Southern Philippines Jihad

Nov 6th, 2006, in News, by

Abu Bakar Ba’asyir urges those bent on jihad to go to Indonesia’s neighbour, the Philippines.

The head of the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) said on the 5th at a mosque in Kediri, East Java:

If you want to wage jihad don’t do it here, but in the southern Philippines or Iraq.

He said this in speaking of the Bali bombers, Amrozi, Ali Ghufron, and Imam Samudra, saying that they were correct to wage jihad but that they did it in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Although Amrozi had been mistaken in his chosen battlefield he was nevertheless someone to be admired because he acted selflessly, without regard to power politics.

However Baasyir repeated his familiar refrain that in fact the Bali bombing of 2001 had been arranged by the United States and Australia to give the impression that Indonesia was unsafe. antara

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  1. Munafikbangetloepade says:


    that in the closet gay basyir is only a shame to Indonesia!!!
    smearing the face of Indonesia.

    hey, btw…, isn’t he of Arab descent?

    sby, please, don’t be such a sissy pc boy, put him back in the cage.

  2. Fanglong says:

    Bali Bombings I & II have nothing to do with Jihad.
    There’s no “jihad” to do in Southern Philippines.
    And for Iraq : is it really necessary to confirm its nature of 2nd Vietnam ?
    Were Viet Cong mujahidin ? This is, old Baasyir, mere confusion ! Poor guy !

  3. Andrew says:

    Talking about “leading by example”. All he does is urging people to go.

    He should just go to Iraq himself. Oh, I forgot, he probably would use “I’m too old to go” as an excuse… although actually he’s too afraid to face the “infidels”.

    Such a loser, big mouth and small 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    the Bali bombing of 2001 had been arranged by the United States and Australia to give the impression that Indonesia was unsafe.

    And the CIA is involved in inflating the price of kol gepeng and cabe kriting at pasar Cipinang.

    And Australia is actually responsible for the Kolor Ijo phenomenon.

    Ba’asyir should join Srimulat (and let the audience throw sandal jepit at him).

  5. Tomaculum says:

    Help me to understand:
    According to Ba’asyir was the Bali bombing to be aranged by the USA and Australia, so by CIA and ASIS.
    Logically are Amrozi cs then agents of CIA and/or ASIS or hired. And if Ba’asyir exuses or defends Amrozis deed and said that their deed is correct, then who is Ba’asyir? One of the heads of CIA or ASIS operating undercover in Indonesia, whos job to nebulize the situation by directly accusing CIA/ASIS and destabilising the political situation in Indonesia? Then maybe his advice to do jihad in southern philippines is also a part of his task to destabilise the south asian region?

  6. Bradlymail says:

    Yes, bashir is Arab descent! He uses uneducated Muslims Indonesian for his own purposes and agendas. To real Muslim Indonesians, please wake up and stand united with other Indonesians to fight against bashir and others Arab descents, who to make us stupids like amrozi and his friends.

  7. jack_hartawan says:

    Thanks god the crazy animal wants bombing other countries, jihad in Quran promising heaven and angel to be married and live happilly ever after in heaven, as long this stupid animal believe this bullsh*t and bombing NEVER END. If you wants to know about Islam just read the Quran, very complete, Quran teach you how to make love with your women. like if you women as a wife and you sick and can not, your husband can use your servant. And if you got raped you must had 4 witnesses if you want to report to the police if your country in Islamic law.

  8. Hassan says:

    ahh, another wiseguy bigot spreading ignorance. are you by any chance an expert on Islam, jack_hartawan? one thing for sure, you seemed to not know jack about Islam.

  9. O. Bule says:

    The people who want to wage “jihad” should go to hell and do it.

    O. Bule

  10. Hassan says:

    jihad is not needed in hell, everyone had gotten what they deserved there. that’s the logic isn’t it?

  11. Czeslaw says:

    I heard that CIA is in big trouble already, just imagin adding Ba’asyir and Amzori to this pot.
    It wont work,

    jack_hartawan, you are…
    pretty much on the target…

  12. Fanglong says:

    Have anyone got news of Amrozi cs ? They’ve enjoyed a sunny Idul Fitri at Kabangan Island Security Resort ; Imam Samudra’s book sells well ; among the people they blew must have been their hangman… All right, let’s behead schoolchildren and bomb surfers : you’ll get free room and food paid by the taxpayers you killed… Yeah, Ba’asyir, come on raving ! You amuse some… Has anyone met with Dulmatin & Omar Patek somewhere in the jungle of Jolo Island (where 6500 Philippine troops are supposed, w/ Uncle Sam’s help, to arrest the two guys) ? Mmpfff, Mr M. Nuh sakit perut and cannot control his low-explosive paper bag : he comes from Jalan Otista : is he an autist, an artist, a poor piece of banyan torturer ?

    Wa’alaykumus salaam yaa khwânî !

    Patrick Fanglong ‘Aqrab Mâhtâbî

  13. Czeslaw says:

    as long as you are a “select” part of Indonesian Islamic populus, that is what will happen.

    As long as you are Muslim in Indonesia that is okay, “jihad” continues, and it will, and it will be protected by Indonesian Islamic regime. Surprised? Why? That is a norm under any kind of regime.

    Is this that hard to figure out?

    Just watch the Islamic psychopath case unfolding, and who is being held for the slaying of these three “infidel scum” school girls?

    Yes, theses three school girls convicts and infidels were executed by the “Islamic principals, as attorney general Saleh would say.

    In case you missed, these three school girls declared a war against Islam, and were VERY dangerous to Indonesian Islam political stability. Ask attorney general Saleh, he knows it all…


  14. Hassan says:

    those three girls are not the only people who got murdered on the poso mayhem. casualties fall from both sides. both sides are equally guilty.

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