Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal

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A sex scandal involving a Golkar politician and a dangdut singer.

A video recording has been circulating which purports to show a member of parliament from the Golkar party, with the initials Y.Z., and a lady dangdut singer, with the initials M.E., in a hotel room, frolicking about in a fashion thought by many only permissible within the bounds of holy matrimony. The man, Y.Z., may or may not be Yahya Zaini of East Java, who is currently on a study tour of Australia, although due to return on December 2nd. dpr The woman, M.E., is Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, a singer and actress from Surabaya, East Java, who belongs to the Golkar youth organisation. L6

Yahya Zaini
Yahya Zaini.

The five to ten minute porno recording, believed to have been made in 2004, shows the nude singer laying on a bed, seductively one might imagine, while the politician, who is still standing and also stark naked, approaches her. He playfully attempts to take the camera away from the woman, which brings him into rather close contact with her. Shortly after the recording stops.

Maria Eva
Maria Eva.

The video has apparently been circulating among members of parliament and journalists. antara

House leader of Golkar, Andi Matalatta, says he can’t be sure if Y.Z. is involved in the scandal but if he is he will be punished. Y.Z. was known to be a man of good moral character, he said, and so he wasn’t jumping to conclusions especially considering he hadn’t seen the video yet.

Chairman of parliament, Hidayat Nurwahid, remarked disapprovingly that parliamentary members have a respected position in society and so should behave themselves and keep their trousers on. antara The parliamentary ethics committee should take action, he said, unless Golkar itself took action and fired the man.

Deputy chairman of parliament, Muhaimin Iskandar, said if the woman in the video was Y.Z’s wife there was no problem, but if not, the code of ethics of the DPR had been violated.

The Video


133 Comments on “Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal”

  1. Sutradara Dagelan Sinetron says:

    Golkar don’t talk about RUU Antipornografi anymore. ‘Cause your party is the DAGELAN party. Malu maluin bangsa kita di mata dunia. Tau gak????????

  2. Dirty Lazy says:

    hahaha….. GOLPUT is the best choice. There’s no clean political party. It’s all about “perut dan bawah perut”.

  3. ProgRammer says:

    Can i Download that video ?? , anyway i just to make sure it`s a PORN or just SEMI PORN(using Underwear)

  4. landunglaki says:

    go YZ go YZ go
    find other woman and make a new video

  5. Mughni says:

    No money … no honey
    No buck … no F..k
    Money talks … honey walks ..

  6. saint says:

    Hai.. YZ your ???? so small.. Wakakakakaka

  7. devil_incarnation says:

    damn…!!!! what’s wrong with you guys…??? everybody loves porn,right…..???
    but yeah…. not starring our ‘representator” there….you’ve just talk about Anti-Pornography Act (RUU APP) but now…..owow..oww….poor my inul…

    i think iwan fals shouldrelease new single ‘suratbuatwakil rakytpart2″

  8. Message from God says:

    If I were Yahya Zaini, i will make an Indonesian style damage control.

    i will “consult” some Golkar honchos so that my seat was not removed. I will also “negotiate” with Maria and give certain “tips” to her so that she will follow what I want. and then I will get civil registry to “help” make “backdated” mariagge doc with maria. Then I will tell the public that we were actually married in year 2004 just before the video was taken. then i will find the “prepetrator” or a person who sends the video. and then i will also sue the person to rehabilitate my name. I will “get” the judge to sentence the person heavily. Meanwhile, Golkar party receiving my money will use the money to “help” to poor people to win the election. Similar to what Agung Laksono did. Golkar wins with lanslide victory and with luck I will be promoted as chairman of golkar because i am the one who “sponsor” Golkar.

    Well, seems I get what I want. It is piece of cake, man!!

  9. jin iprit says:

    i saw them do nothing in 45 second…Zaini is Impotent

  10. tukangsate says:

    At YZ supporters…shame on all of you, YZ is a total jerk, he is a religious leader from the biggest party in Indonesia, and is it normal to have sex with another woman and video-ed it?hell no!…yes i like sex, and do sex almost everyday, but lucky me im not married yet, not a religious leader, nor politician…so yeah lucky me!!!…sihaija you can eat poo….pleasee hehehehe.

  11. Alfrida says:

    It’s not about golkar, but it’s about sex interest of YZ and Maria Eva. It’s a not good for Indonesian people. Long live for poligami. That’s good for Indonesian people and for minimalize HIV AIDS.

  12. nasrodin says:

    stupid attitude and very emberessed.

