Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal

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A sex scandal involving a Golkar politician and a dangdut singer.

A video recording has been circulating which purports to show a member of parliament from the Golkar party, with the initials Y.Z., and a lady dangdut singer, with the initials M.E., in a hotel room, frolicking about in a fashion thought by many only permissible within the bounds of holy matrimony. The man, Y.Z., may or may not be Yahya Zaini of East Java, who is currently on a study tour of Australia, although due to return on December 2nd. dpr The woman, M.E., is Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, a singer and actress from Surabaya, East Java, who belongs to the Golkar youth organisation. L6

Yahya Zaini
Yahya Zaini.

The five to ten minute porno recording, believed to have been made in 2004, shows the nude singer laying on a bed, seductively one might imagine, while the politician, who is still standing and also stark naked, approaches her. He playfully attempts to take the camera away from the woman, which brings him into rather close contact with her. Shortly after the recording stops.

Maria Eva
Maria Eva.

The video has apparently been circulating among members of parliament and journalists. antara

House leader of Golkar, Andi Matalatta, says he can’t be sure if Y.Z. is involved in the scandal but if he is he will be punished. Y.Z. was known to be a man of good moral character, he said, and so he wasn’t jumping to conclusions especially considering he hadn’t seen the video yet.

Chairman of parliament, Hidayat Nurwahid, remarked disapprovingly that parliamentary members have a respected position in society and so should behave themselves and keep their trousers on. antara The parliamentary ethics committee should take action, he said, unless Golkar itself took action and fired the man.

Deputy chairman of parliament, Muhaimin Iskandar, said if the woman in the video was Y.Z’s wife there was no problem, but if not, the code of ethics of the DPR had been violated.

The Video


133 Comments on “Yahya Zaini Sex Scandal”

  1. Bradlymail says:

    Anyone knows, who’s the poor dangdut singer?

  2. Rockstar says:

    i thought it was bang rhoma and inul tho.. man that would be hillarious 😀

  3. Charles says:

    I think he didn’t really know what he was doing when he was submitting the porn bill. What hypocrite people they are

  4. Rockstar says:

    good point Charles!!

  5. Yuzran says:

    It reminds me to Roma Irama and Angel Ibrahim.
    Dakwah in the morning, criticizes Inul in the afternoon, and Zina in the evening.
    Same with this Golkar’s politician. He talks about justice, law, human life, education, moral, and Indonesian poverty. But, behind that… what a shame…
    Now we realized why we are poor, because we are led by this people…

  6. si bibir mer says:

    This Zaini bastard should go jihad to palestina instead, and explode himself to debris so he can starts enjoying having sex with “bidadari cantik bermata jelita” a.k.a “angelic beings with delicated eyes” as promised by certain holy man as recorded in holy book.

    Go jihad go! Various big-breasted beasts are waiting for you in hell! Go Zaini, expose more of your naked body while reciting your prayer so often!!

  7. winie says:


  8. lambretta says:

    To si bibir mer, If I were you I would refrain my self from making such comments, as It may offend other fellow indons who are Muslims. Don’t put ‘certain’ religion blatantly as the culprit, just because of the act of some few bad eggs. If you do not know what jihad is all about I’d suggest you to do your homework 1st before posting such comments. -peace-

  9. Dani says:

    Scandal? that’s no matter……. just easy going and enjoy it because if you still can make a sex scandal that’s mean you still a normal human being but……. watch your step………….. because you are a public figure! Because you are a parlementer! And because we choose you to be a parlement! And because you eating every day with my/our money! But…… I support you ……………… go ahead collect the women’s in your life as you can!

  10. GEBOY says:

    Ha, Ha, don’t voted Golkar anymore….. HA..HA…HA…..Golkar is sex machine party.

  11. Vicky says:

    It’s ok lambretta.. si bibir mer just trying to be an *sshole.. but he is more than that..

  12. bejat bin murtad says:

    How a shame! It’s awful, f*cking!

  13. hariyangindah says:

    Shame on you Yahya Zaini………….

  14. Hitoshi Suzuki says:

    ME = Mak Erot…???

  15. tukangsate says:

    I’m sure there’s a lot of more like this hapened in Indonesian government, those government people don’t really care about poverty, lapindo and other major issues…they only care about pussies, money and pussies!…what a shame.

  16. Kambing says:

    Moar…Sauce plz (**chan style) 😀
    they should rapidshare it instead youtube (which eventually will be taken off due to policy violation).

    but seriously, that proves either the voters are more ignorant (or d***) to still elect them or Golkar is very experienced in manipulating election results, well both aren’t good for the country future anyway.

