Tibo Case to ICJ

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The family of Fabianus Tibo plan to take their case to the International Court of Justice.

Fabianus Tibo, along with Marinus Riwu and Dominggus da Silva, was executed on September 22nd for being involved in murders of Muslims during sectarian conflict in Central Sulawesi in 2001.

A spokesman for Tibo’s family, who live in Ende, Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Yustinus Sani, said that after the traditional 40 day mourning period was over, it had been decided on November 2nd to take the case of Tibo to the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands, as well as the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Fabianus Tibo, Marinus Riwu and Dominggus da Silva
Fabianus Tibo, Marinus Riwu and Dominggus da Silva.

The family has evidence that Tibo’s execution was carried out improperly, in a cruel way. They say he was shot five times, instead of the regulation three, and that his body had cut wounds suggesting he had been bayoneted or stabbed.

The legal aid body PADMA Indonesia is assisting the family and have been vested with the written authority to prosecute the Indonesian government in the Hague. antara The family’s lawyer, Roy Rening, said that the government had violated both Indonesian and international law on the treatment of criminals and on methods of execution. detik

It is not yet known whether the families of Marinus Riwu and Dominggus da Silva will join the action.

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  1. Orang kampung says:

    If the effort to bring to ICJ can straighten Indonesian judicial system and helps Indonesia change their legal system and brings a better impact on Indonesian society, Bring it on!

    However, this allegation should not be based on effort to devide Indonesia into pieces! Useless because this will only brings about other wounds in the past! Revange and hate!

  2. Yole says:

    For the most part the press has avoided mentioning the occultic side of the Poso conflict, and for many westerners it’s hard to believe. But it is very real to folk in Central Sulawesi.

    It is said that Tibo’s main contribution to the fighting was not physical fighting but rather his magical powers. He is said to have had “kebal”, invincibility magic, making him invulnerable to bullets, etc. He would go ahead of the fighters to deflect bullets or magic or whatever. Rumors running around Palu of the “irregularities” in the executions included the following: one of the men had both femurs (thigh bones) broken, one had a broken collar bone, one had the side of his head bashed in, all had cuts, Tibo had a gunshot wound in his head as if a gun had been shoved under his chin and shot upwards. It was also said that the vehicle carrying them to the airport where they were shot had all four tires go flat. (I have no way of verifying whether or not any of that is true, but only to say that it is not only the family that is claiming irregularities.)

    Some were speculating that the executioners were afraid that the magic power would prevent them from being able to carry out their assignment and thus the “heavy handedness”. Be interesting to see what the ICJ would make of it….

  3. Czeslaw says:

    I do follow the murder cases of Mr Tibo, Mr. DeSilva and Mr. Riwu. This is how I got hooked on Indonesia Matters.

    I would not count on UN at any length. Kofi Anan is as bad or same as Indonesian attorney general Saleh. They both graduated from same mental Islamic instituion, koran

    International Court in Haag, sounds better, but still…. I am not sure what it will bring, but for the sake of human rights violation it may be worth a while. It may bring to the open what was hidden during the Ormian Genocide in 1915 by Islamist turks. The truth about Islam, and how it is twisting itself to its own means.

    If will I be you, I would compile all atrocities done by twisted Islamist crimes committed on Indonesian people. Build your case on as bigger number of victims as you can. But be honest. One case may not have impact or meaningful use. Look at Rwanda and today Darfur!

    I started to work on Polish government to look into this human rights violation and to inquire in Indonesian embassy here in Poland. I am one person, Poland is just one country. But still, at least this is some beginning. I hope that other nationals will pick on this human violation rights. It is not only about Indonesians. It is all about who we are as a whole human beings species group.

    After watching carefully this whole murder case unfolding, it appears that even MUSLIMS are afraid of Islamist-Muslims, which complicates the issue, and of course, special Islamist jihad groups like Saleh and Anan of UN will bank on. They will buy time, and cash on it, as they always do. To peple like Kofi Anan and Saleh, someone’s death allways brings them money.

    Here you have the sum of the scum Kofi Anan and Saleh of Indonesia , and here you have vitims:

    Mr. Riwu,
    Mr. Tibo, and
    Mr. DeSilva

    Is there any peace loving Muslim who would add a comment?

    And Orang kampung , why you worry about irrelevant?
    Is Mr Riwu, Mr Tibo and Mr DeSilva not Indonesia?


    Yole, what an interesting take on the case of murders of Mr Riwu, Mr DeSilva and Mr Tibo!


    Maybe one day, what happened today in Iraq will happen in Indonesia?

    Saddam and his wolf pack got rope swing. What a relief to the Iraqis!

    Indonesians, keep this on your mind always.

  4. Hassan says:

    czeslaw: maybe saddam should bring his case to the ICJ? maybe bush should be brought to the ICJ as well?

    maybe you should also say: americans, keep this on your mind always. but no, that’s simply not possible, right?

  5. 1ndra says:

    What happened to Iraq? A genocide, ~600000 dead, by American invasion?

  6. Andrew says:

    Iraq could file their case as well, if they want – noone’s stopping them.

  7. Czeslaw says:

    Friends of Mr Tibo, Mr DeSilva and Mr Riwu,
    This is a paste and copy from the web site. It is not my thinking, or what I created. This was place in the paper, and I am just passing it on just for your information

    “Just as recently as the Middle Ages, until Western Europe was too busy fighting itself to keep the Turks from conquering it.

