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Calls are growing for the banning of American wrestling shows on television.

Recently nine-year old Reza Ikhsan Fadillah in Bandung died as a result of injuries suffered when some of his young neighbours beat and kicked him, apparently in some sort of imitation of moves seen on an American wrestling show, called “Smackdown”, aired by Lativi. The boy’s father, Herman Suratman, said republika:

My son died because [they] copied wrestlers from SmackDown.
(Karena menirukan adegan SmackDown, anak saya meninggal.)

Unlovely fakery.

Since then a number of other reports of grave injuries being suffered by boisterous types in the primary and junior high schools of the nation have emerged.

As a result a campaign has been waged by some to have such wrestling shows banned from television. One supporter of the move is the Ikatan Pelajar Nahdlatul Ulama (IPNU), the students’ wing of the largest Muslim association in the country. Its head, Idy Muzayyad, said in Jakarta on the 28th: antara

The IPNU is very concerned that there are victims caused by these types of violent programs. We ask that such programs be stopped so that the tragedy of Reza is not repeated.
(IPNU sangat prihatin dengan adanya korban akibat tayangan yang mengajarkan kekerasan itu. Oleh karena itu, kami meminta tayangan tersebut dihentikan agar tragedi Reza tidak terulang.)

Idy also said that a lot of other programs, apart from violent ones, should also be stopped, including teen soap operas, because they were not educational.

Lativi has not yet yielded to the pressure, fully, but pushed back the show’s time by an hour to 10pm, then by another hour, to 11pm, and began airing warnings about the dangers of imitating the wrestling techniques.


Lativi have cancelled the program. detik

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  1. Tomaculum says:

    In Europe such shows are usually transmitted in special channels late at night, and children are usually not allowed to watch this.
    I am very sorry for those victims, but I ask my self, why the hell the parents permited and permits their kids to see such garbages? In Indonesia the children of every age are often allowed to watch every programms at the TV, unseen if those are suitable for their ages or not.
    Talking about non-educational programms, the IPNU require that some other programms (like teen soap operas) should be stooped, because they weren’t educational.
    What about the “Ghost catcher/fighter shows”? Is that educational?
    Irrespective the fact, that such claims can affect the freedom of the speech, I think especially in this time of transition in Indonesia (with the explotion of the offering in the media) the educator and the persons responsible for the education have to accompany the children attentive and dedicated.
    The parents and the teachers are exeedingly responsible for the education of children.
    Instead of thinking about it and reflected their own failure they blame other.

  2. Andrew says:

    I personally don’t like any TV show exhibiting violence – including SmackDown and its kind. But there are people who like it – so I don’t think we should prohibit the TV station from airing it.

    Just like any other shows containing mature subjects, it is the PARENTS’ responsibility to decide whether or not they let their children watch.

  3. Molisan Tono says:

    easy catch actually… no such tragedy will occur is parent takes control of what their children watching programs…

    parents usually blame programs… while they are busy with other private programs of their own instead of watching what their children doing…. sorry for the loss but hey wake up dude… smackdown is garbage for adult only… you children suppose to sleep already, rather than wondering around watching garbage and then die.

    get real and return to earth soon….

  4. Mohammed Khafi says:

    There seem to be a number of issues here:
    Why would any adult want to watch such purile garbage? What is wrong with our educational and social systems that we have produced so many lovers of lowlife entertainment? Why are the children not in bed sleeping? Why do their parents not instill discipline? Why are we so violent? etc. etc.

    But worst of all, why do we try and blame this on a Western TV Show? Why are we always trying to divert attention away from ourselves, why can we not take responsibility for our own actions?

  5. Ismail says:

    i think smackdown and it likes are just a waste worse than rubbish, i think its should be banned, i do understand that we want minimise government interference but i do believe this shows are void of anything positive. Air time should be giving to better things.

  6. Parvita says:

    I agree that these kind of “entertainment” should be placed late at night or in pay-per-view type. Can’t ban the program. Agree that parents should be in control.

