Beheadings Trial

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The man on trial over the schoolgirl beheadings of 2005 is said to have carried out the attack as a Lebaran gift for Muslims.

Hasanuddin has been sentenced to 20 years.

November 10th, 2006.

Prosecutors at the Central Jakarta District Court allege that Hasanuddin, alias Hasan, alias Slamet Raharjo, who is Javanese, planned the beheadings of three Christian schoolgirls in 2005 as a way of avenging the murder of Muslims during the sectarian conflict in Central Sulawesi province between 1998 and 2002.

Prosecutor Payaman said:

The defendant planned or provoked others to commit violent acts aimed to incite terror.

Payaman went on to say that prosecutors had evidence that Hasan, who is the son-in-law of Poso Muslim militant leader Adnan Arsal, had plotted the attacks with a Muslim cleric, Ustadz Sanusi, in a meeting at the Ulil Arbab library in Gebang Rejo, Poso, in 2005. At this meeting Hasan told the preacher that when he was training with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the Philippines he had heard stories that it was customary for jihadists to attack security posts and kill soldiers as a form of Lebaran charity for Muslims, at the end of Ramadhan. Sanusi then asked him whether such Lebaran gifts could also be given to Muslims in Poso. Things were different in Poso, Hasan said, but he would think about it. mediaindo

Hasan thought about it for a while and at some later point he is said to have gotten the idea of cutting off the heads of Christians while reading a book. He then told two of his jihadist chums, Lilik Purnomo and Irwanto Irano, to find some targets of attack. He admitted to them that killing women and children was not allowed in sharia law but that it was justifiable as a form of revenge for past Christian attacks against Muslims.

We had better find some Christians as an Idul Fitri gift. Go look around.

Within a few days these two men, Purnomo and Irwanto Irano, had noticed that six Christian schoolgirls regularly took a route along an isolated, quiet and lonely jungle path, on their way to and from school. The girls were observed four times before the day of the attack, 29th October 2005.

Picture shows the body and severed head of one of the girls. Click to enlarge but be warned it may disturb.

Six machetes were bought, costing 180,000 rupiah, and two black plastic bags, costing 20,000 rupiah, at a Poso market with money provided by Hasan. Then the holy man, Sanusi, told Hasanuddin to write a note, to be placed next to the heads of the girls.

We still need another 100 heads. Blood for blood, a life for a life, and a head for a head.

After surveying the scene of attack Lilik and Irwanto recruited five of their Islamic boarding school pals to help in the attack, that is Papa Yusron alias Isran, Nanto alias Bojel, Agus Jenggot, Basri, and Wiwin Kalahe alias Tomo. On the day of the attack, at about 06.45, the group observed four girls in school uniforms walking along the path. Lilik gave a signal and the attack began. Papa Yusran hacked off the head of Alfita Polino, Agus Jenggot did the same to Theresia Morangki, Basri slashed at Noviana Malewa‘s head but she managed to flee. After this Basri caught the fourth girl, Yarni Sambua, and beheaded her.

Noviana Malewa
Noviana Malewa.

The heads of the girls were placed in the plastic bags and later taken by Tomo alias Wiwin Kalahe to a house in the Tanah Runtuh district of Poso. The machetes used were given to another Muslim cleric, Ustad Kholiq, who took them to his home, perhaps as souvenirs of jihad.

Not long after the attack two of the heads were discovered at a road junction in Lage district, near a police station, and one of the heads was found at the front of a church in Kasiguncu district.

Hasan has been charged under the anti-terrorism law and faces a death sentence if convicted, which seems rather likely. He did not speak during the proceedings, which have been adjourned until November 15th.

Lilik and Purwanto have had their trials delayed until next week. The other men who carried out the attack have not been caught.


15th November 2006

Hasanuddin’s trial resumed today and he admitted that he was “involved” in the killings of the three girls and attempted murder of Noviana.

I admit that I was involved in the matter I am accused of, but there are several things [which the prosecution alleges] which are not true.

Hasanuddin says that the idea of cutting off the heads of Christians actually came from the preacher man, Ustad Sanusi. He himself never uttered words to that effect, he claims.

The idea of the heads as a Lebaran gift came from Ustad Sanusi.

Also the money used to buy the machetes, etc, totalling 500,000 rupiah, came from Ustad Sanusi.

