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The burning issue of the Al-Aqsha mosque in Jerusalem inspires a long march of love.

On 11th November about 3000 members of the Jamaah Muslimin, or Hizbullah, staged a protest march, called “Gerak Jalan Cinta Al-Aqsha”, or “Walk for the Love of Al-Aqsha”, across a distance of thirty-two kilometres from Sumedang to Bandung in West Java. Some participants were said to have travelled from outside of West Java, and even outside of Java itself, to attend the march.

Organisers of the demonstration said it was held to create “ruhul jihad” among Muslim men, or a spirit of struggle, to inspire them to help in the liberation of the Al-Aqsha mosque in Jerusalem from Zionist Israel.

The marchers, many dressed in all white and wearing headbands with the words “Allahu Akbar” written on them, started out at 20.30 from the Al Fatah Ciluluk Islamic boarding school in Tanjungsari, Sumedang, and finished up outside the Pusat Dakwah Islam (Pusdai) in Bandung at 02.00. Upon arriving at Pusdai they heard speeches and listened to verses of the Quran being read out, all done with the hope that Muslims around the world would rise up to free the famous mosque from the Jews.

In attendance in Bandung were the deputy ambassador for Palestine, Syeikh Taher Hammed, as well as a senior offical from the Ministry of Youth & Sports. Hammed said he was chuffed with the march and that the Palestinian people would never forget the solidarity of Indonesians.

Another speaker, a cleric called Muhyiddin Hammidy, said that Muhammad had travelled on a flying horse to visit the Al-Aqsha mosque and had enjoined his followers to visit the mosque themselves, along with the Haram and Nabawi mosques.
One of the marchers, Muhamad Agus Solihin, who had travelled from Jakarta for the big event, said: mediaindo

I’m doing this out of love for God and Al-Aqsha. We aren’t being paid [to march] because the payment comes from God.
(Saya lakukan perjalanan ini tidak lain karena kecintaan saya pada Allah dan Al Aqsha. Kami tidak dibayar karena bayarannya dari Allah.)

Meanwhile the mouthpiece of a certain brand of radical Islam, the state news agency Antara, does more (see Advertising Anti-Zionism), presumably free, advertising for an anti-Israel march on Wednesday the 15th of November, giving readers two days notice to arrange their schedules so as to be able to attend. antara

The West Java chapter of Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) will organize a seminar on Al-Aqsha Liberation at Salman Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) Mosque here on Wednesday (Nov 15).

The seminar’s theme will be “Solution for the Liberation of Al-Aqsha and The Crisis of Islamic World”. Discussions will focus on how to liberate Al-Aqsha from Israeli occupation.

8 Comments on “Al-Aqsha Love”

  1. Andrew says:

    OK, not enough issues to fuel the hatred and violence, eh?

  2. Ronald says:

    If there had been no occupation there wouldn’t have been Al-Aqsha.

  3. Munafikbangetloepade says:

    Why don’t they just turn that thing into a gay bar? Would be much more fun place to visit.

  4. Rusdy Thamrin says:

    I think, all Moslems in the world must work hand in hand to free Al-aqsho! How do we get that? By being in a union!!! Al-Jama’ah is the best solution for every Moslem in the world and do not make any party, because it wil break our strength! Keep on Jihad my Brothers!

  5. Tomaculum says:

    rusdy thamrin: Morituri te salutant!
    I’m against the Israel politic of Palestine occupation. But do you really believe, that Al-Aqsha will be freed by jihad?

    And don’t you mean, that there are still so much other and more important things to do for Indonesian in Indonesia? Fighting against poverty as example? Or to assist Indonesia to build up the economy? Those things are the real jihad deeds.

    I ask myself, how can those people have so much free times to do that. Don’t they have something else to do? Like working? Earning money? Or do they have any sponsor?

  6. The Brain says:

    Whatever they say, Al-Aqsha is Moslem’s. What we can do now is, like Rusdy Thamrin said, “keep on jihad”.

    We can start it with, not using or not consuming the product that are sponsored by Israel, or the product that its profit is donated to Israel.

  7. Dedi Turmudi says:

    Even I am late to give this comment, it woud be better for me rather than keep silent seeing misconception of Jihad concept. As it was said by Rusdy T, at least as a Moslem we should have an awareness of caring for other Moslems’ problem like Al-Aqsho in Palestine. If there is no feeling awarness, it means “bullsh*t Moslem”, and also this life is not merely getting money for foods without thinking other matter of life like Jihad.

    At least, an awareness that Al-Aqsho is part of Moslems’ problem, that’s part of our Jihad. If you guys, just think that life is working, getting money, sleeping, and entertainment, and so forth. You guys no more than like “damn animals”. Despite the fact that life needs everything, we should think not only matterial for basic instincts but also spiritual for soul needs.

    Of course, as a part of global community, Moslems should behave well manner in solving everything around the world. One of the solution to solve Al-Aqsho problem is to hand in hand in a tight unity which is called “Aljama’ah or Jama’ah Muslimin ” in term of Islamic Syari’ah.

    Confrontative action is not good solution if we, as Moslem, are still out of bonds, not in one commandment, not under one political institution, like Islamic party, or whatever similiar to that.

    So all in all, let’s build the awareness, and go back to the right system of solving problem. To solve poverty, illiteracy, are also part of Jihad, and these are our responsibility as Moslems. No blame each other because it can weaken our strength.

    Dedi Turmudi
    Master Candidate
    SIT, Brattleboro, VT, USA 05301

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