Voodoo Spell

Nov 16th, 2006, in News, by

The psychic Ki Gendeng Pamungkas has cast his spell on George Bush. The White House has not yet reacted to this disturbing turn of events.

At the Tugu Kujang, Jl. Padjajaran, Bogor, West Java, beginning from 11.00, today the 16th of November, the crazy interesting man who claims deep knowledge of the black arts cast a voodoo spell on the world’s most powerful man, George Bush.

Some men from a shop that sells “supernatural” products laid out a 1×3 metre black cloth on which they placed all the necessary tools and materials needed by Mr Gendeng to carry out his dark, mysterious deeds. Previously they had cut off the heads of a sheep, a crow, and a snake, in order to drain their blood.

Ki Gendeng Pamungkas
Ki Gendeng Pamungkas, a rich witch doctor.

Thereafter Gendeng Pamungkas, whose real name is Issan Masardi and who is the leader of “Front Pribumi”, mixed the blood of the three sacrificial animals and cast his spell, the whole ceremony lasting twenty minutes and attracting quite a crowd. It appears that the intention of the spell is to force Mr Bush to leave Indonesia quickly.

Oh it’s nothing, I just want Bush to not be able to stand it [in Indonesia] for more than one hour.

A mild spell then, because the black magic wizard had received 2714 letters advising him to not send the leader of the free world to an early grave.

Not only Bush but also the Indonesian presidential staff (Paspampres) had a spell put on them. Gendeng hopes that the presidential staff will suffer some disaster as they meet and greet Bush on his arrival. No spell was put on the president of Indonesia, however – Mr Gendeng is not as crazy as his name suggests, it seems. detik

27 Comments on “Voodoo Spell”

  1. Dr. Waras says:

    This sort of man was supposed to be staying in insanity institution but because of we got a lot of men like him so we do not have enough space for him
    We have no choice, sorry for that

  2. 1ndra says:

    We’ll see…

  3. Andrew says:

    It is a stupid act and it shows the immaturity of whoever is doing it.

    Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see if it works 🙂

  4. Tomaculum says:

    Why take it so seriously?
    Isn’t it easier to endure the life, if we still have something to laugh like that?
    Btw: I’m sure, that the CIA has already prepared an antidot against such attacks. They also have mighty indian shamans, aren’t they?
    And (like 1ndra wrote): We’ll see.
    Yeah, maybe they will find rusted nails and razorblades in his stomach during the obduction 🙂

  5. Fanglong says:

    This is distraction, hiburan : imperialism deserves more attention.
    I don’t even think “let’s see” : it’s all seen. The rich enjoy & the poor pay.
    I’ve read somewhere “Indonesia bukan untuk penjahat perang” : & I’m disgusted by “state reason”.
    Come on snipers, protect our beloved leaders against our love !
    Come on magicians, have us enjoy the show !

  6. 1ndra says:

    Just wanna see the show, nope I’m not supporting them both. I’m just a neutral 😀

  7. Baliwoo says:

    Human being lifes depends on the Almighty Gods. Do not trust the magic if your faith is strong to the only one God. How can a humang being destroy someone life’s by such black magic power ?
    Trust your life in the CREATER !

  8. 1ndra says:

    Sure, but there’re many person who use others help like genie, satan, or you mention it.

  9. Fanglong says:

    Before “science” there was “magic” : what will come after science ?
    Shall we all be blown into angels or jinns ? Into inanimate particular matter ?
    “Matter” means “pus” : I prefer “mind” even though I don’t mind pus.
    Yeah, the funny thing with magic is that it doesn’t work : when it works, it’s called science, & when it does not, bullsh*t.
    Impressions, feelings, sense of this or that are nice but private : aspirine, antibiotics or interstellar rockets do not come from magic but from scientific theory + experiment.
    Do I think — pada pendapat saya…

    Be well, all of you !

  10. 1ndra says:

    Genies are real as I ever meet them

  11. MAS MACHMOOD says:

    We could only wish Mr Gendeng alias Goblok good luck. This publicity hungry trick only fit for those who are in the same mental condition. Your stunt is the most stupid Indonesia happening in a modern age and society.

  12. Andrew says:

    I guess those people only want the money and nothing else. Too bad the US isn’t running a charity or orphanage, like people say, “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH”.

    I guess those people who protest are “exceptions”; at least none of my friends and colleagues are against the US; maybe because they are well-educated and they see the bigger picture.

    And I’m glad that SBY is open-minded as well.

  13. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Yep Bush cant stand bein in Indo for 1 hour,,not becos of ur spell mr gendeng,,but becoz of ur ridiculousness,,

  14. Tomaculum says:

    Wait, wait, people:
    maybe Ki Gendeng Pamungkas is able not only to send rusted nails and razorblades to his victims, maybe his power is strong enough to send cruise misiles?
    Imagine a head line at the Times:
    Cruise misile found in Bushs stomach

  15. 1ndra says:

    I hope his damn nuke warheads 😀

  16. Satireist says:

    Maybe it will be a very concentrated Tsunami? affecting only Bush…yes, that just might work!

  17. Hassan says:

    Tomaculum: maybe ki gendeng should send some wmd’s and nukes to Iraq, magically. then the headlines will show:
    wmd’s found in Iraq

    now that is news, indeed.

    1ndra: a good Muslim shouldn’t ask any genies and satans for help. it is haram to contact dukuns, as you may already know.

  18. layman on the street says:

    1ndra: a good Muslim shouldn’t ask any genies and satans for help. it is haram to contact dukuns, as you may already know.

    They say Solomon/Sulaiman son of David, asked the help of genies to move the palace of a certain queen

    Anyway, I think this man envies and wants to match the popularity of Mbah Maridjan, the man who denied the forecast of volcanologists that mount MerapI would soon explode, and proved to be right

  19. 1ndra says:

    Hassan: Absolutely!!!

    I know that genies and satans are there to “help” human.

    Read “help” as a way for them to distract human from Allah, they are gladly to help in this matter.

  20. Ki Gendeng says:

    Ki Gendeng vodoo doesn’t work.. bush still fine in good health n laughting with bapak president in bogor place.. so, maybe someone will start blame Ki Gendeng for faking this..

  21. Tomaculum says:

    Ki Gendeng (I’m sure you are not that Ki Gendeng and you surely have more brain than him):
    how do you know that his vodoo doesn’t work? The air force one was defect, and it was maybe an effect of his spell which is maybe neutralised by the Indian shamans Bush brought.
    Oh, and maybe the strong rain was also to be seen in this context?

  22. Tomaculum says:

    read a current news about this in Kompas 24/11/2006.

  23. Magicworks! says:

    I know I am a little late for this conversation but I am looking for someone to assist in opening my indera kenam so i can see spirits, jinns, satans, whatever and communicate with them. Why not? We are all from the same creator and therefore we are all related. All is possible. I am researching for a book and I need some personal experience of my own rather than only documenting the experiences of others. Thanks.

    Oh, and I have been to the venerable Ki Joko Bodo with just such a request. However, I am required to pay $1,500 US to awaken the jinn he put inside me (it was the Jinn’s asking price) and I feel it’s a little more than i expected. I’m not sure if I want to fund his next BMW sports car at this point. It’s not that i doubt him necessarily, it is just too expensive particulalry without any opportunity to ask him any questions about the process until I’ve actually paid. Hmm. Still, I belive there is someone who is genuinely able to help me out there somewhere! Black magician/white magician”¦I don’t care, it’s all the same and comes from the same source, Al Hamdulilah!


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