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Muhammadiyah is planning to enter the world of pageants.

Din Syamsuddin, the chairman of Muhammadiyah, says that in February of 2007 a Miss Muslimah Indonesia contest will be held, in direct and deliberate competition with the Miss Indonesia contest (Putri Indonesia). The reason, says Din, is that pornography has to be tackled not just in an intellectual, critical way, but also in a practical way. The Miss Muslimah competition will be one means of going head to head with the porn purveyors of Puteri Indonesia.

Din went on to say that pornography had to be dealt with using political and economic means, but, sadly, Muslims were in no position to wield either power. Fatwas were no use, he said, the government just sat on its hands.

Din received the support of a number of famous, religiously earnest, people, including Cici Tegal, Yolanda Yusuf, Maria Eva, and Ozzy Saputra, who witnessed his speech to the East Java branch of Muhammadiyah (PWM) in Surabaya on the 11th of November. antara

Meanwhile, in other “Din news”, the great man has become a world Islamic leader, by being chosen to be a deputy secretary general of the “World Islamic People’s Leadership” (Kepemimpinnan Rakyat Islam Sedunia (KRIS)), at its conference in Tripoli, Libya, last week. Din will represent the continent of Asia.

According to Antara the “World Islamic People’s Leadership” is concerned with empowering Muslims worldwide in the face of unrelenting Western oppression and Israeli brutality. Apparently Israel is to blame even for the Darfur tragedy – Zionists have conspired to cause a split among the Sudanese people, who are normally brotherly and united.

Din Syamsuddin
Din Syamsuddin, striding the world stage.

Din was quoted as saying that despite all the insults and oppression that the Islamic world suffered at the hands of the west Muslims were still willing to hold out the warm, sweaty hand of friendship, but only if westerners stopped being Islamophobic. antara

25 Comments on “Miss Muslimah”

  1. Retarders says:

    Hmm … so it’s gonna be like miss Indonesia with jilbab ???

  2. Tomaculum says:

    I have already my favourite for Miss Muslimah: it is Dee Gothess (see under the topic: Muslimah Gothess).

  3. Munafikbangetloepade says:

    Oh my gawde…. I can’t stand seeing his gay face. I need to install image blocker on my firefox….

  4. Andrew says:

    I still don’t get it: which part of Miss Indonesia or Miss Universe contest is considered pornography.

    Also, how is Israel responsible for Darfur?

  5. Josef says:

    Israel is responsiable from everything…..In fact my internet connect is running slow right now, darn Jews!

  6. Molisan Tono says:

    wait til you see miss Muslimah in burqa and bikini…. hahaha

  7. 1ndra says:

    Only in your dream Molisan Tono 😀

  8. Andrew says:

    My hair is thinning – it must be Israel’s fault.

  9. Tomaculum says:

    To Andrew:
    how about this:
    “Pornography exists in our own thought. If someone is being sexual turned on seeing a barebusting mother giving her baby milk and he has a guilty conscience about that being turned on, then he will say that this natural act is a pornography.”
    Bare boobs don’t turn me on, but beautiful sensual eyes or lips can do it. Which one is pornography?
    Pornography (Greek: pornos=whore, buggery; grafi=describing, portraying) is the representation of the human body or sexual activity to achieve sexual arousal. Maybe there are many men (maybe also women), which are easily turned on seeing beautifull women with bikini walking on a cat walk and they have a bad conscience about it?
    No, my next question isn’t: Was Din Syamsuddin turned on watching Miss Indonesia, Miss Universe or Miss Universe?
    But: Why?

    Btw: I’m a confident opponent of the Israel oppression and occupation politic. But to blame them for Darfur? Why not charging them for the Aceh tsunami or the Poso riots?
    Suspicious to be a running gag, isn’t it?
    One of his ominous statements is partially right: the westerner should stop being Islamophobic. But it wasn’t complete: the Moslems should also stop being westernophobic.

