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Indonesia continues to rank poorly on Transparency International’s corruption index.

Out of 163 countries ranked Indonesia came in at 130th worst, with a score of 2.4 out of 10, equal with countries such as Central African Republic, Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea. TI The most corrupt country in the world was Haiti and the least corrupt were Finland, Iceland, and New Zealand.

In the 25 countries of the Asia-Pacific region Indonesia was ranked 20th worst, equal with Papua New Guinea. Only Pakistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Burma were considered to be more corrupt. The complete results for Asia-Pacific:

  • 1. New Zealand – 9.6
  • 2. Singapore – 9.4
  • 3. Australia – 8.7
  • 4. Hong Kong – 8.3
  • 5. Japan – 7.6
  • 6. Macau – 6.6
  • 7. Bhutan – 6.0
  • 8. Taiwan – 5.9
  • 9. South Korea – 5.1
  • 10. Malaysia – 5.0
  • 11. Thailand – 3.6
  • 12. China – 3.3
  • 12. India – 3.3
  • 14. Sri Lanka – 3.1
  • 15. Laos – 2.6
  • 15. Timor-Leste – 2.6
  • 15. Vietnam – 2.6
  • 18. Nepal – 2.5
  • 18. Philippines – 2.5
  • 20. Indonesia – 2.4
  • 20. Papua New Guinea – 2.4
  • 22. Pakistan – 2.2
  • 23. Cambodia – 2.1
  • 24. Bangladesh – 2.0
  • 25. Myanmar – 1.9

However Indonesia’s score of 2.4 was a slight improvement on last year’s 2.2. Corruption, according to Transparency International, is one of the major causes of poverty.

March 14th 2007. A separate corruption index, for Asia, put out by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), has been released. Indonesia is now no longer the most corrupt country in Asia (see scores in brackets for last year), this honour now being taken by the Philippines. antara

  • 1: Singapore, scored 1.20 (1.30, last year)
  • 2: Hong Kong, 1.87 (3.13)
  • 3: Japan, 2.10 (3.01)
  • 4: Macau, 5.11 (4.78)
  • 5: Taiwan, 6.23 (5.91)
  • 6: Malaysia, 6.25 (6.13)
  • 7: China, 6.29 (7.58)
  • 8: South Korea, 6.3 (5.44)
  • 9: India, 6.67 (6.76)
  • 10: Vietnam 7.54 (7.91)
  • 11: Indonesia, 8.03 (8.16), Thailand, 8.03 (7.64)
  • 13: Philippines, 9.40 (7.80)

September 27th 2007. Transparency International’s 2007 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has Indonesia at 143rd worst out of 180 countries in the survey, with a CPI of 2.3, a slight decline from 2.4 in the 2006 survey, which featured 163 countries.

24 Comments on “Corruption Index”

  1. Andrew says:

    Oh yeah, happy and proud to be an Indonesian!

  2. Hassan says:

    hooya, 5 spots to go. this is the only category where Indonesia can reach the top six.

  3. Andrew says:

    WHOA, Timor Leste is “worse” than Indonesia.

  4. Kathryn Pollard says:

    Anyone with a brain a little bigger then a parrot knows that measures of morals are mighty dubious.
    In Australia there are illegal activities such as the distribution and sale of billions of dollars of illicit drugs, illigeal firearms, people smuggling, and “whatever it takes” electioneering. Identity fraud alone is said by the authorities to cost $6 billion dollars per year.

    It is highly likely that crime and corruption are more rampant in places like Australia then newly developing countries who haven’t learnt how to make fair appear foul and foul fair.

    Those Austalians who benefit form crime are adamantly opposed to methods that could be used to catch them – like Identity cards with finger prints, biometrics or DNA.

    In Australia there has been a complete brake down in trust.

    It is not good character or being a good human being that determines people’s capacity to realise their potential. Being honest can play out to being a punishable offence.

