Yelena Setiabudi

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Yelena Setiabudi is competing in the Miss Earth competition.

Yelena Setiabudi
Yelena Setiabudi.

Miss Earth, or Putri Bumi 2006, is currently being held in the Philippines and Indonesia’s representative is Yelena Setiabudi, aged 21. Last year’s Indonesian entrant, Jenny Sutjiono, walked away empty-handed but hopes are high that Yelena can do the job, for Indonesia, and the environment.

Miss Earth
Miss Earth contestants, with Yelena being located, appropriately or not, under the “Reduce Usage of Fossil Fuels” banner.

More of Miss Setiabudi:

Yelena Setiabudi
Strutting about.

51 Comments on “Yelena Setiabudi”

  1. Selphie Bong says:

    I know I might reply to this, a year latter late, since I just read all these nonsense.

    I’ve known her for years, I’ve met her parents, and her sibling.
    and, I was once working together with Yelena Setiabudi, as her designer and stylist during the event, She is the greatest lady, I would say that, for the 1st tym in my life, I agreed she has that QUEEN personality.

    She never ‘bitch roll’, yes shegoes party, but dont you think its normal? In every beauty peagent competition, they have a party night. She helped me alot while we’re working together, even after we arent working together after then. She always on time for her shoot, and she can take care of her self, and well behaved.

    Yelena Setiabudi doesnt came from a broken family, her parents is supportive, and always be there for her. and if you think her parents isnt good for her, and yelen attitude is not right I dont think her parents would send her to overseas for her studies.

    Astrid, if you think she is brainless, I wonder how smart you are? why dont you join for the competition? I would love to see how smart you are, and how good is your personality.
    I never find any minus from her, not at all, and its been years I known her.

    She has the 3B, BRAIN, BODY, BEAUTY, and thats why she is chosen to be Indonesian representatives.

    If she knows you, I dont think she care, who are you? why should she be bothered by your light words? She is one of Ms. Indonesia, and whatever is that, she has the pride.
    If you say she never come to her class, doesnt mean she is stupid. she might already know what is her lecture teaching. well, she’s done 3 bachelor? and I dont think stupid person could done that.

    Well, we’ve prepared everything, rehearsals for her, speech, and all those hard work, love and patient for everything during the peagant, so if you dont know anything, JUST SHUT UP!

    Astrid, people are only good as their words, if your words are sh*t, than you are a sh*t.
    you can contact me, if you need any correction.


    Ps.she isnt pale, her skin is gold tan, may be it because of the photo effect, or she’s too tired during the quarantine. =]

  2. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Mbak Selphie Bong,

    I suggest we arrange a mud wrestling competition Astrid Veronica vs. Yelena Setiabudi. I am sure both would look very very sexy.


  3. Yelena S. says:

    I love your name. 🙂 If your middle name was a C. I’d be shocked! =) Good luck with your whatever it is you’re doing. I just think your name’s amazing. ~

  4. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Selphie Bong Says:

    January 16th, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Selphie Cong. I think that is what she meant. You are a Viet communist. 🙂

  5. Selphie Bong says:

    yea right…. communist…

  6. beautifully not you says:

    As far as I am concerned, Miss Earth is a competition searching beauties for a cause.

    As many beauties out there in this world not many are equipped with the knowledge and even fewer with the interest at heart of preserving the earth.

    And so was this beauty pageant inspired.

    I am not a beauty pageant judge, but I think she is not competent enough.
    and I will tell you why.

    As I learned and hear and see for myself, I wanted to use this opportunity to clarify things:

    Academical history
    Selphie Bong, from what I know she only completed hair salon course and beauty classes. That does not included as a proper academical degree. Probably she has attended university course before, but never completed any.

    She was dropped out from school.

    Her furthest academical qualification is professional classes. But not necessarily a degree.

    Yes, she has regular night-outs at the club drinking, getting high, and hitched. Flying over the weekend to Jakarta just to hop from club to club. And she is very proud of it, she tells everyone about it, haven’t you heard?
    During the trip, never she did spare the time to visit her parents who domicile in Jakarta. Infact, she stayed in a hotel and her poor parents does not know that she visited hometown frequently. Ms. Setiabudi loves the attention she made in nightclubs.

    She is financially dependent. Whoever her supporter is makes sure she lives with a silver spoon in her mouth.

    She lives in luxury and loves branded stuffs. She can afford it although she does not have a (proper) job.

