Laskar Merah Putih For Bush

Nov 15th, 2006, in News, by

George Bush has some support in Indonesia after all, the Laskar Merah Putih.

A group of about fifty Laskar Merah Putih, Red & White Militia, members demonstrated in Bogor in favour of president Bush’s visit to Indonesia. They held banners saying “Welcome Mr Bush” and waved American flags. They brought Indonesian flags as well, but did not wave them about, Antara tells us, in a disapproving tone (“tidak tampak satu pun bendera Merah Putih yang mereka bawa.”).

The Merah Putih men even got into some shouting matches with some of the 200 students from Pakuan University who were demonstrating against Bush’s visit. The Pakuan students accused the Merah Putih brigade, led by one Unitario Hardjanto, of taking money to appear on the streets. It is not known if the students named the likely source of such payments during the heated exchanges of words.

Unitario Hardjanto said that although Bush was the commander in chief of American military forces he had shown some good intentions by coming to Indonesia. He even planned to visit a pesantren, Islamic school, he said. antara

The Laskar Merah Putih are most well known for their fierce opposition to the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and for their role in the violence in East Timor after it voted for independence. They are also known to be on very unfriendly terms with the Front Pembela Islam (FPI), Islam Defenders’ Front, – a rival gang.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I sure hope they don’t resort to more violence.
    All these organizations should grow mature and fight for their cause in a positive way.

  2. Rockstar says:

    i hope Bush will be alright.. if something hpnd to him during his visit to indo.. that would be a very bad news to Indonesia.. a very bad news.

    im worried because as you know a lot of Indonesian are so easily to be provoked and stupid enough to do idiotic stuff. they don’t care about their country as long as their selfish act can fulfilled.

    I’m seriously concerned and hopeful that he’ll be safe.
    come to think of it I have no idea why he would bother himself visiting Indonesia.. a very risky visit indeed.

  3. e aska says:

    I sent this message to you privately already, but I was interested in seeing if you or possibly others on the forum also had an answer to it.

    How would you rate the Indonesians’ attitude towards America and Bush? I’ve heard that the demonstators in Bogor also included Indonesians outside Laskar Merah who actually do support Bush. Do you think the recent pro-Bush demonstrations in Bogor and other cities like Manado were sincere and represented the views of the majority of Indonesians, excpet of course for the Islamists and radical students at Islamic universities, or do you think that most Indonesians do not feel this way and will possibly riot when Bush visits?

    And how would you rate current Indonesian attitudes toward America, Bush and Israel in general, at least judging from those you’ve come across? Do they support and respect Bush and America and (though I would doubt this) Israel even if at times they object to their policies? Are they vehemently anti-Bush, American and Israel? Or are their attitudes somewhere in between; are they more generally apathetic towards Bush, America and Israel and worry about other issues?

  4. Molisan Tono says:

    at least those guys carry and honor other nation flag… in this case USA. bravo mate… you don’t like bush is okay… but at least honor the guest. that’s a patriot ethic code… not like those crazy yapping intelectual smart ass university student. what a no brain at all…


    for a big scale picture for you to exam easka”¦

    on last 28 october”¦ it’s our youth pledge (sumpah pemuda)”¦ guess what”¦ no patriotic vow declared”¦. Indonesia has got into the bottom of nasional crisis. too many politic gangs in the house, and too many agenda (which is not profitable). those agenda, has corrupted people’s point of view how to manage a better home Indonesia, including mr. not hotel – jusuf kalla.

    Indonesia, definitely has to re-make up”¦ because we are messy. that’s why american always say “sh*ts happen”.

  5. laskar red and white says:

    lets greet george w. bush!

    our official chant is: BUCK FUSH!!

  6. Sutan Erwin Sihombing says:

    I think that Mr. George is so good to be a part laskar merah putih, because America is so close country in heart of indonesia people, so needs comittment clearly from Mr. George in laskar merah putih. it will be seriously of America on the people, so we are be Indonesia people, specially I am to be a young of bataknist can talk to all investment of people, according to America people in Indonesia will be to support it.

    Thanks , from

    Mr. Sutan Erwin Sihombing
    Mobile phone : 081396487793

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