Heresy in Bogor

Nov 5th, 2006, in News, by

Excitable Bogor residents go on the rampage against heresy again.

About six homes belonging to the members of the Miftahus Salam mosque in Laladon Kadoya village, Ciomas district, Bogor, West Java, were attacked and destroyed by local residents. Additionally two motorcycles and some electronics equipment thought to be owned by the head of the mosque, Ustad Yusup Maulana, who is also the principal of the Miftahus Salam school, were thrown into a well.

It appears that local people believe that Ustad Yusup Maulana’s school and mosque are a centre of heretical teachings. Some time before the attack Ustad Yusup Maulana had explained in a letter to local officials, police, and the local branch of the Ulema Council, that he indeed taught ideas which were not in accordance with Islamic law, to the forty students who attended his school. This admission of heresy had caused the residents to run amok, apparently.

The police have detained Ustad Yusup Maulana at the police station. The report says that Ustad Yusup Maulana has told the police that he is at fault and that he will shortly stop spreading heresy.

Police have arrested two of the rioters. L6 This is the second recent occasion of mob violence by the enforcers of orthodoxy in Bogor. On 27th of October another heretical preacher, Alih bin Hadi, was set upon by about 250 people and murdered.

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  1. Riccardo says:

    If he was teaching them PANCASILA, he would not be in accordance with iSlamist law, because Pancasila allows all people to like each other, even if they are slightly different. iSlamist law teaches people TO KILL everyone who is slightly different. HO HUM, booooring, iSlamists being fools again. Why don’t they try a bit of witty criticism? It’s more fun.

  2. Bradlymail says:

    Most of the clerics are from Arab descents, so you know what are their purposes? To make Indonesians listen to them and obey their teaching. This make us feel like stupids! Salute to Bogor people!

  3. Hassan says:

    you’re one big wiseguy, aren’t you Riccardo?

    passing judgement on something you obviously had no knowledge about is as ignorant (and stupid) as it gets. you don’t know jack about Islam and here you go yappin you’re mouth off as if you’re an expert on religions.

  4. Riccardo says:

    Hassan, you and your ilk just wish and hope and pray to your false moon gods that we don’t understand your fairy tale — because then we would know what a total joke it is. The fact is we all know way more than most muzzies do about their own cult! They don’t teach you all the freaky, bizarre stuff. And then that is a common “complaint/argument”, iSlamists always say he/she doesn’t know iSlam, bla bla bla. They even said it about about the Pope who has a friggin’ PHD on religions and knows more than every imam, ustad, ulama…

    The pope knows, and we all know about iSlam, and we’ve decided that it’s a violent fairy tale genocide death cult that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. Just like WE wiped out all the other medieval diseases like the plague and smallpox and other pesky little diseases like your cult.

    Hassan, in future, instead of calling me names and criticizing who you think I am or represent, why don’t you try to actually defend your cult with reasoned debate and discussion. IF you criticize other debaters personally, it means you LOSE the debate immediately, because it means you are unable to argue the merits of your case. Everyone in the world seems to know that already, why don’t the muzzies understand yet????

  5. Hassan says:

    Riccardo: who are “we”? why are you always trying to sound as if you’re the spokesperson for the 5 billion people accross the world. i doubt of even 1% of them thinks the way you do. answer this, have you ever done a scientific poll that shows the 5 billions hated Islam? I guess not, all talk..

    “moon god”? what pills are you on, dude? now, it’s clear that you don’t know jack about our religion. you’re must be talking about something else, because what you said is not the Islam we or the rest of the world knows.

    are you saying non Christians should know better about Christianity than Christians? as you said “The fact is we all know way more than most muzzies do about their own cult”. well get this, as a non Christian i say your religion is a form of polytheism, and i should know better than you guys. hey, you said non believers knows more about a certain religion than the believers themselves.

    the pope had a PHD on religion? well he doesn’t seem to have a kindergarten’s degree on the topic of RESPECT! if chrizzies like you do not respect other faiths, then why should we respect yours?? respect come from both ways.

    WIPE us? then why don’t you try? bring it on! why are you still there on your home typing all this? can you walk the talk? I guess you must talk to your mommy first, eh? I bet in 50 years time, Islam will not be eradicated, it will infact have more followers than your copycated Jew religion. “spiritually Jew”, can it be more copycated than that?? you will have to excuse my language, as i were just giving you a taste of your own medicine.

    BTW, i didn’t call you any names, I was just referring to the common conception (which you obviously had no knowledge of) that passing judgement on something you obviously had no knowledge about is as ignorant (and stupid) as it gets. that is where racism and facism starts.

    are you trying to be a fascist/racist, Riccardo?

  6. O. Bule says:

    There is no excuse for this kind of thing. This kind of Islamic zealotry is idiotic.

    O. Bule

  7. Erwin says:

    seems to me that any deviation from Islam should be destroyed!
    hey hasan, are yemeni descent? or cuma seneng cium-cium pantat Arab bodok?

  8. Tomaculum says:

    The pope may has studied about religion incl. Islam, but he doesn’t know all about Islam (not to mention does understand it really). He has never proclaimed to know all about Islam.
    If someone say he knows about any religion and say negative things about them, then he/she doesn’t understand about it. To read and memorize informations is something else then to reach deeper strata and it is then still a long way to understand it.
    Riccardo and his knowledge, brilliant!!! I’m proud again to be on the moon.

  9. Ronald says:

    no one has the authority who is heresy and who is not, not to mention doing violence to people different to us. this act was conducted by some Catholics hundreds years ago. just don’t do the same mistake folks. stop throwing stones to others.

  10. Hassan says:

    erwin: I’m a descendant of adam, if you had to ask. any problems with that?

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