Government Downfall

Nov 30th, 2006, in News, by

Extremists are attempting to bring down the government, says one politician.

Denny Tewu, the deputy chairman of the Partai Damai Sejahtera (PDS), a Christian party, said on the 28th that certain extreme groups were working hard to bring down the government of president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and vice president Jusuf Kalla (SBY-JK).

Tewu said the team of SBY-JK had the right to lead the country until 2009 and he felt it incumbent upon himself to warn the country about the efforts to cause the downfall of the legitimate government.

Denny Tewu
Denny Tewu

Although he would not name names or give any specific details he said that the devious plotters were products of the local political system, but he could not rule out the possibility that they were supported by hostile foreign elements.

He blamed their efforts on a lack of understanding of how democracy works, claiming that they were immature, and offered no real alternative to the present leadership. People could criticise the government, he said, but without calling into question its right to govern. antara

4 Comments on “Government Downfall”

  1. Retarders says:

    Another idiot, another day.

  2. Bradlymail says:

    “Government downfall” due to extremists? I do not think so! What kind of extremist?

  3. Bally says:

    Extremists are attempting to bring down the government, are you sure? Please keep it information, we are agree.

  4. Dragonwall says:

    I suppose this so called idiot is right. Don’t you guys think so.

    Religious clerics, religious jihad, racial conflict leading to bombings, sucide bombers.
    Sharia Law and trying to turn this country into an islamic state.

    Aren’t they extremist. Are they democratic enough.

    Before a president warm his seat a next person is ready to challenge his position. I have never seen a country with such chaotic state of embattlement.

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