Teen Romance

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Television stations show too many soap operas with stories of romance in high schools, says a religious leader.

The leader of Nahdlatul Ulama, Hasyim Muzadi, complains of the prevalence of television soap operas, sinetron, that show teenagers, in school uniform, carrying on romances and puppy love affairs. Schools are places of education, he says, not for finding boyfriends or girlfriends, and television stations are contributing to the “poisoning” of the minds of the young generation.

Bawang Putih & Bawang Merah
Young Love, “Bawang Putih & Bawang Merah”.

Teen sinetron was teaching young people to live a free and hedonistic lifestyle, Hasyim said. He was aware that television producers were partly reflecting some of the realities of teen life but that they were doing it in a vulgar way, especially by showing scenes and stories of romancing schoolchildren wearing their uniforms.

Hasyim Muzadi
Hasyim Muzadi.

It distorts the role of schools as place of education. Dating scenes are fine but don’t do them at school, not with school uniforms on. Schools are places to acquire knowledge not for dating.
(Itu kan mendistorsi peran sekolah sebagai lembaga pendidikan. Adegan pacaran silakan saja, tapi jangan di situ (sekolah), jangan pakai seragam sekolah. Karena sekolah itu kan tempat mencari ilmu. Bukan tempat untuk pacaran.)

He also complained about violent programs such as Smackdown, as well as superstititous or mystical programs.

Boycott Sinetron
Boycott Sinetron.

He urged that the state intervene. antara

The KPI (Indonesian Broadcasting Commission), the government, and the mass media, above all the visual mass media, should coordinate.
(KPI (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia), pemerintah dan media massa, terutama media massa visual harus berkoordinasi.)

17 Comments on “Teen Romance”

  1. Roro says:

    Yeah boycott sinetron. They are not good anyway. More music programs!

  2. Gada says:

    The statement is clear, school is a place to learn and to find knowledges, and I am agree with that.
    But, it would be better the education institution to declare that statement, not a religious leader …
    If the educational institution thinks that TV program can de-moralize school as a education function and still doesn’t do nothing … please blame the educational institution, not blaming the TV program …
    It doesn’t matter the religious leader or party leader, etc. makes or pursues the educational institution to raise the issue, at least it’s clear who wants to defend on and benefit from that issue.
    We need a ‘real’ hero, but would it be better that we teach our people to be a hero for themself and to make them to run their authorization?

    Come on … we need to increase our creativity … if it may goes in wrong direction(in most people opinion) … be humble to redirect or even to stop it …

    Tambai angka dongan.

  3. Rockstar says:

    eh how about more sport shows? soccer in particular 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    sport shows? Dear God no! especially soccer!
    Sports promote violence, dishonesty, deceit, indecency, and other bad attributes that contradict Pancasila. Damn! I still remember how they made me yell out loud some stupid sentences under the sun.

    Take down all the shows, and put on discovery channel shows only, I’ll say.

  5. huangeffendi says:

    hehe i dont think those religious leaders will love the idea put on discovery channel only, religion is the temporary answer for the unresolved truth of science… so…

    anyway, back to the topic, hmm boycotting sinetron ? u mean to expect the audience boycotting the sinetron ?… dude, that will not happen. Otherwise there will be no such statement from Hasyim today. Television growth, they need content, at the same time people loving it and from industry perspective – that become an big hits for them.

    Now, if those religious leader or kpi banned such sinetron, that’s not wise either.. how many people involve in producing 1 episode from 1 ‘junk’ sinetron ? it’s probably more than 50 people. they talking about stopping the whole industry, and not to mention that the industry does export this so called ‘junk’ sinetron to other countries, such as Malaysia, Brunei, etc..

    So I think, rather than complaining, why don’t those people who care with morality and noble ways of life – create their own sinetron/movie. Get into the market, create your own niche, let the people judge and there you’re making the contribution of long tail for the industry.

  6. Rockstar says:

    good point anonymous 🙂 now it becomes clear to me where this bad attitude of mine came from 🙂

  7. Oigal says:

    Its called censorship and that in itself is evil. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems! If you cannot raise your children with solid family and community values then don’t have any!!

    Stop expecting the state and others to do your job as once they get a bit of power it goes straight to the head (and wallets)

  8. Miss Indo 07 says:

    dont let ur kids watch teen romance,,it will ruin ur kids morale,,
    dont let ur kids watch smack down,,it will make ur kids being violent,,
    dont let ur kids watch soccer,,sometimes it’s violence there,,maybe ur kids will kick others,,
    dont let ur kids watch formula 1,,ur kids will learn to speed on the street
    dont let ur kids read newspapers,,a lot of crime news,,ur kids will do crime also
    dont let ur kids play internet,,ur kids will see porn

    the point is

  9. O. Bule says:


    Dead right, Miss Indo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parental guidance makes the difference.

    O. Bule

  10. Retarders says:

    Sinetron, and video games …. it’s the only education we got…
    How can you take that away from us???

  11. Tomaculum says:

    The children don’t watch teen romance any more, nor smack down or soccer, formula 1 etc.
    Now the parents can teach them how to oppress the infidel next door, hm? Nice alternative.
    I think the parents need guidance to live tolerantly too. But surely not from the present “leaders”.

  12. Dewi says:


    I agree with you, MISS INDO 07. My mam do the samething when I was kid. They tought me about religion & moral. Now when I am mature, I’ve known about right and wrong, good and bad & I know behind all the action that I will do.

  13. si bibir mer says:

    Yes, the love stories stop in school, but continue in television, or in your mobile phone, just like what Yahya Zaini proudly broadcasted recently. What a hypocrite indeed.

  14. Rudy Hendra says:

    It distorts the role of schools as place of education. Dating scenes are fine but don’t do them at school, not with school uniforms on. Schools are places to acquire knowledge not for dating.

    I am really not agree with that quote.
    I think that teen romance is a good and healthy for psychological development in a teenager.

    All of us that is ‘normal’, can feel and fall in love when we grown up to teenagers.
    I think it is very healthy for us to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
    I think one that cannot feel love when he/she was a teenagers is not a normal man/woman. Maybe they have problems.

    Rudy Hendra

  15. Tomaculum says:

    After RUU Anti poronografi/pornoaksi now RUU anti pacaran in the school?
    Why not throwing all of the TVs etc out of Indonesia? Maybe it is better living again like the pithecanthropus erectus javanensis or like the Talibans?

  16. Rudy Hendra says:

    Maybe Hasyim Muzadi is a kind of weird/abnormal boy that have a bad personality when he was a teenager. He wanted to have a girlfriend, but no girl wanted to become his girlfriend, and now when he got into the Nadhatul Ulama, he said something like that (to ban the teen romance in school in the sinetron).
    (He has a bad love experience when he was in the school).

    Rudy Hendra

  17. Ashlee says:

    Teen romances are a dime a dozen. Most teens try to simulate what they see on TV. The words “I love you” are overused and have become meaningless to the average teen.

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