    It’s amazing how TV rules life. And it is actually scary.
    It reminds me when during the Iraqi war, all the real violence were shown in American TVs and all those things are in the living room…scary!


  7. Riccardo says:

    I don’t get it, these silly shows are broadcast all over the world and kids don’t kill each other. As a schoolboy and in university, I was a proper wrestler, Olympic freestyle and Greco-Roman. We had proper supervised training sessions with coaches after schools with official wrestling mats. Nobody got killed, and even injuries were once in a blue moon.

    Of course this rubbish on TV is just pure fake crap and show biz, and I wish like heck they’d quit using the word “wrestling” full stop…

    What these kids need are actual after-school sports programs to learn and compete in. Some of the top lightweight wrestlers in the Olympics come from East Asian countries, like Japan and Korea and the Philippines, there is no reason why Indonesia can’t compete with them, except for the fact that their Olympic-style National Wrestling Association (Persatuan Gulat Seluruh Indonesia, or PGSI) is run by a corrupt fool who has taken all the money allocated for training and coaches and used it for his own sick purposes… anyone remember Andi Ghalib?? I believe he’s still in charge of PGSI, even though it’s well known that he steals all the money allocated to the PGSI each year by our tax dollars…

    Anyway, I’m ranting now… but the bottom line it’s not wrestling that’s causing deaths, it’s corruption.

  8. Hassan says:

    isn’t ironic that rubbish programs are the ones selling these days? what’s wrong with Indonesians’ taste nowadays? what’s wrong with those tv stations, why can’t they air programs with better quality? i often found myself turning the tv on and after awhile turned it back off because I can’t find anything worth watching. all i can find in our tv these days are: infotainments, criminal programs, sinetrons, plus some other ‘minorities’.

    that’s the common pattern on all tv stations (except metro tv). is tv all about entertainment? where’s the added value that tv programs suppose to bring? what about the fact that on even the most secular western countries there are always tv stations which aired programs beneficial for the nation’s character building? but in Indonesia, tv stations only ‘worshipped’ something called : ratings.

  9. Retarders says:

    Agreed on some of the comments posted up there….

    However few points need to be touch

    Wrestling, like it or not is part of television and media you cannot just ban it because you don’t feel like watching it or you think it’s rubbish, there are so many fans out there that will ensure wresting will never die. It’s a matter of control actually. Just the same thing, would Indonesian ppl ban Shalat Maghrib ? Moslems will burn you at stake.

    Every show has a disclamer, a warning … that this is a stunt done by professionals only, not intended to be performed by the audience bla bla bla, if you ask me the only ones copying wrestling moves without proper training and materials are a bunch of idiots, in this case the parents are idiot. They are the one that supposed to supervise and be responsible what are their children watch.

    Indonesians are not ready for Wrestling, Indonesians should just stick to watching Indo Ghostbusters and Sinetrons. Because wrestling is for pure entertainment only, but apparently Indonesian doesnt understand the word entertainment anyway…. So many people to educate, so little resources….

  10. Rockstar says:

    smackdown is purely fake.. like watching a cheap soap opera.. it’s a sad fact but it’s true.. and it’s played by lousy actors too.

  11. Bradlymail says:

    ‘Smackdown’ is only for entertaiment! I agree with Rockstar it is purely fake and sucks! And it should be banned for children to watch this programme. I hope the relevant authority will look into this matter.

  12. Molisan Tono says:

    those lousy actors got great tits though… hahaha… what a fag.

    i guess i read about those warning somewhere… it’s before the program i guess or it just my imagination?

    anyway… i guess Indonesia Pers Commision has qualified some of major rules. like the airing program schedule… all i can say is… needs parent to control.

  13. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Salaams Hassan,

    Agree with everything you say, but isn’t it true that nearly everything here is driven by profit or greed? There are very few examples of people or corporations who do things for the common good or without alterior motive.