Ustad [Sanusi] gave me money when he told me the stories of his involvement with the MILF in the Philippines.

He did however talk of killing to his comrades:

I said it was okay to kill, but in a proportional way. It was war, and the war wasn’t caused by vengeance, but because of God, you can’t just play around.

However he did admit that one motivation for the attack was the past killings, some of them beheadings, of Muslims in Poso.

For example at the Wali Songo school many people were slaughtered. In other places babies were disemboweled, their parents hacked to pieces.

Another reason he said was as a “shock therapy”, to remind people of what had happened between 1998 and 2001.

There were many attacks in Poso but where were the security forces? Where was the law? It was only after the beheadings of the three girls that presidential decree 14/2005 was signed, as if the killings [of those girls] was more sadistic than all the other killings!

He said he and the other men had received no payment for the attack. Finally he admitted:

It was wrong according to the law and religion, I admit I was wrong, I promise to never do it again.

The prosecution will begin its response on 22nd November. detik


19th November 2006.

Hasanuddin, and the two other men on trial, today met representatives of the families of the slain girls and apologised. Albert Morangki, father of Theresia Morangki, accepted the apology on behalf all concerned. Hasanuddin said he hoped that this act of his would help in creating peace in central Sulawesi.

I have apologised many times before but this is the first time I have done it face to face with the families of the victims.

The meeting was arranged by the Jakarta police force and was attended by Jakarta police Brigadier General Anton Bachrul Alam, Poso police Brigadier General Muhammad Guntur, as well as Reverend Ernio, who accompanied the families of the victims.

At the end of the meeting Hasanuddin was asked to lead a prayer in which the recovery of the Poso region was hoped for. After that Reverend Ernio led another prayer. detik


27th November 2006.

Jakarta Post says the National Commission on Violence Against Women deplores the reconciliatory move between the three men charged with the beheading of three Christian schoolgirls Poso, Central Sulawesi and relatives of the victims. The Commission’s chairwoman, Kamala Chandrakirana, said that the move could interfere with the ongoing trial in Jakarta.

If there was to be any reconciliation, it should have taken place after the trial was completed. We’re really worried that the reconciliation will disturb the legal process to find justice for the families of the victims.

Noviana Malewa, the sole survivor of the attack, appeared in court on the 27th at the trial of Hasanuddin. She said she did not see who had carried out the attacks, in any case they were wearing masks. She retold the events of the story:

I was walking with my three friends, Alvita Polino, Theresia Morangkir, and Yani Sambue from Bukit Bambu hamlet towards the main road. Then suddenly Alvita screamed because there was someone standing in front of her wearing black clothes with a mask on.
(Saya berjalan bersama tiga teman saya, Alvita Polino, Theresia Morangkir, dan Yani Sambue dari kampung Bukit Bambu ke arah jalan raya. Lalu, tiba-tiba Alvita berteriak karena ada seseorang berpakaian hitam dengan muka ditutup di hadapannya.)

Novita then ran back the way she had walked because she saw the men had machetes. She collided with Yani, fell, and then her right cheek was slashed at with a machete.

Then I got up and ran towards a ravine. At the same time Yani was chased by one of the men.
(Saya kemudian segera bangun dan lari ke arah jurang. Sedangkan Yani dikejar oleh orang bertutup wajah itu.)

She said she didn’t know what happened to her three friends, she didn’t see them get killed. After she got away she hid for a while and then followed the river back to Bukit Bambu. There she was taken to a hospital.

On the same day at the trial five other people were called to testify, none of them eye-witnesses. The trial continues on 4th December. gatra


January 17th 2007.

The trials are ongoing. Hasanuddin today denied that he had put about the idea to find Christian victims for beheading, in contrast to the testimony of Lilik Purnomo alias Haris. Hasanuddin claimed that he had said that it was most important to find victims who were native to the Poso area, instead of recent arrivals, like himself.

Hasanuddin also denied that he and Lilik had several times met to discuss the plan before the attack.

Both Lilik Purnomo and co-defendant Irwanto Irano, who are being tried together, separately from Hasanuddin, have admitted their roles in the attack, including the planning.

