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The Al Qadariah sect in Gorontalo are pronounced heretical.

The Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) in the city of Gorontalo in Sulawesi has issued a fatwa declaring the Al Qadariah Muslim sect to be deviational from the Quran and hadiths on six points. Lukman Katili, head of the fatwa commission, told an anxiously awaiting group of Al Qadariah members: mediaindo

The six points are not to be found in the Quran and hadiths, they are at odds with Islamic teaching.

The six points of heresy largely revolve around the leader of the group claiming to be special. He is said to have believed that he heard divine voices, that he was married to an angel, and he also separated himself from followers during prayers using a screen.

Lukman Katili said the MUI had thought long and hard about the matter, had consulted with Al Qadariah members and had gone to their mosques. The MUI had also taken into account complaints about the group from concerned citizens.

The Al Qadariah people are reported to have taken the decision in a meek spirit and their leader, Hamzah Igirisa, says he will abide by the decision and is prepared to be shepherded along to the right path by the MUI.

We take this fatwa as a warning and hope that people will stop bothering us now.

The Yayasan Alanggaya Al Qadariah has been in existence for six years and has about 1000 members and its main mosque is the Masjid Quba Baluntha Alanggaya Al Qadariah in Gorontalo town.

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