  13. Harmonika says:

    Well, It just normal story. Sex scandal is usually problem. Why should be take a big response for that matter ? It maybe happen to you or me too. more valueable think about your business or your life than response about that. he want to die or what is not your problem. It just a little awarness to think before doing anything probihited

  14. hi_expectation says:

    I think this is a great movie…..is anybody has this movie dont hestitate to sent it to my email address…. flinks@telkom.net

  15. baby blue says:

    Be mature buddy….! Scandal is not a big deal for politicians, they live with it. No politician without scandal, overgeneralization is OK for them, they are sh*t anyway. But, someone has to run the country and that is their roles. Let them relax and enjoy their leisure time. It’s just a kind of hobby, just like going to cafe, playing billyard, fishing and the like. There are much important problems in our country than this….Only God can justify ME and YZ.
    Yahya is a dumb and unlucky guy….he is wrong man and in the wrong place. That’s it…………………

  16. Faiz says:

    WTF small tools mr. YZ..??

    Should you go to Ma Erot at Sukabumi before the act..

    maybe then some people will admire your skills in playing those (supercharged) tools…

    what a pity…


  17. Johny quest says:

    Mr. and Mrs. SCANDAL….
    You make our country cry again…

  18. AA Gynnasium says:

    Haaaahaaaa ahak ahak I like very much about this scandal lha wong eunaak.
    Do not be hypocrite.

  19. think b4 acts says:

    YZ know nothing about Muslim!!!, to anybody >> he does not mean all Indonesian Muslims.

  20. Roro says:

    I haven’t seen the video..
    Can anyone show me the link to that video?
    Or any other videos like that..

  21. nothing to lose says:

    Long life polygamy.
    Bastard to those who support hypocricy, wanting the easiest ways to have sex with all the luxurious access and facilities.
    I agree with those who believe that it is an ice berg. Millions of hyprocits are playing roles as political leaders, kyai, teachers, etc. wearing masks everywhere they go talking about bullsh*t morals, pretending that they are the cleanest. It has been notorious that DPR is a place where prostitutes are offered.
    With all the money you have why don’t get married with anyone who has the same faith, good morals as many as U can.Don’t take that barbarous action. Shameful to be publically known to have more than one wife?. It’s more disgusting to have whores in U’r life. Keep on wearing masks Indonesians. Keep on beeing clowns. Go on until death becomes U. Naudzubillah min zalik.
    Long life polygamy.

  22. heri says:

    latest news, he’s decided to resign from GOLKAR

  23. Yahya Zaini says:

    Can u give me my video porn URL ????


  24. Gada says:

    Poor Yahya Zaini … he didn’t smart enough to cover his scandal …
    He didn’t learn from Bill Clinton’s scandal …

    He’d better not to do something stupid or start to learn how to cover his stupidity …

    I always believe sex with love has more quality than sex with lust desire/passion …

    There is thing out there that worst than polygamy (if you’d like to say polygamy is not good), but I prefer to respect monogamy … I belive monogamy makes life more simple … one woman is enough problem …
    There is always ways to find a better sex satisfaction with your long commited partner/wife … especially in this modern days …

    God bless all people who wants and asks for it ….
    Have a nice day …


  25. Politisi Suka Nge-Sex says:

    Woww….. what a wondeful experience…
    Is that great Mr. Yahya Zaini?
    May I have the copy of your video?
    I would like to enjoy your play too !!
    Thanks anyway……..

  26. mutmut says:

    Just another day in a this cursed land of hypocrites… Just pray the next tsunami, earthquakes, floods, diseases, and volcano explosions will spare the innocence and kill all the wicked.

    Strive also for our own true innocence.

  27. Charles says:

    The conclusion is Arab is hypersexual so are the followers
    No wonder there are a lot of rape cases in Arab country and other country done by Arabic or its followers through its evil teaching. http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2006/12/03/1165080811056.html

  28. Arab community says:

    Charles, how dare you speaking about Arabs like that!! What do you know about them? What do you offers to the Moeslim world…. f*cking nothing!!! Get your story straight before make accusation!!!

  29. army says:

    well……has been the public secret that every in most government rep or “pejabat” love and always use many of young or adult as their sex object.

    congratulations to ME and YZ for their video, i hope there will be more video shall reveale so the public know how f*ck and “bejat” their attitude are.

  30. Riccardo says:

    In the Tuesday Dec. 5 edition of the new English newspaper THE POINT, uses 3.5 paragraphs from this article posted by Patung. It’s a verbatim, copy-and-paste job with absolutely no attribution to Indonesia Matters or Patung…. hmmmm

    Check it out on p. 2 in the story about Zaini’s resignation.

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