    If the Greeks had been able to continue to fight off the Turks for just days more when outnumbered 10:1, these problems would not have existed or existed today:

    Looting of Rome by Muslims
    Constant invasions of Southern Italy by Muslims
    Barbary pirates, the first extra-territorial U.S. military action since becoming a country
    Cyprus problem
    Occupation of Greece, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia by Turks and the Muslim minorities there today
    Islam’s hold on the Middle East
    Turkey, a member of the EU?
    Albania, a problem in general

    and a million more.

    On that day in April 1453, Europe gained a splinter and a scar that only festered and has never and will never get better until Constantinople is returned to Christians. ”

    Indonesia, I feel truly sad, very sad for what is happening there. However, look what we had in the past, and have right now here in Europa? MUSLIMS burning France, Muslim teaching hate of those who took them and sheltered them. They terrorize us till today. They/Islamists bomb UK, Spain, and Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Danes under alert…

    We have weak governments here in Europa. My Polish government is truly bad in that respect. We do not have the majority of the problems associated with Islamic invasion in Poland yet, but we are next door to it. So, it is just a matter of time, and not a matter if – will happen to us.

    In Berlin National opera, they canceled Mozart’s opera because it had among others some Islamic implications about Mohamed, Christ and Buddha. We are getting sick culturally because of the way we are giving in to the Islamic terrorists and their terror and treats.

    So, Indonesia, here it is what it looks like in Europa then and now, compare and learn and apply what you learned. Share your experiences with others, so the lessons flow in both directions.



    According to Iraquis officials, this year alone over 150,000 Iraqis were dead due to the war of shi’iats aginst sunnis, and vs. I am sure you will not comment on it, it is too uncomfortable.

    Multiply this number above by the years of the NATO involvement in Iraq to stop Saddam’s crimes against humanity, and you will be pretty close to the number you quoted.

    When you quoted your numbers of your hate of everything you hate that is non-Islamic, add the number of Kurds – Saddam has murdered, and compare to your thinking pattern, which seems is not”¦”¦..


    Mr Hassan:

    I would not agree with you on the case of Saddam. I am glad that he is persecuted as he should be. The verdict I leave to those responsible fo it, however.

    I do respect your opinion on this case. That is your right to express your self without killing the person who have opposite point of view. And it proves so far, that isalmic fanatics do not respect the rights of others, and opposite points of view. And this Islamic extremists and fanatics do get a numb feedback from peace loving Islam-Muslim people, due to the fact that these peace loving MUSLIMS are as afraid of this Islamic fanatics and extremists as the rest of us are.

    Trying to find here a peace and place to dialog is impossible. But Islamic clerics are pumping hate and terror to through the general Muslim population. So, here we go again.

    I know pretty close the Saudis, Iranians, Palestinians, Emirates and Yemeni people, Iraqis, Pakistani, Egyptians, and Israelis, etc.. Why they do not bother me? Will they turn back on me and us, like did Mohamed Attha and his wolf pack? I do not know.

    But I will not let Islamic terrorists to disrupt my relationship with the people I mentioned here. I still keep flying a lot, part of my job. I do know that as we speak, your jihad bros are practicing and training them selves by flying next me, and are planning how to blow that jet of the sky with people like me on the board. And that is normal behavior as far as you are concerned.

    A lots of them, the people I know, hold very important and responsible positions in business and governments in our societies. They are peaceful people. However, you will not find a mirror situation for Christian, Hindu, Buddhist people holding similar position in Islamic countries including Indonesia. We all know why. Because they/we are not MUSLIMS, and we will not convert to Islam.

    In free societies, which concept is unknown to you and majority of Muslims, people are reworded for what they bring to society, and it is not based on which religion or political party some one belongs to. Here in this concept, Islam is about 600-900 years behind the rest of the world.

    Coming back to Bush, as you mentioned. My thinking is that this man had a speech impairments, bad advisors like Cheney and Rumsfeld, ect.. That is the problems. If you complain about Bush, wait till next election in US and wait till Democrats will get to the White House. Then write me on you opinion then.


    Orang kampung,

    your comment on the Indonesian legal system seems pretty shaky as mine is, even thought, I do not live there.

    From what I read here and other Indonesian webs, is that there is no judiciary system in place in Indonesia. All is based on Islamic principals, as your attorney general Saleh said him self. So, I wonder why you people in Indonesia do not get it, that you under Islamic regime.

    According to attorney general Saleh, these are “Islamic principals”.

    Then the rest of Indonesians have to figure out what these principals are. If not, welcome to the Tibo, Riwu and DeSilva dead club.

    Hey, we lived like this for 50 years in Poland during the Soviet communism repressions. That is one hard place in time and virtual reality to be in.

    Here is an idea from our lessons for fight for freedom:

    – We’ve got Polish Pope (Islamist Turk tried to murder him)
    – Regan was in the White House (Assassination attempt)
    – Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa – leadership. (Assassination attempts)

    In India before that, they were colonialized by Brits, they got

    – Mr Chandi, (Assassinated by Hindu Criminal/Nazis?) Hindu people are not Nazis, they just got one rotten apple in the basket. It will happen to any nation or any family.

    Indonesia, think for a minute here”¦.

  8. Hassan says:

    andrew: the Iraqis can file their case, but what for? the US didn’t sign the ICJ treaty, for obvious reasons. the ICJ can’t hold trials against americans.

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