  10. Josef says:

    I do not understand how westerners are Islamiphobic.
    Think about it, compare the way Muslims are treated and accepted in the west with the way they are in say China or with the way non Muslims are treated in mostly Muslim countries.
    Look at the US. Everyone keeps saying that Americans are enemies of Islam and all this stuff, but look at the way Muslims are accepted there, and compare it to a non Muslim in say Suadi Arabia or even in Indonesia.

  11. Tomaculum says:

    in fact there is a kind of “Islamophobic” in the west, not at least caused by the many many undifferentiated, striking and blowoffic news.
    The Moslems are not accepted, but they are – still yet – “tolerated” (abided). There is in fact to almost no physical challenge (except often resistances against construction of mosques), but surely intelectuall rejection.
    But honestly this animosity comes from both sides. Its like watching a theater.

  12. 1ndra says:

    Each other phobia…

    The accepted or not may vary in many places, as non Muslim here accepted honestly even Muslims here is majority.
    But not in conflict zone like Poso, dll when Muslim is minority…

  13. Ronald says:

    Which one is more phobic. Westerners or the people in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and alike. They are much more Christianiphobic than the westerners who are Islamiphobic. They are so so afraid of Christianity development in their countries.

  14. Munafikbangetloepade says:


    I usually masturbate myself with the pictures of misses universe.

    I’m eager to get my hands on the picture of miss Muslimah — in her Islamic (swim)suit — and let’s see if I can make it to the climax…. I’m afraid the guy next door would stimulate me more.

  15. O. Bule says:

    Anyone or any group that considers the Miss Indonesia, Miss Universe or Miss World pagents to be pornography is seriously deranged.

    O. Bule

  16. Tomaculum says:

    Oh, no, O. Bule,
    I’m sure they are not seriously deranged.
    I think they just feel guilty being turned on by those pretty women in Bikini strolling on a cat walk. And you surely know, that fear can result an irrational reactions.

  17. zainuddin says:

    Just like Maria Eva who agree in this issue, and shown in a great 3GP video with her boy friends but intimate (TTM) Yahya Zaini? Well be stupid man!

  18. Message from God says:

    I quoted from the reading “Din received the support of a number of famous, religiously earnest, people, including Cici Tegal, Yolanda Yusuf, Maria Eva”.

    Did this refer to Maria Eva, the woman in the video with Yahya Zaini?

  19. Politisi Suka Nge-Sex says:

    Miss Muslimah Indonesia??? Wooow…. I’m in full support on this idea !!
    But, with bikini then topless action please…..
    So I can get masturbate on that actions!!

  20. ucok bah says:

    i still have no idea how all the juries of the Indonesian Miss Muslimah Contest judge the contestants–their beauty ? fashion ? Muslimah attitude ? come on….I believe those participating on this contest are not the real Muslimah women Some of them might be those who have appeared on stage in bikinis, swimsuits, or even clothless. Later on this will eradicate the image of the true Indonesian musliamah. In the coming years, i am afraid we’ll see more prostitutes on the street wearing jilbab and Muslimah dress. STOP this contest. Indonesia has been greatly in decline in almost all aspects of morality. At least there is one thing we can save–the image of Indonesian Muslimah. We don’t want to see their faces in disgrace, do we ?

  21. Rudy Hendra says:

    No need to wait till it is on stage!
    There are many pic of nude women in jilbab on the net.
    Many ‘private’ mailing list here are dedicated to that kind of pic.

    At last…
    Enlightenment for Islam…

  22. therry says:

    I would nominate Inneke Koesherawati as the number 1 Miss Muslimah – she sure looked even finer back then when she was starring in all those semi-porn movies, a huge difference from what she is now, is it not?

  23. David says:

    Ah Inneke, then


  24. Rob says:

    Does the Miss Muslimah pageant still run? What are the conditions of entry?

    I saw a TV ad for the Miss Indonesia pageant. So, I am guessing that it must be being held soon…yet, to be honest, I have not seen any ads for the Miss Muslimah pageant (I have not been looking for them either)…

  25. David says:

    Rob I haven’t heard anything more about “Miss Muslimah”, although there was a Miss Jilbab competition in Surabaya last year – http://www.jawapos.com/index.php?act=detail_c&id=306067.

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