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Tamara Bleszynski’s child has begun to hate his mother, it is said.

Tamara Bleszynski, as everybody knows, was once married to Acehnese businessman Teuku Rafly Passya, but divorced him for uncertain reasons. Their child, young Rassya Islamay Passya, has recently undergone psychological testing at the faculty of psychology at the University of Indonesia to see how he is coping with the separation, and it has been found kompas:

There has been a change in Rassya. When he is with his father he is visibly happy, like he feels free, and his school results are good.

But, tester Yussy Fauziah, who is a childrens’ activist, says that when he is with his mother, Tamara Bleszynski, he becomes unhappy to the point where he longer wishes to be with her.

Tamara Bleszynski, Teuku Rafly Passya, & Rassya Islamay Passya, when a happy family.

Apart from being with his father Rassya likes to watch his hero John Cena, from the wrestling show SmackDown, but now he doesn’t even have the opportunity to do that, at least not by watching terrestrial television, since it was banned from the screens.

Since their divorce Rassyya has lived with his father, for eight months, and his unwillingness to be with his mother has put into doubt a recent court decision granting joint custody of the boy to both parents. kompas

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  1. Retarders says:

    Damn … If we can get detail information on AA Gym’s satellite TV provider, Tamara can work things out with her son, the son could watch smackdown and AA Gym can get an extra wife, while Tamara gets to be with her son!

    Sometimes, brilliant ideas comes like Durian fall off trees….

  2. adamaholic says:

    Tammy dear, you brought this upon yourself.. Please don’t blame your ex or your child. If you want to know who’s responsible for all this, look at the mirror, dear..

  3. Tomaculum says:

    If a marriage is failed, both partners did make failures. The children are the sufferers and the mental development isn’t predictable. Such problems belongs to private categories shouldn’t be published, at least for the shake of the children (independent who are the parents!). It is unaccountable of Yuzzy Fauziah to publish such things. It is egoistic from him/her and shows her/his quality.

    If someone don’t have insight in such things, maybe she/he should take care of his/her statements.


  4. peter says:

    Why is this child’s psychological profile being disclosed to the public? It is a matter to be dealt with by the child, his family, and their doctors. I don’t understand why this is even open to public discussion. Wierd.

  5. Tomaculum says:

    Peter, that is Indonesia.
    The privacy doesn’t count any cent more, the principle of “in dubio pro reo” isn’t practicable (suspected person are lynched or published by name in newspapers or TV).

  6. DianDoank says:

    Ahhh, I think this is just a stunt for another lawsuit from Tamara side.
    And yes…Indonesia already turn bit like Hollywood. No privacy for celebrity. I guess the news of celebrities at some level make people forget of the real problem that Indonesia still have and should take some action upon 🙂

  7. Ryan Armansyah says:

    Dear Tamara,

    Well, What You Have To Do Is Come Back With Rafli. That’s The Best Way To Smoothly To Have Your Son And Husband Back, If You Wish To. Sometimes Children Will Be the Victims For What Their Parents Had Done. Throw Away Your Ego And Start A New Life With Your Family. An Artist Should Have A Discipline And The Discipline Will Show You The Right Way To Solved Your Problem. You Should Accept Rafli What He Is Now. I Am Sure You Still Love Him And Your Son. I Would Like To Advice You To Come Back To Rafli, Make A Happy Family And You Will Not Be Alone Anymore. Insyaalllah, If you Throw Away Your Ego, You Will Be Happy With The One Who You Love And The One Who Love You So Much.
    Happy With Your Family! Bye. Assalamualaikum!

  8. Tomaculum says:

    Ryan Armansyah, and you are sure, that only T. B. is to be blamed because of her egoism? And her husband is the best and didn’t make any failure?
    In a marriage two persons are involved, aren’t they?

  9. Grace and Mercy says:

    Children always end up being the victim. I wish people who are parents could be less selfish.

  10. Ryan Armansyah says:

    Not Like That But I Read Myself That T.B Was The One Who End Up Divorce Right. I Don’t Know What The Reason Make They Become Separated. Ya She Should Sacrificed For Her Child. I Know Her Husband Wants Her Back. When There’s An Golden Oppurtinity, We Should Take It And Use It As Well As We Can, Right. Now, Rafli Wants Her Back And Try To Saves His Marriage. I Hope That T.B Will Happy Always With Rafli Or Without Rafli. Ya. As Tamara Fans, I Hope She Happy Always. Hello, Tomaculum, Who Are You? You Also Should Be T.B Fans Also Right. I Also T.B Fans. I’m Mad About Her. Especially When She Act As A Good Girl At Hikmah. Well, Nice To Meet You. I’m Ryan Armansyah Bin Ryan Firmansyah. Ya, I Hope T.B Will Be Happy Always. Assalamualaikum.