  5. gagahput3ra says:

    Gee, another “good” rank! SBY and Kalla must be congratulated this days, they had changed this nation’s fight against corruption campaign to political triangle of fortune.

  6. Tomaculum says:

    Corruption? In Indonesia?
    It is just a tradition of giving and taking.
    The citizen of tose states like New Zealand and Singapore simply don’t have this “each-other-understanding” culture.
    Btw (like Kathryn Pollard wrote) such ranking methodes are often dubious unstandardised.
    And if the methodes of the study are unfortunately multicenter, randomized and controlled and if it is double blind managed, then we still can say: we are only the sixth worst, not the worst

  7. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Dear Everyone,

    It’s the bules who taught Indonesia to be corrupt, starting with the Dutch, then the English, then the Dutch again, followed by the IMF. The bules at Blok M do a pretty good job all on their own. We Indonesians have nothing to be ashamed of. It was the Bules who invented corruption and they who perpetrate it. Transparency International: go to hell with your aid.

  8. Tomaculum says:

    Achmad Sudarsono:
    And the “brownies” did and do what the “bule” said and say. And the others are alway guilty and the delinquents have also things to apologize.
    The “bules” invented corruption (like: the bules invented cars, electricity etc etc.)
    Wow, one more new insight!!! You are so brilliant, I’m proud to be on the moon!!

  9. Andrew says:

    Achmad Sudarsono:

    It’s the bules who taught Indonesia to be corrupt, starting with the Dutch, then the English, then the Dutch again, followed by the IMF.

    What are you trying to say? if they ask you to jump off a cliff, would you do so? If we have a clear conscience, we should be able to ward off any incorrect behaviors others teach us. It is very easy to blame others – especially when they won’t fight back at you – but what does that do? just blame them and do nothing back home? this is the kind of attitude that has caused Indonesia’s downfall.

    If you think ANY country in the world (let alone Indonesia) can live without others, think again.

    We have very little to be proud of, and a lot to be ashamed of, and we need to turn that around 180 degrees. You complacent yet offensive attitude is repulsive, I hope not a lot of people out there are like you.

  10. Rockstar says:

    Ok so let’s bribe them so we can be in #1 position. 🙂 ROFL 😀

  11. Hassan says:

    actually the truth is Indonesia should be no,1 on that corruption index. the government had bribed Transparancy International, so they put us on the 6th place instead. 😀

  12. baboon says:

    I am researching human rights abuses by conservation org’s and ngo’s. Does anyone have info on Papua New Guinea.

  13. AchmadSudarsono says:

    You are all the Bastard Guys not the Merah Putih Guys !

    Why can’t you admit that the Bule who do the wrong thing, not the Indonesia.

    Hey Friend – it’s 88 % Indonesian who is the Muslim and pray the Holy Koran which forbid the corruption.

    Therefore, it is impossible that the true Muslim the corruption one. Friend, it is is the bule. We are 350 years to be colonized by the Dutch, we are just mind our own business.

    Show me one – just one – example where the true Muslim is the corruption one. For Bule – I will show you many — Westerling, Jan Coen Pieterzoon, Hubert Neiss, and other.

    What can you say, Friend, is nothing, ‘kan ?

  14. Andrew says:

    Achmad Sudarsono, please come up with a legitimate and logical argument, and not just write randomly. Your statement does not make sense, and does not even correlate to the previous post.

  15. Mr John says:

    I know I shouldn’t bite on a pointless off-topic flame, but I just need to point out that the Ministry of Religious Affairs which (one presumes) should be stocked with right thinking Muslims is one of the most corrupt ministries in the Indonesian government…

    The amount of money they have stolen from well-meaning Muslims wanting to go on their Hajj is obscene.

  16. Ali says:

    Funny how Achmad Sudarsono blame others for what’s happening in Indonesia.
    Achmad dude, if you don’t have a valid argument, don’t write, because your answer makes you look stupid.

