Yelena Setiabudi

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Yelena Setiabudi is competing in the Miss Earth competition.

Yelena Setiabudi
Yelena Setiabudi.

Miss Earth, or Putri Bumi 2006, is currently being held in the Philippines and Indonesia’s representative is Yelena Setiabudi, aged 21. Last year’s Indonesian entrant, Jenny Sutjiono, walked away empty-handed but hopes are high that Yelena can do the job, for Indonesia, and the environment.

Miss Earth
Miss Earth contestants, with Yelena being located, appropriately or not, under the “Reduce Usage of Fossil Fuels” banner.

More of Miss Setiabudi:

Yelena Setiabudi
Strutting about.

51 Comments on “Yelena Setiabudi”

  1. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Go, go, woman, you are the pride of the Republic of Indonesia. I’m very proud of you!

  2. Ubay says:

    you very-very hot and beauty

  3. acan says:


  4. Good Luck Yelena!! Now we just sit back and wait for hardliners like Abu Retard Ba’asyir to issue a fatwa against her.

  5. white horse says:

    She get into the top 15 of talent competition!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! Im very happy for u!!!!!!!!

  6. Fana says:


  7. alarif says:

    If your mother use your swimsuit with everyone take her pic, what are doing!!???
    4 maksiat don’t take name of Indonesia!!

  8. emwady says:

    Hi miss Yelena, no problem please forward.

  9. Andrew says:

    Alarif, if “your mother use your swimsuit with everyone take her pic”, it would be something. But this isn’t your mother, so why all the curses? BTW, if your mother use your swimsuit, and you are a guy, then yes, it would be embarassing – not to mention that noone would want to look at it. 🙂

    If you don’t want to see it – or if a pictures of young girls in swimsuits prove to be “too much” for you, simply look away. Plain and simple.

  10. Robertus DP says:

    You are a beautiful woman from Indonesia, and go Indonesia.

  11. Astrid Veronica says:

    Seriously, Yelena is not a pride of Indonesia. I went to the same school with her and I was totally shocked to see that my senior has a pic for Miss Earth with no bra. It is an insult!!!!!

    Not to mention, she never goes to class, she is pretty but dumb as hell!!!

    Who the hell proud of this kind of woman? If you compare to Miss Indonesia, they are all smart, yet still good-looking, and totally understandable to be proud of! Not like Yelena, who does not know how to act as the real Indonesian Girl.

    This type of women are a lot in the world, easy, cheap, and sleezy, but not as Indonesian. Seriously Yelena, it is an embarasment to know that I went to the same school as you!

  12. ubays says:

    god luck, yelena is the best for world……………. lov u !
    your very sexy. and +++++++

  13. luisa says:

    yeeeeeeee… wish u all the best ^^ … muacksss …

  14. Bradlymail says:

    yelena is another Indonesia proud of…good luck to you !

  15. yetty says:

    Mr. alariif, please deeply your heart, I think human is the same with us. Looking at the pretty and nice, also sweet things.

  16. hey astrid says:

    I agree with you. I went to the same school with her too. Can I say SLUT? Oops, I’m sorry, I meant to say DUMB SLUT.

  17. ida says:

    It’s sad to see people being jealous on her. I was her lecturer in the college. She is a really great student and a great friend. Everyone loves her. She told me the story about her school live before and I guess it’s just a youngster rebellion. She is a really great student in the college. I was really shock when I saw the comment above.

  18. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    I fully support Miss Indonesia, not just Yelena Setiabudi, but all Indonesian women representing their country for world beauty contest, such as Artike Sari Devi and the controversial candidate, Nadine Chandrawinata.

  19. ubays says:

    yelena, she you wont to win, I will suport for you.

  20. Bradlymail says:


    yelena, she you wont to win, I will suport for you.

    I do not understand? What are you trying to talk about? Cheer up! Anyway good try!

  21. Astrid Veronica says:

    LooooL excuse me?

    She is smart? She has never even gone to classes… she came from a broken home… She BARELY even at school… She always ran away from home if she has fight with parents.

    Well, come to my middle school and ask for our principal, if she said this girl should be one of the person representing Indonesia, be honest, am not in Indonesia now, I would be very embarassed to know that she is representing Indonesia.

    Second of all, if you really go abroad and see how Indonesians who can represent their countries, they are even 10 times better than her.

    I didn’t say SLUT, but it’s just embarassing to have Indonesia represented by this kind of girl.


    one more”¦

    IDA, if you really teach her in college, well, prob. that’s not a good college anyway, because she was dropped out from our school because never attended school”¦ so, well, that’s it.

  22. Ihaknt says:

    Astrid calm down…

    she came from a broken home

    SO? Just because her parents split up that doesnt make her less of a person. She must’ve gone thru very confusing, horrible thing. You should be grateful not having to go thru such a thing. It’s never easy when your parents split up. It seems you even refused to get to know her (well apart from she was never in the class). She maybe dumb and all, but that doesnt make her a bad person. There are a lot of people who come from a whole family who are just as f*cked up as anyone can be. Coming from a broken home doesnt guarantee that a person is a slut, dumb, less of a human than anyone else. No, I am not from a broken home, but some of my friends are and I offered them my support instead of scorning them for something that’s not even their fault.

  23. Dimp says:

    Hey Astrid,

    So what if she is from a broken home, so what if she is dumb, at least she is doing something for our country, not whingeing in the back because she/he is too ugly and helpless to do anything.

    We’ll just have to see who will be better to represent Indonesia, Yelena Setiabudi or Astrid Veronica, my vote is for Yelena…..

  24. domski says:

    I’d like to say ‘WTF’ for all the bad sayings about you. If she or him can prove that they’re better than her…just beat out guys! From the words that you’ve said in the comments above…I can say that you’re just jealous and have nothing else to do beside insulting someone without self introspection.. Go ahead Yelena Setiabudi!!

  25. ubays says:


  26. ubays says:

    I’m so hate You

  27. Grace and Mercy says:

    She is soooooo pale!!! Get some sun on that skin girl!!

  28. Dimp says:

    True, she is so pale, but I think that’s the obsession for most Indo girls living in Indo, to get as white (pale) as possible.

  29. Astrid Veronica says:

    Well say whatever you want.

    One thing, I don’t talk sh*t about her behind her! If she is in front of me now, I would do the same. I say what I say in front of her or him. You can ask people who know me, they would say that I am a very straight forward person.

    I do admit she is pretty, but to represent INDONESIA, pretty is not enough! In the USA, people knew INDONESIANS, SINGAPOREANS, and CHINESE are smart! Not just pretty. We are well known as people with eastern standard cultural highness, not as a person who actually has no brain. It doesn’t represent INDONESIA!

    I realized that I come from a good family, I know that for sure. That’s why, if Yelena is in front of me now, I will say the same thing in front of her. Probably, she knows who I am anyway.

  30. Anthony Johannes says:

    Like or dislike, we have to support the delegates of INDONESIA for all International Beauty Peagents (Femeles or Males) But, hope in the future, we have to follow how India prepare its respective delegates to represent the country. Good luck for the next delegates for MISS EARTH, MISS UNIVERSE, MISS WORLD, MR. INTERNATIONAL, MAN HUNT INTERNATIONAL, ETC. Message for Yelena in particular, although you did not win, but I was so sure, you had tried your best. Go on with your future plan ! GOD BLESS YOU !

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