    Again, I’m Sorry Tamara If I Hurt Your Feelings. I Didn’t Meant To Hurt Your Feelings. But I Just Tell The Truth. Again I’m Sorry. I Will Always Pray To Allah So That You Will Be Happy Always. Well I’m Not A Indonesia Citizen. I’m Singaporean. I Went Here To Study At A University In Singapore. Well,Bye. Assalamualaikum.

  11. Tomaculum says:

    Hi Ryan Armansyah,
    I’m not a fan from T. B., I don’t even know who she is, except that she is an Indonesian celeb.
    I just know, that to a love, a marriage and a failure of this marriage two people are involved and you can be 100%-ly sure, that both have their participation (also in the case that the relationship fails. The sufferers are always the children of this relationship.

  12. Ryan Armansyah says:

    What! You Are Not T.B Fans. And You Don’t Even Know Who Is T.B? Are You A Eurasian Or What. I Think all Malay Know T.B. Well, She Is Quite Popular, You Know.

    Well, All My Dream Is To Talk Or Communicating With Tamara. That Is What I Wish For! Hello, Can Someone Make Tamara Talk To Me! She Is My Idol. PLEASE!

  13. Sari says:

    Mother is the best person to grow kids, no matter what.

  14. 1ndra says:

    Sari: It must be, but why Rasya hates her…well, that doesnt sound good.

    Tomaculum: Marriage involved two persons, right, but sometimes divorce come from one side as a selfish act. I dont follow the new all over, but when Tamara wants to divorce but Rafli doesnt (He wants to maintain their marriage for their son) then who’s to blame?

    Poor Rasya…

  15. tintuong says:

    Folks, what we should do is to help troubled people, or at least not to put more trouble on it. I don’t know her personally, just like the most of us.

    We could help them by stop gossiping them. We should respect their private life.

    You think we don’t have our own problem and look at other’s …. get a life!

  16. Dicko says:

    Tamara is one of the most caring ladies in Indonesia. She is not troubled nor does she need our “help”. People who write on these msg boards are the ones who need help, sh*t I guesss that means me, oh well.

    But still, Tamara as a parent would do a ten times better job than what my parents did.

    P.S, the pesron who wrote every word with a capital letter shouldn’t do that.

  17. Ash says:

    I just hope tamara is good like in hikmah.

  18. Nadia says:

    Whatever happened to our life, its all God’s secret. As long as we try hard, the rest just leave it to Allah swt, He is the expert. Every child has a strong feeling to their mother, one day they will find their mother, I am the one. Be strong tam, everything has the time!!

  19. Ira says:

    Can anyone tell me why people have kids in the first place? Marriage aint easy, I hate it when women instigate divorce just because they are less satisfied. Naturally women wld be less satisfied, of cos, men treat women better when they are both dating than when they are married. Anyone agrees?

  20. lucia says:

    I heard it’s because Rafli cheated (or wanted to marry someone else).
    And no, I fully disagree with the notion that woman SHOULD accept to be less satisfied after she gets married.
    Both man and woman are of equal standing in marriage, or relationship in general. Nobody should sacrifice his/her happiness for the other. If the other party makes one to be unhappy, one should do something about it. If the matter cannot be resolved, separation may be the best possible solution.
    TB didn’t want to disclose the cause of divorce because she respects both her and Rafli’s privacy. I think it’s a much honorable act than babbling away your personal life to every single infotainment reporter you could find on the street.
    And I seriously think that shrink report is bogus. Which real shrink would ever disclose their client’s report? Even if the test is true, the testers are probably third class psychologists (or even first year psych students…GASP!) who spread that bogus report for PR boost. So they could fetch a few new clients n keep the electricity running in their shabby office.

    PS: That man who can’t write properly, for a Singaporean, his English is way substandard.

  21. Tunel_l says:

    Actually i don’t feel bad on this family you know, when you don’t like it, What can you do, just stay looking at your face happy all the time,

    It’s because of money, Her husband is poor, Tamara working so hard, you know become a woman to work in family is crazy, at least her husband work too… Yeah her money is bigger than him. What else to say? Do that guy feel like a loser that guy can’t give more money to his wife and kids.

    Anyway i still think tamara’s husband that need to be blame. WORK, WORK, !!! stupid. Nobody wants to pay a guy at home, They supposed to pay women.

  22. Sunu Wibowo says:

    Husband earns money less than wife does, is not appropriate to be the reason of divorce. Even husband has no job, in the condition that he is trying to get it, cannot strengthen the reason to divorce her spouse. Understanding each other is the key for the family survival.

  23. Muhammad says:

    Welcome to the my familly. Don’t let the sun go down…I love you so much because Alloh SWT andHate because Alloh Ajjawazalla.

  24. michelle says:


    I am doing a research on this indonesian celeb. I wish to have more information about the divorce and the tamara’s ex husbands profile. I hope someone can help me. thank you.

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