Irwanto admits to having cut off the foot of one of the victims. He says that Haris alias Lilik Purnomo was the “field co-ordinator” in the attack. vhr

Lilik Purnomo admitted to being the field co-ordinator but said he did not take part in the actual killings. He said he had recruited the five other men, Papa Yusron alias Isran, Nanto (Irwanto Irano) alias Bojel, Agus Jenggot, Basri, and Wiwin Kalahe alias Tomo.

Papa Yusran alias Isran, Agus Jenggot, and Basri, have not been caught, nor has Muslim cleric Sanusi, who is said to have been involved in the planning of the attack, with Hasanuddin. antara

The trial of these two continues on 24th January.


January 24th 2007

Today in court both Lilik Purnomo and Irwanto Irano admitted their guilt but expressed regret.

Lilik said he had planned out the details of the attack but did not actually kill any of the girls.

Irwanto Irano said he cut off one of the girls’ feet but blamed Papa Yusran, Agus Jenggot, and Basri for the beheadings. vhr


February 14th 2007

The prosecution was not ready to continue with its case in court today and Hasanuddin’s trial is delayed again until the 19th. vhr


February 19th 2007

The prosecution has requested a 20-year jail term for Hasanuddin. Hasanuddin was said by the prosecutor to have been the “brains” behind the murders without actually taking part in killing. Hasanuddin is charged with terrorism offences. The chief prosecutor said that Hasanuddin had been involved in the murders of three people but in his favour he had been forgiven by the victim’s families, he had expressed regret, and promised to never do it again.

The defence will make its case on 26th February. antara


February 20th 2007

The prosecution has requested that Hasanuddin’s two accomplices, Lilik Purnomo and Irwanto Irano, also be given 20 year sentences, for terrorism offences. As in the case of Hasanuddin the prosecution asked that any time already served be taken off the 20 years. detik


March 5th 2007.

The presiding judge has allowed a request from Hasanuddin that Basri and Wiwin Kalahe, two of his accomplices in the murders, be called to give evidence that would mitigate the charges against him. The two men will appear on 7th March. vhr


March 21st 2007.

Hasanuddin was sentenced to 20 years for being the “brains” behind the beheadings. The sentence was in accordance with the demands of the prosecution. antara His two juniors, Lilik Purnomo and Irwanto Irano, were sentenced to 14 years each, less than the 20 years asked for by the prosecution. detik

Hasanuddin was heard to complain that according to Islamic law he should be freed, because he was only avenging the murders of Muslims in years past. He added that he had already said sorry for the killings and the victims’ families had forgiven him so that was stronger reason for him to be freed. He said he would think about appealing the harshness of the sentence. detik

A UK television report on the beheadings.

78 Comments on “Beheadings Trial”

  1. Tomaculum says:

    Wow, what courageous fighters!
    “Fighting” against weaker, defenseless opposer.
    I imagine they were in Lebanon to fight there as human bombs, they will surely be incontinently sh*ting and pissing.
    If god approves such heroic deeds, than I will rather be an atheist and go to hell willingly.
    But I know (or better: hope) that he doesn’t do it and that the other real Moslems will condemn them and their barbaric primitive deed. And I hope that at least in this case a serious persecution will be done.
    But I still stay on my opinion, that that isn’t Islamic crime. The men are simply mentally disturbed and they aren’t Moslems.
    Maybe they should be formal officialy “deIslamized”?

  2. Andrew says:

    A picture of an extremely brave young man. Attacking defenseless young girls, how shameless is that. I guess they have no balls to take on real men.

    What a waste of the “Hasanuddin” name

  3. Erwin says:

    Hasanuddin is in search of 72 virgins!

  4. Bradlymail says:

    Let them to face a death penalty. They are not deserved to live in this world!

  5. Daniel says:

    It is sad that those girls died so horrifically. It is sadder that there are many more death, dumb, and blind people who believe that what they did was right.

    I heard a Saviour once say “forgive them father for they know not what they do”.

  6. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    I agree with Andrew. That boy acted his evilness to these defenseless young women. Those Muslim Indonesian boys behead three young women should penalty them to death and they go and live in hell forever. Those boys beheading three girls are only instrument by devil to spread Islamic imperialism.

  7. Hassan says:

    oh yes, this hasanuddin guy MUST be guilty, even before the court issued a verdict. but tibo cs, MUST be innocent, even after they had been found guilty and executed. that is what double standard is all about.

    Karlira Kanakahuko: oh yeah, the Muslim woman from saudi speaks again. still thinks you’re a Muslim saudi woman?