    Maybe they were gifts from a fan.

    A side note
    Selphie Bong, I recognized your name. You are gay, aren’t you? I have heard her talking on how disgusted she is at you because you were after her younger sister. I am not judging your sexual preference. But I am hoping you know what kind of personality are you dealing with. Good luck with that.

    Apart from that, I heard that she declares that she hates materialistic girls. Yet recently she dated a guy… not just another guy, I tell you. A guy that when you look at, you know that she’s dating him because of his Masserati car.

    Geez, what goes around comes around. This is what has finally comes around to her corner.

    I am just trying to say that it is difficult to find real qualified beauties nowadays. Fact is, when you look at them beauty pageants they came from either modeling / beauty / make-up school background. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just that the emphasize is really on the curve, and less likely for the inner beauty. I see very often the real ‘3B’ women are busy working out their career in science labs or in other serious field. I guess they do not have time for beauty pageant.

    A personal note: I do really strongly questioned her passion on Earth matter. When all she does is men-hunting and partying all weekend long, would you actually think that she would wake up the next morning and think for a moment… anything about the earth but the hangover she gets?

    This is simple math. You do the calculation.

  7. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ beautifully not you

    As a 3rd party, I think you are a hate monger.

  8. beautifully not you says:

    No offense but, as the third party yourself I think you are the frog in the well.

  9. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    beautifully not you,

    Your pathetic cowardice attempt to slander Yelena Setiabudi reflected an uncultured narrow-mindedness upbringing inherent to most Malaysian and Singaporean cukongs; and you are a manifestation of that outcast. Spewing malicious rumours while hiding behind unrecognizable pseudonym is so easy, isn’t it? You are a sad guttless vermin that lurks behind shadow afraid of the blinding daylight. Be brave, be a real Indonesian, tell us your name?

  10. Pageant fans says:

    Hmmmm menarik ya komentar2 diatas. menurut saya Yelena is doing great for the miss earth pageant. mau bagaimana pun she is the best Indonesian miss earth representative so far. well, she cant satisfied everybody.

    She came from a WEALTHY family and she has every right to do whatever she want, it’s her life. selama ngga merugikan org lain saya rasa sah2 aja ya.
    Siapa sih yg tidak mau idup di silverspoon?

    About her education, her highest education is BA(Hons) Fashion Design with Retail Management bukan cuma make-up sama rambut. Setiap org punya interest yg berbeda2 itu yg membuat masih2 manusia unik. cita2 dia memang buka salon, spa & bridal someday. makanya dia ambil sekolah yg berbau kecantikan. apakah salah?

    Tapi memang gossip makin digosok makin sip ya hehehehehe

  11. anthony johannes says:

    kok masih aja sih membahas tentang YELENA SETIABUDI,
    marilah kita belajar dari India yang begitu bangga dan support untuk semua wakil negara mereka untuk kontes kecantikan dunia. Apapun keberadaan YELENA SETIABUDI, dia telah pernah memberikan yang terbaik untuk Indonesia.
    Maju terus YELENA, GOD BLESS YOU !

  12. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Thank you Pageant fans & anthony johannes. ‘beautifully not you’ is a sour apple.

    It is none of her business if someone else can’t keep their legs closed; or unless she wanted to be “The guidance of All Pussies”


  13. Marisa says:

    Gawd, you people are so overrating this. This isn’t high school anymore. Get over it.

  14. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Gawd, you people are so overrating this. This isn’t highschool anymore. Get over it.

    Can you elaborate more? Thanks.

  15. Nelly says:

    The simple math is stop correcting on other people but look at your self in the mirror…

  16. Anthony Johannes says:

    I agree with you Nelly. Banyak hal yang mesti dikerjakan termasuk bagaimana mengantisipasi kenaikan BBM he he he. Hari gini masih omongin YELENA. Kasihan kan?!!

  17. kiwibali says:

    she need more tan :D..

    not quite my type thou :D, Nia Ramadhani on the other hand is gorgeous 🙂

  18. Rob says:

    This is old news!

    Has there been a Miss Earth competition since this one?

    Did Indonesia have a representative? If so, are there any happy snappies of the representative in question?

  19. kiwibali says:

    hahah damn, didnt see the date. i just saw people posting here recently i just thought its recent news.

  20. Anthony Johannes says:

    yes, Indonesia now participates yearly in Miss Earth.

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