  14. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Nice to have Khafi back,,
    long time no “see” ^^

  15. Tomaculum says:

    M. Khafi,
    I think it is common in business world to do something on the basis of profit. Even the food sellers in the market wish to make a profit. Name one who doesn’t want to live in prosperity (except Jesus and M. Gandy?).
    The very problem is the blurred border beetwen greed and the wish to acquire profit.
    Before someone or a company can do something for the welfare, she/he/it has first to aquire profit from her/his/its business or job, aren’t they?
    It is our duty to educate our children and we are in the first place responsible for them, as accompanist and as ideal. If we don’t recognise this, such problems will appear again and again in the future, because we can’t controll the development of the offerings in the TV or in the internet totally. Except we have again the dictatorship instead the (new born) democracy.

  16. Bas says:

    The only reasoin they want to ban it is that it comes from th US. You can see much more violence in local programs or in the streets. Why not banning all those pseudo fake paranormal programs first?

  17. O. Bule says:

    While I find “professional wrestling” disgusting, it would be a misuse of government power to ban it from the airwaves. I have informed my son that it is all fake, and perfomed by stunt actors who are not athletes, but entertainers. It is up to each parent to guide their children down what they consider the proper path, not up to the government to block various paths for the so-called common good.

    O. Bule

  18. Garde Astale says:

    I’m a fan of WWE since 10 or so. I realize some of the act were violent. The problem is you should realize that the show is “Sport Entertainment”. Can you read “Sport” + “entertainment”? It means the actors really exercise and practice the moves. Does why kids should have been told by parents that if they wanted to do the moves they have to do it the right way. How? Join a wrestling sport club or something, practice on matrass, train with a trainer. It would be stupid imitating the moves in school where you will get hurt hitting the floor and might get injured since you don’t know the techniques. That’s why during the commercial break the show always tell the audience “Don’t try this at home!!”

    Then there is the “Entertainment” meaning the whole show just an act -> soap opera mix with wrestling. The actors get paid for hitting each other and doing all of those things which they did. Now, in reality do you get paid for hitting your friend at school? No, instead you get scold by parents and teachers. The superstar gets fame and fortune for their acts and you in the real world only get hurt. They get to go around the world for fighting on Tv while you get to go on a one way trip to jail. See the differences here? I wonder why parents can’t realize this and tell their kids? I even have a 14 years old cousin who watched WWE with me on tv, vcd, and dvd. I told him everything and he understood well. What’s the point getting into fight with your friend just to imitate a movie? It’s better just to play video game or watch movie with friends.

    Next, come the biggest issue. It is not just WWE show, but look at the other teen soap opera. I agree with most of you above, Some shows have content or story which are not appropriate. Junior high school driving to school??? you have an age limititation to get driver license and last time I checked you gotta be 17 or 18. Oh, SMP/SMU girls now wearing mini skirt to school? That is a nice view for the boys but I believe in reality no school permit that. Also, teenager on tv this day shows they live in big house, make big party, go clubbing, etc. In reality, look at Indonesia’s economic condition. Can parents really let their children spend that amount of money?? What about smackdown game on playstation? WE have wrestling games since the year 2000. And just “NOW” parents realize they are dangerous?? Well yeah, since it was a coincident the tv show got banned. Only wrestling games? What about counter strike? Back when I’m in campus I saw some elementary school student playing conter strike at an internet rental. They were good and they knew all of the weapons. They can “kill” their opponent with weapons. Do society complaint? It’s just a game what parent said. Still, in the game they are trained to shoot and kill! And if watching WWE they memorize the superstar’s name and their moves, then playing something like counter strike make them memorize weapons like: ak47, bayonet, shotgun, etc. Wouldn’t you be surprised if you met a 10 year old kid who would have the knowledge about guns? So, you can say until something bad happen then people will never realize or take any action.

