’t thinking about Indonesian people. We payment them about Rp 40.000.000,- per mont is too big…… so with our money they make sex scandal, tour in Australia, Eropa etc… They never thinking about us….

  5. Riccardo says:

    Um what’s this?
    Adkhilny Siddika, or Anwar, is using my website on his user name???? I guess it could mean a couple more hits, but if you’re going to impersonate me Anwar please make sure your English is up to speed… and don’t put a capital B when referring to terrorists such as abu ayam bakar bashir.

  6. Ricky says:

    Oh My God.. unbeleavable..!! It’s really nice video.. Bravo Mr ZY..

  7. tonky says:

    until nOw i’ve never seen the video…plS update me the link i cOuld watcH..hehehehe then i’ll cOmment u after dat…

  8. Ki Dalang says:


  9. julia says:

    by the way , aku ga bisa pake bahasa inggris nih
    tp aku mo kasih comment aku boleh ga yach…………. (^_^) ?
    mmm knapa sih kita yg dibikin pusing mikirin kayak gituan
    udah lah ga usah di peduliin lagian itu kan urusan pribadi mereka dan hubungannya secara vertikal dengan tuhan.
    ga usah bawa2 agama sgala itukan balik lagi ke pribadi seseorang itu sendiri
    semoga semua bisa diselesaikan secara arif dan bijaksana
    peace ah

  10. Hamid says:

    As long as I know, sex is not a matter of issue for Indonesians to be shamed. But polictics is a hard game.and politicians can handle it if not they will pay for it.

  11. zinah mata says:

    this a Politic mani……. maninya si yahya zaini.

  12. agung says:

    great work from dangdut singers.

  13. Rudi says:

    where i can find the video.
    please if anyone have it can share with me.

  14. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Arab community said:

    Charles, how dare you speaking about Arabs like that!! What do you know about them? What do you offers to the Moeslim world”¦. f*cking nothing!!! Get your story straight before make accusation!!!

    Charles, the facts of the matter are that the vast majority of Arabs are not hypersexual as you state. They are normal people with normal sexual appetites, like you and I.

    The problem is that those who are hypersexual, and they are a large minority, justify their actions by hiding behind their corrupt version of Islam, not the true one from Allah in Al Quran.

    Some of their crimes:

    Use of rape as a weapon of war
    Human trafficking
    Rape, abuse and sexual molestation of Muslim domestic servants
    Rape of what they class as non believers

    And before Arab community ask what I know about them, I have lived and worked extensively in the Middle East during my career, and count many educated Arabs as my friends.

    What am I offering the Muslim World?, the opportunity to rethink itself and return to Al Quran, to reject the fabricated Sunnah and Hadith and rejoin the world community.

  15. dk says:

    Hey, I know nothing about this video…
    Can I have it? (hahahaha….I just wanna see, so??)

    I saw them in the media, YZ has a big belly, right?

    Hey, YZ, if you want to do such a SHAMEFUL things like that, why don’t you cover you face with a mask, so people wouldn’t know, right?
    After that, you can make a LOT of movies like that…
    You have just made Indonesia become a very bad country in the eyes of international world.

    What’s wrong, YZ? Do you love f*cking? Why don’t you hire a bitch to do such a thing like that?

    and you, Maria Eva, why do you want to “play” that dirty game with him? I just don not understand…
    Remember this for all of you, women, all things that political elite like him said is just a bully, don’t you ever trust them!!! OK?

  16. RALPH says:

    thats good.. i like it!!! its great example to all human in DPR

  17. Mohammed Khafi says:

    As quoted by a New Zealand Newspaper

    The politician – who has not been named in the mainstream press – is Yahya Zaini, the parliamentary secretary of Golkar, the biggest political party in Indonesia and the largest member of the coalition Government of the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

    Is this a deliberate misuse of the English language, or does somebody on their staff have a sense of humour? 😉

    member Noun/slang. The penis. Assumed to be from the latin membrum virile.

  18. ayam says:

    “The video has apparently been circulating among members of parliament and journalists”

    I bet these people, whether they oppose pornographic or not, took their chances to enjoy watching it, and probably masturbate on it. Then say “Let’s ban pornography” …. bloody hypocrites!!!!

  19. Miss Indo 07 says:

    RUU Pornografi


    Dilarang menyaksikan film porno,,
    tetapi anda boleh membuat sendiri ^^

  20. Anti-Hypocrite says:

    He should be castrated for being a hypocrite!

  21. romeo kill juliet says:

    hmmmm….pen*s doesnt have eyes…keep freedom yaaa….

  22. Mak Erot Part2 says:

    Hua hahahahaaa…….

    Yahya Zaini is the most stupid, immoral, bastard, pshyco and unfortunate creature in earth… but thanks God for showing the whole world who he really is.. and Maria Eva is best prostitute in the world..
    The devil has been prepare the space for you and waiting for you in hell… in the very bottom of hell.. may you both rest in pain…..
    I feel sorry for Yahya’s kids, If I were one of his kids,…. I could have fled the country..

    By the way… how could Eva interested in such a small ?????? YAIKKK!!!

  23. adnan oc says:

    can you send me a softcopy please…

  24. Bustami_oc says:

    I know her…. I f*cked her when I met her in Madiun

  25. dedy says:

    mr. yahya, you like sex ????
    seek a women beuty again for enjoy!

  26. indah nuryani says:

    just a top of an iceberg. i have proven it. for i have given sexual service to lots of high profile politicians, influential activists, etc. that’s the truth. bambang wahyu nugroho is my pimp. he is member of local parliement in bantul regency. and i am from gunungkidul, terbah, semilir. muhidin m. dahlan, how are you doing?

  27. Faiz says:

    No, should better given him some “treatment” to enlarge it,

    well at least it has better look on camera eh.. hahah…

    I heard some rumor that another movie will be released soon..

    too bad.. too bad…

  28. golkar ?? says:

    blackheart, siahaija you are from golkar right?
    Yahya zaini is only one from many golkar member who was doing this scandal. There is 99% of them doing this scandal too.
    If Indonesia people keep choosing golkar, i believe this country will be like big prostitute house With all Golkar member Mafia as the leader.

  29. lubang_aneh says:

    please tell me where i can find the video or send to lubang_aneh@plasa.com

  30. ok says:

    please tell me where i can find the video or send to :

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