    Your logic is fuzzy at best, and worse yet, it’s grossly shows generalization. All westerners are corruptors, and no Muslims can possibly be corrupt.

    Have you been smoking crack? stop taking sleeping pills, wake up, and learn.

  17. Abel says:

    Dear All,

    I am a spanish bule (maybe bule gila sometimes;) that have spent around 8 months between June 2005 till May 2006 in Surabaya, working for a big Indonesian company there. I can see the difference between a kind suggestion of a tip, as some very nice guys ask to me for (and sometimes I give with pleasure if the person deserves it) and the indecent pressure of some person with some power (big or small) to get a bribe.

    I will give you a first hand sample:

    First time I arrived in Indonesia, I was detained in Jakarta airport because my visa has expired 18 hours before I expected. Just a miscalculation with the jet-lag. 21h: I was retained in the airport for the whole night to be deported the next morning to Singapore to get a proper visa.

    I was treated correctly during the night by all the police there, including the shift officer in charge who was a very nice person. They give me seat, tea, water and even offered me to share their dinner.

    4AM: one of them began to complain about the low salary they have and so on, you know what I mean? I do not like to offer money, since in my country this can be considered unpolite, and certainly I can not pay to 8 persons there, so I suggested to invite all of them to some refreshment and and any food available at this time in the airport. Unfortunately resto was closed. This guy got a little disappointed but nothing else.

    6AM: Big Officer come to office. Since my flight leaves at 0730h, I asked him to give me back my passport to go check -in and so on. He says nothing and smokes behind the empty table throwing the smoke to my face. I wait calmly till 0620h: At this time, one of the guys says to me that some money can get my passport back faster,and if I offer the money to this Big Boss, all will run smoothly, otherwise can be too late to get in time to my flight.

    Athough it was already 34h without sleep then, I took a very thick book I have to read and told him I was not in a hurry. It was his problem with my embassy if I stay there longer than necessary. I begin to read my book and boss stayed smoking there, doing nothing.

    0700h: He took me to inmigration office very slowly. Meanwhile, a guy keep asking me for money for the Big Officer. They give me the passsport and jump all the queues to get me in the aeroplane just in time, and the guy asked me for money till the last minute.

    I would gladly have spent 200$ in a big lunch with all the guys that “suffered” me there during the night to thank them for their courtesy. I will never give them thanks with money since this, for me, means the first step to corruption.

    I can not accept the attitude of the Big Boss that came last only to get money from an unlucky bule and, even worse, does not have what it takes to do his own dirty work, but uses a subordinated to keep his hands “putih”.

    Dear pak Sudarsono, this Big Officer did not stop praying (or maybe playing), with the bracelet Muslims use normally to do so, during the 90 minutes he was abussing of his position with me.

    I will not commit the mistake to generalise about behaviours musslim or Indonesian people people, sir. There were 8 men to show me what a good hearted man can be to a bule and, fortunately, only 1 bloody bastard to dishonor in those 90 minutes the security forces, the Muslim people and the Indonesian country. What fine can punish him for this?

    Corruption requires 2 partners:
    One person with power, and vile enough to sell it. One person desperate enough or corrupted enough too that makes rich the first one. What kind of example can be this Big Officer be to his children, or subordinates, or victims?

    Luckily I have lived enough time in Indonesia, and met enough people to confirm this is not the only Indonesian way. I have received there more from the people that have less to offer, and no mistake of “first impression” after 8 months working neck to neck daily with the same people.

    BTW: The working team had 55% Muslim, 40% Christian and 5% others, and I did not observe a higher percentage of good, bad, honest, disonest, etc. persons in the Muslim group than in the others. I can not perceive significative differences between them in the common daily life.

    I hope to come back there someday.

    Best regards,

    Abel-Matahari 😉 (that was my nickname there), comments welcome.

