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Continuing the IM obsession with beauty pageants. Jessica Cynthia Mogi is crowned Miss Teen Asia USA.

Jessica Cynthia Mogi is the happy result of a union between Nolfie Mogi and Dewi Susanti, who come from Manado, North Sulawesi. Nolfie is big in property in the US, being one of the developers of Inland Empire California, or the San Bernardino Valley property area.

Jessica Cynthia Mogi, born in California, competed against seven other girls for the hotly contested Miss Teen Asia USA 2007 title, and, as one report breathlessly puts it, “it was history in the making” as Jessica was announced the winner, narrowly beating the contestant representing Afghanistan, of all places. Other contestants came from the Philippine Islands, Taiwan, and China. indiapost

Jessica Cynthia Mogi
All dolled up.

Jessica said afterwards sulut:

I didn’t expect to win until the last minutes when there were only me and the Afghanistan girl to compete, I can’t believe it.

Although Jessica is of limited stature Virgelia Villegas, the boss of the pageant organising committee, says height is of no consequence as a queenly qualification:

We do not believe the qualifications of the height requirement in making a queen. The judges were impressed with her grace and elegance; just befitting of a true queen.

Jessica also won the minor prizes of Miss Popularity and the People’s Choice Award at the event which was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel at Disneyland on October 29th. As the winner Jessica now has duties in the fund-raising for charity area.

At the same time as Miss Teen Asia USA another competition, Mrs Asia USA 2007, was also held. Unfortunately “Mrs Indonesia”, Debby Amiyudi Lee, did not take out the major prize, this being won by “Mrs India”, Smita Salgaonkar, but Debby did manage to snare the Best in Evening Gown award.

11 Comments on “Jessica Cynthia Mogi”

  1. O. Bule says:

    Beautiful girl.

    O. Bule

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    not kind of my type… but yes, she is gorgeous

  3. Hassan says:

    is she somehow related to luciano moggi, of juventus?

  4. Lani says:

    I know her brother, Calvin Mogi. He’s in my class.

  5. Erica says:

    I met Jessica at an acting job and was talking to her for a couple of hours. When I saw her I was like wow shes very very pretty, and she had very little makeup on. She was extremely nice. We were talking and something came and she mentioned that she had recently won a pageant. When I got home I added her on myspace and not until I actually looked at her page did I find out she was MISS TEEN ASIA USA!!!! She was so nice and not stuck up at all and didnt brag about having this title

  6. Joe Rombot says:

    🙂 Didn’t know much about Her, but I know Her Dad though.
    Bought a couple of houses fr. Him (Good Agent).

    All The Best to The Mogi Family.

    -joe rombot-

  7. echa says:

    I know her! When she moved to rancho I moved in her old house. Also my cousins jovan & darren used to go to church with her. And my bff goes to church with her now.

  8. bensie says:

    She’s my nephew, she came to jakarta and we are going together with her mother.

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  10. Grace says:

    She is my first cousin. =)

  11. Purba Negoro says:

    Is she cross-eyed?
    Or is that just a bad camera shot?

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