Terrorist Resurgence

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The former state intelligence chief worries that ex-terrorists may return to their violent ways, and that Arabs are operating in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

Hendro Priyono, the former head of the Badan Intelejen Negara (BIN), said on the 30th that any threat to the national integrity and unity of Indonesia was most likely to originate from Poso because in that troubled area could be found not only terrorism but also militant training centres which had been set up with the help of foreigners, specifically from the Middle East, men who were bent on causing mischief.

However he admitted that of late the incidence of terrorist activities had declined, largely due to the great number of arrests and consequent imprisonments that had taken place, which he put at 128 people. Because so many arrests had been made he believed it unlikely that any attack would be mounted this Christmas/New Year, and held out hopes that 2007 would be free of attacks.

He advised the government to take especial care with ex-terrorists, men who had already served their prison time, to ensure that they did not return to their past ways. He hoped that a special body for the rehabilitation of such men could be set up. Men who had been released from prison still had the potential to wage jihad against Pancasila, he said, and the government had to “take care” of these men. indosiar

Meanwhile Ansyaad Mbai, the head of the Desk Koordinator Pemberantasan Terorisme (DKPT), a state anti-terrorism body, said much effort had already been made to prevent the resurgence of terrorist activity among those who were already known to have been trouble-makers:

We’ve already re-socialised them, re-educated them in order to straighten out their thinking, neutralise their radical ideology, by using religious figures and religious organisations.
(Kita telah melakukan resosialisasi, reedukasi untuk meluruskan pemahaman, menetralisir ideologi radikal mereka, dengan menggunakan tokoh-tokoh agama dan organisasi keagamaan masyarakat.)

But this effort was done on a somewhat ad hoc, uncoordinated basis, by various government departments such as the Department of Religion, and the Police. There was no need for a new institution, he said, only necessary that efforts that already took place were better organised at the national level. gatra

16 Comments on “Terrorist Resurgence”

  1. Andrew says:

    The government alone cannot overcome this issue.
    Why? because it is not possible to single out the terrorists from the common/good Muslims. If the good Muslims don’t do anything to help, this is not going to solved, even in a thousand years.

  2. Rockstar says:

    I’m sorry to be so harsh on this. I think those who are captured should be questioned intensively for any important information.

    Once the info has been collected, kill them.

  3. Tony says:

    Arabs? Into the core of Islam.

  4. Ronald says:

    good to DKPT. keep on doing your program.

  5. O. Bule says:

    It is imperative for the future of Islam that honest Moslems who wish to live in peace with their non-Moslem neighbors aid the authorities in seeking out and eliminating the terrorist Moslem extremeists.

    O. Bule

  6. Andrew says:

    A little off-topic, but what’s in the mind of those Iraqis who deliberately kill other Iraqis seeking jobs?

    It’s a sick world. Don’t tell me Israel did it.

  7. Tomaculum says:

    the Israeli surely don’t kill each other like the Iraks. But they occupy Palestine and throwed the local citizen (read: the palestinian citizen) out of their homeland. Better?
    It is really a sick world, isn’t it, June?

  8. Ali says:

    Tomaculum – how about those Arab militias in Somalia, better?

  9. Tomaculum says:

    Which Arab militias, Ali?
    The majority of the Islamic militias in Somalia are Somalian, maybe there are some Arabs under them. And they do not occupy a land and throw its resident out of this land, they just want to grab the power in Somalia (if they can be at one. Because there are some groups of Islamic militia right there and they fight frequently against each other).
    And surely they are not better, but it is an other problem, isn’t it?

  10. Ali says:

    You definitely have not done your homework if you still think they are all Somalians.

  11. Tomaculum says:

    I didn’t said all of them are Somalians, but the majority. Read my comment again!

  12. Tomaculum says:

    Do you mean those Hizbullah and Iranian “experts” supporting the somalian Islamic militia?

  13. Andrew says:

    I don’t think when Ali says “all” he really means “ALL”, you’re taking things too literally.

  14. Tomaculum says:

    So, Andrew? Let’s wait what Ali mean?

  15. Ali says:

    Read between the lines

  16. Tomaculum says:

    Have read it.

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