    Parent control vs Tv station! Parent complaint mostly to the tv station. By putting the show much much more late at night doesnt make kids stop watching. Instead they sleep much late. Who’s fault is that? Can’t parent control kids this day? Beside that, how can you tell children not to watch if parents put TV inside the children’s bedroom? They might as well fake their sleep and wait until midnight to watch the show. Now, I’m not saying it’s all parent’s fault. Lativi gotta be blamed for putting the show and especially the re-run : Back in Action show everyday. I was happy seeing Raw on tuesday, ECW on Wednesday, and Smackdown on thursday. But, now you got back in action? The show keep repeating itself every hours till midnight and sometimes over. What is the point here? The way I see it this will cause “brainwashing”. For those who have limited uderstanding will be happy to see the show every hours. But they will be brainwashed by the show! IMO this is where LATIVI did wrong. They should have sticked with the regular show instead the re-runs. Now children can freely watch the show over and over and they got into their mind with the shocking result of them hurting their friends.

    This is a long comment but it is just my opinion. Hope it would be useful.

  19. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Perhaps I was not very clear in translating my thoughts to words, I agree that profit is necessary, but greed is not, it seems to me that what drives our TV channel owners is greed. In seems to me that many other countries programming has to contain a certain percentage of programming with educational content and quality programming which can benefit the general population, that doesn’t really seem to happen here, perhaps we just do not value education enough, or perhaps our legislators are just too immature and greedy to realise that they have to legislate such things to help try and educate our people.

  20. Tomaculum says:

    M. Khafi,
    not just the legislators are still too immature in this time of transition (into a still very young democracy), but the citizen aren’t yet ready to live responsible in that democracy. How can they? Two and more generations living in oppression with more or less controlled dependent way of thinking can not be masters of democracy overnight. What Indonesia need is regularisations to avoid such abuses of the new gained freedom. To ban such programms is I think not the right solution, because the people wouldn’t able then to learn how to handle these new freedoms in responsibillity.

    In Europe you can watch such programms every day, but only late at night. Of course you can’t always prevent, that the children watch these shows (the “newest” and currently very popular show is the “Free fight” and it isn’t only a show!!).

    I don’t explicitely prohibit my 3 children to “enjoy” those garbages, but if accidentally such violent shows (including the news about the many many violent acts in the world) are to be aired in the “children times”, so we as parents will accompany them and answer their naturally appearing (and usually critical) questions.

    I never heard about such epidemie of school children fighting a la “smack down” in Europe.
    Maybe we should first simply find responsible arrangements in each family (for the parents as well as for the children) about the everyday TV consumption (like: National recommendations and guidelines to watch the TV) and maybe parents should finally take their duty to accompany and to educate their children seriously.

    You will read the word “responsible” in this comment many times. I think this is the key word, isn’t it?

  21. 1ndra says:

    Smackdowns are bad for kids

  22. Miss Indo 07 says:

    I absolutely aree with you Tomaculum^^,,
    it’s parents’ duty to educate children,,
    i have 3 brothers,,n they’ve been watching smack down since they were so young,,but they’ve never killed or hurt their friend a la smack down,,
    yesterday i talked abt this with some friends here,,n we really agree that this kind of stupid thing only can happen in Indo,,(sorry to say)

  23. Parvita says:

    MISS INDO 07: this kind of things doesn’t only happen in Indonesia but also in developed countries. What do you think the Iraqi war shown in TV, especially FOX with pride, introduced to the living rooms of families around the world does to children? It might not happen instantly, but it gives you some sort of value and maybe in the long run, it will have an effect!

