Dual Nationality

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Children born of mixed Indonesian and foreign parentage can now obtain dual nationality.

As one of the first examples of the implementation of the new citizenship law, on the 21st of November in Jakarta the Law and Human Rights minister, Hamid Awaluddin, officiated at the granting of dual nationality papers (SK Kewarganegaraan Indonesia) to thirteen children of mixed Indonesian/foreign parentage, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Jalan M.H. Thamrin.

Hamid Awaluddin
Hamid Awaluddin, with some budding sinetron stars.

Hamid explained that parents who wish to apply for Indonesian citizenship for their children need to prepare photocopies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, and KTP. Then they fill in an application form at the immigration office, and it is said that the application process takes six weeks. Oddly, the fees are not yet determined. L6

Once the papers have been granted a passport may be applied for, however Hamid said that Indonesian passports granted to dual nationality children would contain a special code. antara

Children granted dual citizenship, later, at the age of 18, have three years to decide whether they wish to become “full” Indonesian citizens, and renounce their foreign citizenship, or the other way round. Previously, under the old law, nationality was deemed to always derive from the paternal side.

Correction, 28th Nov.

Once the papers have been granted a passport may be applied for, however Hamid said that Indonesian passports granted to dual nationality children would contain a special code.

This is wrong, my mistake. Once the SK Kewarganegaraan Indonesia has been issued it can be used to apply for an Indonesian passport. In the meantime, or while one is waiting for the passport to be issued, foreign passports will be given a special stamp to show that the child is an Indonesian citizen.

Those who wish to apply for a SK Kewarganegaraan Indonesia for their child should go to the immigration section of the Departemen Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia, see here for addresses of their offices – http://www.depkumham.go.id/xdepkumhamweb/xkanwil/daftarkanwil.htm.


March 1st 2007.

Hamid Awaluddin in Batam yesterday claimed that 300 applicants for citizenship had already been processed, 90% of these being foreigners who had married an Indonesian. At an event in Batam Hamid granted citizenship papers to 5 year old Jane Edward, who had once almost been deported because her foreign father had left his Indonesian wife, Dewi Chyntia. indosiar


March 27th 2007.

In Surabaya, East Java, Justice and Human Rights Minister Hamid Awaluddin handed over Indonesian citizenship decrees to 36 Indonesians of foreign descent on the 27th. The citizenship decrees were given to 36 children of Indonesian mothers but with fathers coming from various places such as Germany, the Sudan, the Netherlands, Britain, Switzerland, India, Australia, and Bangladesh.

House of Representatives member Murdaya Poo, Chinese Indonesian businessman Chandra Srijaya and chairman of the Chinese Indonesian Society (PSMTI) HM Jos Soetomo also attended the function.

Today, we mix those different backgrounds into one entity called Indonesia. The different backgrounds came from different ethnic descents which used to have the impression that they were separated, but today we are eliminating the impression by uniting them.


March 29th 2007.

Hamid Awaludin says that since the promulgation of the new law on citizenship in 2006 700 children of mixed parents have been granted Indonesian nationality.

Hamid said that even those children of mixed parentage that were born overseas were entitled to Indonesian citizenship. He said dozens of applications for such children had already been received, the most recent one coming from Cuba. These applications were processed normally, he said, provided accompanying documentation was complete. republika


April 10th 2007.

Hamid Awaludin visited Banten and gave letters of citizenship to 42 children of mixed parentage.

Sudarmanto, the head of the Banten department of justice and human rights, said that all parents who had children of mixed parentage could now submit applications for dual citizenship. He said the process took one month. antara


April 29th 2007.

Speaking in Surabaya on the 28th Hamid Awaluddin threatened to imprison officials who attempted to thwart the realisation of the new law on nationality. He said that there was to no longer be any discussion of pribumi and non-pribumi, all were Indonesians.

Officials from the centre down to the regions must not play around. If they deliberately try to make it difficult for people to obtain Indonesian citizenship then they will be sent to jail.

He also added that the law had greatly helped Indonesian women married to foreigners who previously could be chased down by immigration officials attempting to deport their children back to the father’s country. detik

132 Comments on “Dual Nationality”

  1. Retarders says:

    Oddly, the fees are not yet determined.

    Because it’s gonna cost more if your child born in the U.S, compared to the one born in Arab countries. They’re also going to apply Buddha Tax, Kristen Tax, Katolik Tax, and possibly Kong Hu Tax, and Atheist Tax, but not for Islam.

    Hamid said that Indonesian passports granted to dual nationality children would contain a special code.

    the Code is PB1(Pribumi) = Non hassle non taxable, and CHN2(Chinese) = hassle it and tax it, OTH3(Other) = hassle it and tax it like CHN2.

  2. Andrew says:

    Slightly off topic, but still related – I’ve had this question unanswered for years:

    Chinese-descent Indonesian citizens have a legal document called SBKRI (Surat Bukti Kewarganegaraan Indonesia). This is the holy grail of all documents, you need this document for virtually anything.

    Do citizens of other ethnics (Indians, Arabs, etc.) need to have the same?