  8. Andrew says:

    It’s frustrating isn’t it, Hassan, when evidence is all around you?

  9. Czeslaw says:

    Tomaculum, the mentally disturbed people do not plan, do not search do not look for counsel to justify their deeds and acts.

    Also, if your read the case, these criminals admitted that they were guided by Muslim clerics. It doesn’t seems like any Muslim cleric will face justice in this case, as they didn’t face the justice in prior cases.

    So, there is not only problem with criminals like Hasanuddin, alias Hasan, alias Slamet Raharjo, but people like attorney general Saleh are covering the bases for more horror and more terror in Indonesia. In any law school, Saleh would be held accountable for these crimes as the cirminals themselves. But it won’t happen in Indonesia, because Indonesia is Islamic state.

    Looking back at the cases of Mr Tibo, Mr. DeSilva, and Mr Riwu, and the comments of attorney general Saleh, who said, “…if these man will not be executed, it will violate Islamic principals…” that puts entire Indonesia on the spot.

    I still do not believe in the death penalty. So, I will not support the death penalty for these criminals, as I didn’t support the death penalty in the case of Mr Tibo, Mr Riwu, and Mr DeSilva.

    The only thing is, that the Islamic principals are the factors. No judicial body is questioned, because it doesn’t exist in Indonesia. This is also back-firing on Muslims.

  10. Orgindo says:

    Sigh, this is a face of Indonesian people. Double standard. Well, if you think it is a double standard for Christian, consider how Amrozi cs has not even executed yet.

    It is not double standard my friends. It is their attitude. TIbo cs at least repent and regret. Amrozi and this guy did not even know that they are wrong and still think it is a great victory and gift. It is the mindset, my friend. it is not about Christian or Islam. After all, Christian also had a bleak past, such as inquisition. But I am not talking about the religion, I am talking about the extremism, about brainwashing, about hatred.

  11. 1ndra says:

    Yeah, the same case, as Tibo cs is being blessed by priests before attacking and killing Muslims…

    The religion itself, forbid terror and killing civilian, so this is only the personal matters, not the religion.

  12. Czeslaw says:


    “The religion itself, forbid terror and killing civilian, so this is only the personal matters, not the religion. …”

    So, regardless of your religus teachings, if you wish, or at your own will, you still can go out and “slain” an infidel, which means any one with diferent point of view than yours.

    Where do I sign for this….

  13. 1ndra says:

    Slain? In what point?

  14. Hassan says:

    czeslaw: Indonesia is not an Islamic country, it’s a pancasila country. pancasila got it’s origins on javanese morality and culture, plus some added element of secularism. that is Indonesia. don’t get that wrong the next time around.

    and Muslims are not allowed to kill infidels, or any other forms of unjust murder. we may kill infidels who waged war against us, but who doesn’t?

    andrew: what evidence? are you a part of the investigating force on those cases?

  15. 1ndra says:

    Hassan right, next time you must pay a visit here, not just read from horror books…
    The “kill and slain” only valid in war, I’ve quoted it from Quran in other topic

  16. Czeslaw says:

    35% of russia are communst, and russian is considerd a communist country
    about 20 % of N Korea are non forced communists, and N Korea is a communist country.

    Almos 90(+\-)% of Indonesian are Islam, and Indonesia is not Islam country?

    Kill and slain only in war?

    Where the three Indonesian school grisl in the act of war against somebody?

    Where the people in Bali in the act of war against somedobey?

    Where the people in Madrid bombing in the act of war against anybody?

    Where the victims of London bobmig in the act of war against anydobey?

    Where the Ormians in the act of war aginst anybody?

    Was Rome looted by msulims, becasue Rome was at war with Islam?

    Were Spaniards boiled in hot oils, becasue they were at war with Islam, etc., etc., etc.


    Please visit or….

    if truth bothers you, go head chopping…

  17. 1ndra says:

    Beheading? Dont be childish Czeslaw, a criminal is a criminal, it’s nonsense to judge a criminal opinion act as the same as a whole world opinion.

    Just imagine, I’m a rober, I shoot you and take your wallet, using your money for gambling but later proclaimed that I did that for Muslim. Stone cold crazy, yeah!
    What a lie from a criminal 🙂

    You know what? All people I know, Muslim or not, curse that beheading and other violence that proclaimed as a tribute for their religion.

