Lazy Bigamist

Nov 20th, 2006, in Society, by

Odita Rahman’s two wives reported him to the police for being lazy.

Odita Rahman, 26 years old, married Neli Simajuntak, 26, three years ago but apparently was unsatisfied with only one wife and so six months ago he took another, Turaya, 31.

Despite the added financial burdens that having another wife brings Odita Rahman did not pick up the pace in the money-seeking area – in fact he became even lazier than usual, to the point where both of his wives became fed up and visited the Cilincing, North Jakarta police station to file a complaint against their idle husband.

It appears that Odita Rahman simply does not like working, but due to embarrassment about this, has been pretending that he is sick. He borrowed a plaster case that his nephew had once needed and put it on his left leg, claiming to have suffered a broken bone. His wives however were having none of it. He said later:

I’ve been pretending to be sick for a week now.


I’m ashamed of it [being lazy]. Rather than seen to be lazy I pretended to be injured.

In order to live he has been relying on the labours of his two wives. He has been charged by police under both the marriage law and the fraud law. tempo

2 Comments on “Lazy Bigamist”

  1. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    This is the lesson of that old boy who are acuused by his one of his wives in his laziness. He is very irresponsible and he is useless. If he is useful, his task is to enlarge his penis only that makes him a bigamist and only his penis works.

  2. DianDoank says:

    Well in Indonesia, it is hard to condemn the polygamy because even the women which viewed as a victim once in a while accept it without a problem. But this story definitely reveal the most basic reason why polygamy should not performed in the first place as it is not only challenging in the department of hard feeling but also in the economy 🙂 What I was really proud of from these women are their faith to law. They really take it to action! Not by divorcing the husband but dare to report the lazy husband!! Good job!!! 🙂 That’s the way to solve the problem. And really glad that police took it serious!!! Would love to hear the next story of these ladies and of course the sentence to the lazy husband!!!!

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