  3. Anonymous says:

    To my knowledge, SBKRI had been made redundant ever since Gus Dur was the president.
    However, I’m not surprised if some government officials still use SBKRI to ‘milk’ the Chinese Indonesians (and perhaps other ethnics as well) for some money.

  4. Anonymous_aloy says:

    The photo caption is a gem:
    “Hamid Awaluddin, with some budding sinetron stars.”

    you gotta love Patung’s sense of humor

  5. Parvita says:

    This is a great news. At least, Indonesian mothers don’t have to worry if something happens to their marriage and they are away from the hassle of reporting their expat child every year for permit to stay.

    There is no SBKRI now, it has been for years!

  6. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Parvita said:

    if something happens to their marriage

    Why the negative comments Parvita?, I think we should just be happy that both the parents of these children don’t have to worry about the hassle of visa’s etc. I know you don’t like expat men, but I don’t think the mixed marriages are any more likely to end in disaster than an Indonesian couples marriage, there are plently of women divorced by their Indonesian husbands who face far greater problems than getting a visa for their child, how about just feeding themselves and their offspring?

  7. Andrew says:

    No SBKRI, theoretically – but try to get or renew your passport, they will ask for it.
    Or at least they did, 6 years ago… 😀

  8. Parvita says:

    Khafi: You’ve got it wrong. I have nothing against expat men. What I meant, which was probably not well written, is that when the father is an expat, and the mother is Indonesian, if something happens to their marriage, the children will have the father’s nationality. Which means that the children are not Indonesian. As a foreigner, even when the mother is Indonesian, the mothers have to apply for visa and go through the hassle with the immigration, which I find it ridiculous. With this new law, it is easier for the mothers if something happens to their marriages.

    Marriage between Indonesian and Indonesian, children is usually mother’s custody. When marriage is between Indonesian and non-Indonesian, previously, the children automatically follows the father’s nationality. If the father is a foreigner and he leaves his wife, it was difficult for the mother to have the children live with her unless she goes through all the paperworks from immigration (i.e. bribe and all). Indonesian+Indonesian doesn’t have to go through this. Understand now. Can’t believe I have to explain this. I thought everybody knows about this. Boy.

    I hope I made it clear this time.

  9. mark says:

    I am german/chinese-Indonesian. I’m over 18 years old and up to now have only been using a german passport. I live in Indonesia and was wondering if anyone knows how i can end up keeping both passports. I heard that even if the Indonesian government requests I give up my german passport, that I can always reapply for it at my embassy.

  10. Miss Indo 07 says:

    No SKBRI,,
    just Surat Ganti Nama..
    any difference?

  11. Faiz says:

    I am german/chinese-Indonesian. I’m over 18 years old and up to now have only been using a german passport. I live in Indonesia and was wondering if anyone knows how i can end up keeping both passports. I heard that even if the Indonesian government requests I give up my german passport, that I can always reapply for it at my embassy.

    Hi Mark, you may ask Habibie Center,
    FYI, if I am not mistake Mr. Habibie is still holding German Public Health Insurance which also give benefit for his wife medical treatment some years ago in German.
    They may give you some help for your problem.



  12. DianDoank says:


    Don’t know much on German’s legal law. I think the Indonesia law at this moment is not accomodate the possibility of having dual nationality. Thus only for those below 18 years old. Might be there’s a condition where Indonesia might grant dual nationality but I guess if the other country gave the nationality as a honor citizen. I don’t know much on Habibie case. But if I were you, I will opt to ask for a legal advice at the German embassy to see if there’s a room for dual nationality. After that, seek advice in regards to Indonesia law. probably you can find help through http://www.aliansipelangi.org/ It focus on the problem arise in regards to legal matters of mixed marriage. But hey they might have a trusted information on the guidelines of new law on citizenship.

    Good luck.

    Parvita: Reading your last comment, I think then it will be better in addition to citizenship law, the marital law of Indonesia needs to be changed. More protection to woman that married to foreigner and vice versa (but I opposed the deposit idea) 🙂

  13. Parvita says:

    Yeah, marital law here needs to be looked at as well. Couple with different religion have difficulty getting married here, although they are both Indonesians. I think it’s the rights of everybody who they want to marry.

  14. Faiz Ahmed Mohammed says:

    Hi, I am an indian we have a lovely son (Mohammed). I wanted him to have an Indonesian passport. For this I contacted the embassy of Indonesia here in qatar and the reply I got from them is that they are still waiting for the newly law to be implemented. So are the embassy officials wrong or the website of human rights wrong which shows that already 13 mixed children have honoured the passport.
    Please help me with this issue.
    Faiz Ahmed.

  15. Mohammed Khafi says:

    The law is actually in place, but typically with Indonesian law as the article say’s, the fee’s are not yet decided. Reason?

    Well, one mixed couple that I know were asked for 6 Jt Rupiah to process the paperwork, when they found out another couple were only! charged 4 Jt Rupiah, they challenged the request and were told ” Well ok I will try to do it , but you mustn’t not tell anybody about this!”