  18. Ismail says:

    Czeslaw you are right on target!!, Islam is what Islam does, all 1ndra needs to do is to go study Islam and stop confusing it with Christianity, offcourse Islam teaches killing infidels and not just in war. khaybar Jews were massacred and it was not war,they were just easy picking, over 700 hundred men were beheaded, most of them were killed by mohammed himself, this is after they had surrendered and the killing pleased Allah because they refused to accept mohammed as a prophet, how sad.

    Muslims say you fight when you are attacked, I am shocked that Muslims emphasis that, as if its not normal, Arabs have been doing that long before Islam, it sad that the best there ‘godly sublime moral’ prophet can teach is what comes rather natural to man. revenge is a godly word in Islam. they can’t pray for there enemy, they just want them dead simple.

    Jesus says forgive and it’s that simple, yes people who call themselves ”Christians” have killed, they can’t claim the words of Jesus. but its not the same in Islam Mohammed personally carried about 27 raids and some for revenge and some because he was rejected and several assasinations, for reasons as silly as he was insulted.

    then you hear Muslims say, that this act are not Islamic, its either they don’t know Islam at all, or they are practicing ‘tarqiya’ laying and decieving the nfidels.

  19. ali says:

    Last night I watched a TV program, which shows excerpts and video clips from various TV channels across the middle east. Boy, was it chilling – they are spreading hatred freely and openly. Too many to mention here, but two of them sends chill down my spine:

    (1) an elementary school textbook in Jordania that says Islam is the only religion and that Islam will force “infidels” to convert (can’t remember the exact wordings, but that’s pretty much the message)

    (2) an interview with a 3.5 year-old girl (from Syria, I think):

    reporter: “do you like the Jews?”
    girl: “no”
    reporter: “why?”
    girl: “because my god tells me not to, they are apes and pigs”

    It is obvious that the seed of hatred has been sown at a very early age.
    Awesome. This is where the world is heading.

  20. 1ndra says:

    Well, at least here, in my community, we bring peace and togetherness in our life…

  21. Czeslaw says:

    Hi Ismail. how do you?

    Are you an infideal like I am? ;-))

    The 700 khaybar Jews were massacre was not a Genocide, but still these 700 human lives were wasted to prove in what most of us believe, that Islam is a university for Genocide students.

    It is sad, what I just said, but I do not know how else to comment.

    I do not hold any wrong thoughts against Muslims. I have seen lately the film from Pakistan, from a small Paki town, the best al-qaeda terror-mill there is. Some guy who did the video risked to be beheaded. But, what an eye opener it was to me when I have seen it.

    Then when you go back to middle east, there is a geographical conflict. Arabs are pushing hard the hate games and hate crimes. Not much changed since first beduin and nomads tribes registered in these areas since last 4,000 years or so ago. So, that tells you where Arabs and Islam are today. Also it shows their superior advancement of their culture and their superiority over “all others” which was put on the brakes of civilization some 1,500 to 2,000 years ago.

    But I have to add, and that is only my one person view. But also, if I may comment here, that Jews are also very nationalists as Arab tribes and late German nazis were during WW II. I know a Jew fellow who married a Polish girl. Since there was the “mix of blood” this fellow was taken off from his father’s will, because of it. It seems, like there are many racial and antagonistic custom in the Arab countries areas, where Israel is inbeded. There is no point to argue which way it come from, from Jews to Arabs or vs. It seems like the whole region is infected with racial hate.
    So, definitively, Arabs and Jews think they are superior to other nationalities, as Hitler turn Germans in this same way of “nazi” thinking. That is sad.

    Ismail, this tragic of the brainwashing from the earliest age possible, shall get international attention. But that excludes UN and we all know why. There is also teaching going on now in Iran, that teaches young girls at same age group as you mentioning here, to cut infidels heads off. So, Iranian school children are being educated in the highest Islamic standards of Genocide studies.

    How more sick and psychopathic can it get?

    Did you guys know, that this Achmadjian, or whatever his name is in Teheran, is the member of the “12ers”, the Islamic religious death occult, which was even outlawed by ayatollah Khomeini?

