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It’s time for a Javanese to become governor of North Sumatra, some say.

The deputy chairman of the provincial parliament, Hasbullah Hadi, says that the ethnic Javanese population has now reached 47% of the twelve million residents of North Sumatra province and that therefore the region is ready to accept a governor from Javanese stock.

I think it’s appropriate in 2008 for there to be a gubernatorial candidate from the Javanese ethnic group.
(Saya kira sudah sepantasnya bila tahun 2008 nanti ada calon gubernur yang berasal dari etnis atau masyarakat keturunan Jawa.)

Hadi nominated Raden Muhammad Syafi’i, a leader from the Partai Bintang Reformasi.

Javanese immigrants, or some might say colonists, were accepted whereever they went, he said, and could be considered a uniting force in the country, being the “glue” among all the various ethnic, religious, and cultural differences in Indonesia. gatra

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  1. Tomaculum says:

    And the next conflict is already preprogrammed.

  2. Rockstar says:

    will that include chinese? 🙂 lol

  3. Oigal says:

    Or perhaps its time for Sumatra to start issuing KITAS for domestic “foreigners”.

  4. Charles says:

    Are they going to move the conflict from Poso to North Sumatra or trying to spread it?

  5. Bradlymail says:

    The same thing also, can dayak, batak, flores becomes Governor in east Java? It could be another ethnic conflict!

  6. Bas says:

    It’s time for a westerner to become president of Indonesia I say… That’s the only way to save that country.

  7. Raden says:

    Javanese living outside Java island ? Do you want to know the facts what are their profession majority are ?
    – Javanese living in Kualalumpur, if men then become taxi drivers, if women become food stall operator because they cook very well that Malaysian like the dishes very much
    – Javanese living in Brunei, if men then become construction workers that his hands are dirty with cements & bricks, if women then become food stall waiters
    – Javanese living in Serawak, if women become maid to the Malaysian chinese or sex workers because border between Pontian to Miri is so close
    – Javanes living in Singapore, if women become maids or sex workers in Geylang Brothels, the man do not find any jobs because they are not as strong as Bangla workers (hitam dan kuat) that Singapore Ministry of ManPower ‘s workers source favourite. Only a few Javanese man but very very small number are capable as white collar workers, if they can get the job normally will stay for only 1 year than go back home, unable to compete internationally
    – Javanese living in Dutch, if man becoming a workers, the woman become as maid
    – Javanese living in USA, normally used to be as high level pejabat who owned large bungalow and his spoilt sons are driving sport cars similar to the ‘Catatan si Boy’ movie in the ’80s

    So, what can the typical average Javanese do outside Indonesia are representing their truly NET WORTH VALUE of their capability.

    Please think about it, if Indonesia are fully occupied by all Javanese in every provinces ? ….. what a scary facts indeed !

  8. KSJ says:

    That is racism or ethinicism. Totally rubbish!! Anyone can be of higher officer regardless of their ethnic, race, religion or so whatever. Well… it is more logic that a person from the native ethnic in a province to become governor not from outside because a native has ties to his homeland than outsiders do.

  9. David Wong Jowo says:

    Indonesian for Indonesia!

    Regardless of where you are from, you are from United States of Indonesia, many diffferent ethnicity, but the same country. You must realize that Indonesia is built by many different types of people. It does not matter Batak jadi Jawa Barat Governor atau Irian Jaya, as long as he is doing the job he is supposed to be doing, fairly and do a good job, let it be!

    If you start fighting against each other, the country will be divided, then we will crumble and then other country will come and take over, then our effort to become a free nation is going down the drain. Wake up, learn from other countries’ mistake…look at Russia, used to be a big country, now they are divided! We do not want to be like them! Let Indonesia be Indonesia! One country, one nation, different people from different background but free!

    If a Javanese becomes a president, it is because he can, the people voted from him. If Sundanese, or Balinese want to become president…let him or her prove it that he can do the job and persuade people to vote for him…If he or she cannot do the job, the nation’s people is going to impeach and oust that president from the office, that is how democratic country works, for the betterment of its people, by the people, for the people!

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