  24. Miss Indo 07 says:

    OK maybe I’m wrong,,
    but really,,it’s still parents’ and teachers duty to educate children,,
    that’s why there are a lot of movies with symbol “parental guidance”,,to prevent this kind of things to happen,,
    and if the parents can’t or maybe too busy to guide their children,,then just burn the TV,,
    and i heard those kids did that smack down game at school,,
    thenn where were the teachers??
    seriously it’s ridiculous to ask Lativi to stop the show,,
    it’s just like Playboy magazine or Obat terlarang,, if u think it’s not good for u,,then stay away from it,,
    it’s just that simple,,

  25. Molisan Tono says:

    chill out guys… everything has it’s own way to deal with.
    i remember when i was a little boy, i watch hulk hogan wrestle with his match… none of those action were become my behaviour toward my friends later on.

    it’s just stupid to ban smackdown, from very earlier my post, I said it’s parental role here… as well as teachers at school. i was shocked yesterday i watch news and there’s kids play act of smack down while those teachers are watching… what the heck is going on dude???

    miss indo made the point… stay away from it…

    what drives me crazy is those who asking for smackdown to shutdown seems like running away from their responsibilities as parent. you can’t control you children, then you blame the TV Program… what a sad move… I’m so sorry, i myself don’t like smackdown but those program spend ages even before i was born. it just came out in brand new package.

    for all of you as parent. have a good looking care of your children… otherwise, stop breeding like a rabbit. you don’t deserve to be a parent for your children. stop blaming other for your careless behaviour.

  26. Tomaculum says:

    Smack down is now shutdown, but the the “parents” still show the children how to be intolerant and how to oppress people with other faith (if needed with violence).
    Better than smack down, hm???

  27. Knight says:

    I live in America and I knew from the get go that this outbreak of violence and love for shock would bring a black eye to the WWE Wrestling World. Vince Mcmahon a fabricator of script pretending made his tribute to a wrestler last night which was Chris Benoit, what a tragic and bizarre story of living a life of pretend, in the end it came crashing down on this man, when the smoke clears all will understand that WWE and its pretend scripted sagas will not be without a full investigation into the real death murder/suicide of this wrestler Chris Benoit and his wife and son who fell victim to the voices that was going on in this wrestlers mind.

    How can we as a society justify these erradic behaviors? The fact that this is now making headlines all over the world is showing that the wrestling world is got hidden demons within it. I feel when Vince Mcmahon faked his death on tv little over a month ago that something bad was about to happen, now a scripted wrestler is dead and his wife and son, what turned a man who was considered gentle and kind into a murderer? I can only hope out of this tragic event that the truth will come and that all of the secrets of the wrestling world will be revealed so that young and old alike will use this as a example so that there children and families won’t fall victim to the pretend world of wrestling!


    FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (AP) “” Pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife and smothered his son before hanging himself in his weight room, a law enforcement official close to the investigation told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    Authorities also said they are investigating whether steroids may have been a factor in the deaths of Benoit, his wife and their 7-year-old son. Steroid abuse has been linked to depression, paranoia, and aggressive behavior or angry outbursts known as “roid rage.”


    It is hard to imagine the way the events have unfolded. Yesterday watching the tribute it never even crossed my mind that the killings could be at the hands of such a famous person as Benoit was in wrestling, a role model to so many. The Superstars who spoke were sincere and their words so heart felt. So many looked up to this man, so many said what a kind hearted, family orientated, and all around great guy Chris was, did anybody see this coming? The lives of superstars always seem so surreal, so wonderful. Then you find out the real details, his wife wanted a divorce, even stated physical abuse and she has also obtained an order of protection”¦the warning signs were there. It goes to show you that money can not buy you happiness, any soul can be tormented. A twisted mind can fall upon anybody, no matter how many are watching. Now what? I find it hard in my own mind to believe these events. Keep waiting to hear this is not what happened, that there was indeed a burglar, that this malious act was at the hands of some low-life, but the reality is that this is true. How do you explain this to the kids that look up to these people? How do you tell them somebody you have cheered for week after week, victory after victory was able to murder his own family and himself? The fact of the matter is that this stuff happens daily, and hardly a thought is given to it, you hear stuff like this on the news every night and pay it no mind. It takes somebody famous for the world to listen, hopefully the world will listen. Maybe what Chris did will stick in your mind, and next time when a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or even a casual acquaintance gives you a sign of abuse, no matter how small, you will hear it and act upon it. You could save a life.

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