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The PDI-P is forming an Islamic wing of the party, the Baitul Muslimin.

The Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan has long been known, and sometimes criticised for, being a secular oriented party. But now, Secretary General of the PDIP (Indonesian Democratic Party for Struggle), Pramono Anung Wibowo, says that the newly-formed Baitul Muslimin group will add an Islamic religious wing to the party. Pramono says the name, the Baitul Muslimin, was chosen for the party by Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsuddin, while Din was at a fast-breaking party at Megawati Soekarnoputri’s home in Kebagusan last month. tempo (Some people appear to be suspicious of the Din connection. ppiindia)

Pramono Anung
Pramono Anung.

Pramono says that the formation of the new group will not change the basis of the PDI as a nationalist, Pancasila-affirming, party, but will just add an extra dimension. He used the example of himself to explain. Within the context of the nation he was a nationalist, within the context of faith or worship he was a Muslim – the two things were not opposed. There was one’s relationship with other people (hablumminannas) and one’s relationship with God (hablumminallah).

He said that the new group was not intended to be a re-birth of the Jamiatul Muslimin, the Muslim wing of the the PDI’s predecessor, the PNI.

Baitul Muslimin was also open to people of all ages, it was not meant to be a youth group, unlike the Banteng Muda Indonesia and Pemuda Demokrat. Its role would be restricted to religious education and training and helping PDI people who went on the pilgrimage to Mecca.


March 29th 2007.

Baitul Muslimin was formally declared on 29th March, to be led by Ari Junaedi. The declaration was held in Jakarta and attended by Muhammadiyah leader Dien Syamsuddin, Nadhatul Ulama leader Hasyim Muzadi, Azyumardi Azra, parliament vice-chairman Zaenal Ma’arif, and various clerics from Banten, West Java, and Jakarta, as well as PDI leader Megawati Soekarnoputeri, who unlike most of the female attendees did not wear Islamic dress. detik)

Baitul Muslimin
Baitul Muslimin logo, showing a mosque but no moon or star.

The name “Baitul Muslimin” means a home for Muslim men and the formation of the group shows that the PDI-P seeks to represent not only the nationalist, often secular abangan, but also observant Muslims. detik


December 19th 2008.

Muhammadiyah leader Din Syamsuddin says he is disappointed with the Baitul Muslimin, saying that the organisation has not developed in the way he had hoped, although he would not specify his exact reasons. vivanews

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  1. Omang Komarudin says:

    it is good idea to establish the new Islamic organization under the banner of PDIP and expected that the people of Muslim do not hesitate to join with this party due to the PDIP is not the secular party anymore and hopefully how do I become a member of Baitul Muslimin Indonesia.

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