  18. Arthur Kerns says:

    I wonder where the United States of America is on the list. I am an American and all I see is growing corruption at all levles of government and police forces. I have travled the globe and have seen corruption at it’s best and worst. The Phillipines were the worst. Corruption is born of two parents poverty and hunger for power. I have met true people of all religions and false scum of the mammon faith. There is no hope for the world as long as religious zealots disguise their true lust for power with the veil of rightousness.

  19. brian astaga says:

    corruption. . . goverment + police

    tougher penalty for crimes will start creating less corruption in indonesia.

  20. indonesianmuslim says:

    True muslim will never corrupt, that is indeed very true.

    But from the ±90% of muslims in Indonesia, how many are there really true muslims?

    Many of them only declare themselves as muslim, but leave out the rules and do the bad things like letting corruption as part of their culture and habit.

    I am not hating Islam, as I am a muslim myself. So, I know that the problems are on the people, not on the religion.

    Realizing this problem will not solved until we all become honest to ourself. Indonesia has problems. The people have problems. Problems with dishonesty, dishonor, and living with lies.

    Let’s reflect ourself to this reality, and try to live with honesty, honor, and appreciation to the Islamic rules. If we all can do that, corruption will be long gone. It’s a long process, but we have to start, by start it from ourself..

    Stop blaming others, as we are responsible to ourself! Be a good person, stop telling lies, be honest to ourself and others even if it’s difficult, be brave with life, stop complaining, and start to be productive.

  21. Esa66 says:

    That’s just the number, not a real.In fact, the government employee, untill the small units in village, are very very corrupt.People Movement on Corruption Watch (GRPK) an NGO.Endang Saputra-Chief in charge.

  22. samson woldemariam says:

    First, as a member of a diplomatic family and an international businessman in my own right, I can assure you your caveat about Ethiopia coming in at 130 is laughable. There are at least 35 countries that deserve a lower ranking.

    Second, I wonder if you have been harassed or threatened by the Chinese Government because their ranking is absurdly generous.

    Is it possible the differences in cultures somehow render your studies ineffective?

  23. agus says:

    corruption is caused by the exist of power, yer the power. Frankly speaking ” the democratic POWER”. This state choose wrong model of its democracy. How a pity ! It has its own of democratic model, that is 4th of PANCASILA. But this state drivers use import democratic model !

  24. Thegn says:

    I agree with all who stated that the corruption needs to be stopped. If we are to eliminate corruption then we must do like Abel and others said and look first to ourselves to fix this problem. But this is not a matter of religion. We have religions in our world because human kind has a nature that is corrupt in the heart and we must deal with that. It is not a religious issue. Christians have similar ethics to live by and most Christians are not true just like most Muslims are not true and so on in every religion. They mask their greed and hunger for power over others with a religion that they can use to cater to their desires. I know many good Muslim people. I am a Christian my self. But I do not claim any religion. I serve the One who made all things and that includes you and me. And for the one who tried to use this forum and subject for a religious diatribe I can only say that you have been blinded into thinking that any religion will save the human race from its own sin stained heart. We have religions to give us guidance and rule/morals to live by, not to come up with excuses to blame others for our faults. That is the oldest excuse in human history way back to when Adam blamed Eve for giving him the forbidden fruit. As a people, we need to make a stand against what is causing our downfall and make it right for everyone not just ourselves like all our governments have been doing. Indonesia has the potential to become a powerhouse for POSITIVE changes in our part of the world and it is only the Indonesian people who can make this happen. Take just a little courage out and stand with it along with others and we can make a huge difference in our country and bring Indonesia to the place where it deserves to be in this world. I just hope I am speaking to the right people who truly believe. Lets be who the God of all made us to be and don’t disappoint Him any longer with blame and excuse. And BTW, America is the worst in the world when it comes to corruption. Where do you think all those stats come from and who really writes the lists, greedy american politicians. Don’t get me wrong, there are good people from that country too. So let’s turn the microscope inward if we are looking for blame and not be afraid of what we may find.

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