    From what I know, is that Achmadjian, or whatever, is placing his occult death members in the highest positions in Iran. So, what I see and can put 2 + 2 together, Iran got it self a new Josef Stalin. Now one talks about yet, but just watch Iran closely. We will be starting to learn about mass executions, interrogation, people disappearing, like was during Stalin years in Soviets.

    My problem now is, who will strike Iran first, NATO or Israel, before Iran will strike Israel.

    I have no a shadow of a doubt, that Iran at first possibility will nuke Jews.

    My Persian friends are telling me, that if Arab would have to shake hands with me, let say in doing business transaction, that makes this Arab a defiled person. He must go and wash him self off before he can eat, go home, etc..

  22. Ismail says:

    with regards to Islam I am most certainly an infidel. it’s a religion of hate, an ideology that glorify what civil people call indecent, its makes normal people beccome murderers, if you have a Muslim friend that is moderate in his Islam, he simply doesn’t understand Islam or he loves life to really care, because in Islam there no middle ground because there is no moderate Quran or hadith, the both teach hate plain and simple.

  23. Orgindo says:

    careful with that statement.
    Unless you have read a koran before and understand it (I have not), then the statement would be rendered useless in the ear of other people.

    if you see what happen with us, the same thing happen years ago with Christian when the crusader slaughtered the Jew and Muslim on their way to the Holy City. So, is that hatred taught in bible? It depends which part you read. But most of the time, people mistakenly took God’ wrath as a reason to do some dreadful thing.

    let God fight for himself, defend himself. After all, He is God and to chop somebody’s head off doesnt give you a good standing in front of God.


  24. Ismail says:

    orgindo, i do understand your concern, and I am always careful what i say and write, but anything i say about he Quran and hadith is true, as for the crusader they can’t possible be Christians, please think about it, yes they called themselves Christians but are they?, Jsus said that “by there fruit you shall know them” can you find any instructions that Jesus gave that encourage killing anyone. sir I am more that certain you will not find, this is what Jesus said love your enemy, pray for them.

    the first Christian did this and that is why they were called Christians(which literally means Christ-likeness)
    there is no words of Christ that the so called crusaders can hold on to as a justifications of the deed.And all the volence in the bible without exception where NARRATIVE they are not instructive and as Christian we are to follow the lord Jesus and his words nothing more, nothing less. the word Christian is what you are called when you behave and live Christ and its not a title you pick-up and thump arround
    finally i can tell you that everything you see Muslims do from 9/11 to 7/7 and the burning of churches,the killing of infidels are precise the demands of Islam. they are not fanatics they are the real believers, and sir if you care i can prove every word i say and said

  25. Orgindo says:

    That’s true.

    But there is a danger of generalization. Prejudice and presumption to someone’s who is Islam is not a wisest thing to do.

    But, i gain alot of insight from a sermon about Islam here . Take a look at the sermon entitled “The Root of Islam” by Andy Stanley if you have time. It would offend many Muslim and Christian, but it is worth to take a look.

  26. Andrew says:

    The sermon is an eye-opener.

    One thing that is key – at least to me – is the concept of “progressive revelation” in the Koran. It explains what so far seem to be inconsistencies to me.

  27. Czeslaw says:

    Ismail , please read these three first Christian martyrs:

    I. St. Stephen.

    This early martyr was elected, with six others, as a deacon of the first Christian church. He was also an able and successful preacher. The principal persons belonging to five Jewish synagogues entered into dispute with him; but he, by the soundness of his doctrine, and the strength of his arguments, overcame them all, which so much irritated them, that they bribed false witnesses to accuse him of blaspheming God and Moses. On being carried before the council, he made a noble defense; but this so much exasperated his judges, that they resolved to condemn him. At the instant Stephen saw a vision from heaven, representing Jesus, in his glorified state, sitting at the right hand of God. This vision so enraptured him, that he exclaimed, “Behold I see the heavens open, and the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God.” This caused him to be condemned, and having dragged him out of the city they stoned him to death. On the spot where he was martyred, Eudocia, the empress of Theodosius, erected a superb church, and the memory of the martyr is annually celebrated on the 26th day of December.
    The death of Stephen was succeeded by a severe persecution in Jerusalem, in which 2000 Christians, with Nicanor the deacon, were martyred, and many others obliged to leave their country.