  17. Setan Jahanam says:

    What a shame! He has a small thing! No good video! I wish I’ve never watched that stupid video!

  18. Herlambang says:

    dont fote for GOLKAR anymore, they are evil

  19. siahaija says:

    hi all…

    it’s really Zaini’s own business… I DON’T care who he would sleep with as long as he could show his good performance at the parliament . He has much money. It’s really his own business. To the protesters, don’t be hypocrite! Perhaps you did the same but not been recorded!
    Mr. Zaini, don’t be ashamed and keep your chin up!

  20. Ja Kong Su says:

    wow…lets choose golkar, f..k expert party.
    long live YZ…you will go to your heaven with 12 big breasted bitches waiting for you.
    from your orgy friend: sex evil.

  21. blackheart says:

    siahaija >> i agree with you. it’s his bussines with GOD (if he or we believe), his faith and his family. not with GOLKAR or us. and it has no relation with GOLKAR performance or Indonesia in general.

    And for YZ: evryone has a bad day.. and this time is for you.. because i believe many of us do the same thing, but fortunately they dont use the tech for doing that, in particular the stupid video-camera. they live happily ever after (at least.. according to them, they are save and happy til now.. and it’s because they are smarter than you! poor you).

    Anyway, the punishment for him.. muhaimin said because of the violance to ethics in the parliament? what ethics? ethics for having a published-own-sex-video or doing a sex scandal?? yaiii!!@! kekekekek.

  22. be3 says:

    Come on.. be more realistic… Everybody likes sex.. regardless what religion you have.. That is called HUMAN. Like economical terms, demand and suppy. when he wanted to screw and she was by all means providing it to him… there is nothing wrong with that… the wrong things about this case are they both are public figure and also having camera invloved. If they both are normal people, nobody will talk about it! Who Cares is the point I guess!

  23. izzy says:

    Zaini and Golkar…
    just turn back to God as devil has nothing to offer…

  24. gigolo says:

    What matters to golkar is not what zaini did. but, why do people know about it? Golkar don’t really care you have scandal, but zaini wasn’t smart enough……that’s the punishment of God to zaini and golkar for they are great munafik.

  25. cinta75571 says:

    I don’t f*ing care with this things. I just miss my ‘woffi’ till I finally must spend my time to read kind of news like this. damn!! So ‘woffi’..? now i am reading news. but.. I must choose my own topic. SEX SCANDAL. [wuakkakaka]. Sorry, I have no comment about the news its self, beside that.. too many comment unrealistic anymore. hei hei.. sex always good and nice things in proper way. And for the protester : semangattttt koya…!!!! LETS DO SAME DRAMA. [cinta]

  26. satrio says:

    wauww….don’t be munafik lah yaaa…everybody wants to watch other intimacy video…so deep in all of our minds, all of us is a vouyourism fans.. so many of our DPR (house of representative) members has bad moral and attitude

  27. Message from God says:

    Where can I get the video by the way?

  28. si bibir mer says:

    I bet, after he had sex with the bitch, Zaini went to mosque and gave dakwah about integrity, moral, young generation, etc. What a f**king bastard! He should instead gave dakwah to devil (syaitan) and let me see whether syaitan repented (taubat) or not. I don’t think so though, syaitan everybody knows he is bad. Zaini, well, he is worse, everybody look up on him as a great preacher, imam, religious figure, father, hahahahahaha.. Dakwah go on, ngentot no problem.
    I think this is only the peak of the ice berg.. A lot more are not exposed from this bloody hell Zaini, he might have sex with underage prostitutes or even with animal.. Go bastard Zaini, go to hell, and start give your delicated dakwah to your fellows, dogs of hell!

    Bottom line, this so called haji must go to Aceh and let acehnese stone him to death. Why, don’t you think syariah Islam is not necessary for this culprit?

  29. Message from God says:

    A real honest and religious person lives with humility and never preach to be so while the one who preach to be so may not be. (Note: Maria Eva is the high rank officer of youth movement for Golkar quoted by Din Syamsudin as idol for the young while Yahya is the secretary general of Golkar for religious affairs)

  30. Sutradara Dagelan Sinetron says:

    Golkar is the most hypocrite party. Kalla is the most hypocrite chairman. Voucher Education and Sex Scandal are proving what Golkar done for this country. Hidup SBY….and get out Kalla from chairman chair. Don’t talk about Indonesian dreams if your party is a scandal party.

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