    Another law to fleece foreigners, is it any wonder that we have such a bad reputation abroad!

    Where was you son born Faiz? If born outside of Indonesia there may not be an option of dual citizenship, I believe my friends had to supply Surat Keterangan Lahir and Akte Lahir for their application to prove the child was born in Indonesia.


  16. Michael says:

    Please could someone advise me if the child must be born in Indonesia in order to receive dual nationality? Can the child be born outside Indonesia and still receive an Indonesian passport?

  17. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Anything is possible in Indonesia, It depends on how much money you have in your wallet!

  18. William says:

    Just wondering, what will happen if one is found to hv dual nationality while living in Indonesia? I.E having taiwanese/Indonesian citizenship at the same time.

    Will one get prosecuted by indo law or just given the option to choose which nationality one wish to have? Any legal law that governs this matter?
    Thanks for any information.

  19. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Same answer as above William! 😉

  20. William says:

    hahaha, it’s true but at least if we know the rules that govern it, we can minimize the money flowing out of the pocket :D, otherwise we’ll be squeezed till dry … 😀

  21. Mohammed Khafi says:

    As I understand it Dual Nationality is only applicable to children of mixed parentage, who are born in Indonesia, I could be wrong however, best to check here: Directorate General of Immigration of The Republic of Indonesia.

  22. Hasan Zuberi says:

    Greetings from Pakistan!

    Here in Karachi, just 2 days back we received a letter from KJRI (Consulate) in which they have asked for photocopies of Nikah Buku, ID card (Indonesia) of my wife, My Pakistani ID card, 6 photographs of my son, attested birth certificate & a no-objection certificate that my son is not married.

    Along with submission, we will be required to fill-out the nationality application form and till he will get his Indonesian passport, he will be able to travel on Pakistani Passport with attestation of his dual nationality status.

  23. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Just out of interest for my friends, how much are you being charged for this process?


  24. Setiawan says:

    Dear “Indonesian Matters’.

    I read the news and story regarding the New Law about the Dual Nationality. All of news (correct me if I am wrong); the Man is Non-Indonesian and the Lady is Indonesian National. Just wondering, how is the other way around; The Man is Indonesian and the Lady is Not-Indonesian?

    I am Indonesian, Married in Indonesia with Thai (All Legal Married Documents complete).
    Currently stay in Thailand (due to working/expatriate), but still holding Indonesian Nationality.
    I have a Son (4 years old), who born in Thailand and currently holding Thai Passport.

    My question is, can my Son has Indonesian Citizenship?/Passport?

    Thanks and waiting for the news.


  25. Mohammed Khafi says:


    As far as I understand the law, your son should ne automatically entitled to Indonesian nationality as he follows the nationality of yourself as the father. I would advise you to contact the Indonesian Embassy at:

    The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
    600-602 Pecthburi Road
    Ratchatewi, Bangkok 10400
    Phone: (66-2) 2523135-40
    Fax: (662) 2551267, (66 2) 2551261
    e-mail : kukbkk@ksc11.th.com

    Register your sons birth if you have not already done so and just apply for an Indonesian passport for him.


  26. Setiawan says:

    Thanks for the reply Pak Mohammed Khafi,

    Just want to make sure that as you said; by the Law my Son’s Nationality will be automatically follow my Nationality.

    Sorry to ask again; my Son now (due to he has Thai passport), means that he has Thai Nationality right?
    If I go to Indonesian embassy, and bring all Legal Document that I have (Married certificate, my Son birth certificate (Akte Kelahiran); and apply a passport for him, are they will allow me to do so and granted to me?

    Honestly speaking, with all of my respect; I am rather doubt about this, since this Dual Nationality matter is just recently issued and the officer at the Embassy seem not ‘well-informed’ about it.

    Thanks, waiting for the comments

  27. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Pak Setiawan,

    As far as I understand it the dual nationality applies up until the age of 18, when the child then has three years to decide which nationality to choose.

    Please check this site from Departemen Dalam Negri, and you can print a copy to take to the Embassy in Bangkok if necessary: UU Kwarganegaraan


  28. Ken Reemeyer says:

    Just out of interest, I applied for dual citizenship for my child and got all the necessary paperwork and took it to the Jakarta Provincial Immagration office. I was told that I did not need to do this as my child already had a birth certificate. The law to apply for dual citizenship, only applies to children born before before August 2006.
    As my child was born in February 2007, I was able to apply for my childs passport directly.

  29. Andrew says:

    My son was born on March 2006 in Indonesia, I am a naturalized U.S. Citizen, born in Indonesia and has not renounced my Indonesian citizenship yet. I’m still in possession of active KTP and expired Indonesian Passport. My wife and I married in KUA or religious court and has not registered our marriage with the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta. Does my son entitled to this new law? thanks.

  30. Andika says:

    I was married overseas under Australian Law but I haven’t Registered yet at “Civil Register” in Indonesia and If I have a child and I want to be born in Indonesia is my child will be recognised? What is the status of my child will be?

    I need more info because I have no idea about it.

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