    II. St. James the Great.

    He was a Galilean, and the son of Zebedee, a fisherman, the elder brother of St. John, and related to Christ himself; for his mother Salome was cousin to the Virgin Mary. Being one day with his father fishing in the sea of Galilee, he and his brother John were called by the Saviour to become his disciples. They cheerfully obeyed the mandate, and leaving their father, followed Jesus. It is to be observed, that Christ placed greater confidence in them than in any other of the apostles, Peter excepted. Christ called these brothers Boanerges, or sons of thunder, on account of their vigorous minds and zealous spirits.
    When Herod Agrippa was made governor of Judea by the emperor Caligula, he raised a persecution against the Christians, and particularly selected James as an object of his vengeance. This martyr, on being condemned to death, showed such intrepidity and constancy of mind, that even his accuser was struck with admiration, and became a convert to Christianity. This transition so enraged the people in power, that they condemned him likewise to death; when the apostle, and his penitent accuser, were both beheaded on the same day and with the same sword. These events took place in the year of Christ 44; and the 25th of July was fixed by the church for the commemoration of James’s martyrdom. About the same period, Timon and Parmenas, two of the seven deacons, suffered martyrdom, the former at Corinth, and the latter at Philippi, in Macedonia.

    III. St. Philip.

    This apostle and martyr was born at Bethsaida, in Galilee, and was the first called by the name of disciple. He was employed in several important missions by Christ, and being deputed to preach in Upper Asia, laboured very diligently in his apostleship. He then traveled into Phrygia, and arriving at Heliopolis, found the inhabitants to sunk in idolatry, as to worship a large serpent. St. Philip, however, was the means of converting many of them to Christianity, and even procured the death of the serpent. This so enraged the magistrates, that they committed him to prison, had him severely scourged, and afterwards crucified. His friend, St. Bartholomew, found an opportunity of taking down the body, and burying it; for which, however, he was very near suffering the same fate. The martyrdom of Philip happened eight years after that of James the Great, A. D. 52; and his name, together with that of St. James the Less, is commemorated on the 1st of May.

    As a case of study, how many there are Islam people who are maryrs. I am not talking here about these barain wash poor victims who blow them selves up. This brain washing of these poor and uneducated people is pure Satanic act.

    There is one Islam person whom I do know, by reading that could qualify as a martyr. El-Bab, of late 1800s, who was murderd by his own Islam “faithful” myllah, imans, and aytollahs. Similar scenario like with the Jewish prophets, which majority was murdered by revolting against God Jews.

    Definitely, pure Christianity is to Love Your Enemy, as Jesus said. And let me tell you, that is the hardest part to love some one, who just beheaded your own daughter.

    Muslims/Islamists did never knew that feeling of forgiveness, love and comapssion. If they would understund it, if they would know it, they will not harm a single person.

    But look at Iraq! They have fun by beheading other Muslims. One Muslims is beheading another muslism just for the sake of beheading, just to get busy in the day.

    How to read this “religion”?

  28. Ismail says:

    Czeslaw, again i must say you are right on target. Bless you sir.

  29. 1ndra says:

    What a flatterer…


    Israel always the evil side, just look at what they have done.

    That’s good that PBB cursed them”¦

  30. Ismail says:

    1ndra, said

    Israel always the evil side, just look at what they have done.

    That’s good that PBB cursed them”¦

    I guess its true where Islam is concerned, its just painful for Muslims, that even though ‘prophet’ killed and barnished the Jews, they are still one of the best countries in the world, even though Islamic countries boycotted there product, the country is still 16th strongest economy in the world and the 3rd most effect millitary.

    And certainly the most powerful in the middle east. its just painful for Muslims,the real problem is that the life of a Jew is worth nothing to Muslims and there prophet, in fact they are regarded as pigs and they are regularly accused of all kind on things. more recently the darfur crisis where Muslims are kill blacks daily. ha religion of piece indeed.

    how many times have Jews propose to blow anyone up, or terrorise any country with death and distruction.
    mainwhile i can say certainly that almost all the conflict in the world has a common denominator ISLAM, from tailand, mali, algeria, labanon, london, india, morroco….. this list is unending, yet Muslims say isreal is always the evil side. big SHAME

    finally let me remind Muslims reader Isreal has never lost a war with the Arabs, inspite of your chant to Allah and mohammed, because Allah is not the god of the bible they will never win not even with the ranting of the iranian president to that effect.

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