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A disturbing message was found on the back of a wheelchair given by president Yudhoyono to a crippled man.

On 25th October, to celebrate Idul Fitri, president Yudhoyono held an open day at his Cikeas residence in Gunungputri, Bogor, West Java, in which about 500 people attended. Most were from near Jakarta but one man, Sohimin, who has been crippled for twelve years, travelled all the way from Kendal, Central Java. While being in such august company Sohimin complained to president SBY that he could not afford to buy a wheelchair, so the leader of the nation arranged for one to be given to Sohimin, later that day, as well as one million rupiah for his travel expenses. Kompas

It appears that the department of the president keeps a stock of about 100 wheel chairs, imported from the USA and costing one million rupiah each, on hand at the presidential palace for times such as these.

Prior to the wheel chair being handed over to Sohimin it was unwrapped, behind the scenes by presidential staff, and it appears they got a big shock upon seeing that a special message and logo had been put on the back of the chair by the suppliers, the Wheel Chair Foundation of the US – the message, apparently, simply read “Jesus Christ”. Detik

Although Muslims are said to regard Jesus as a prophet the message and logo were hurriedly covered up before the chair was given to Sohimin and no doubt much embarrassment was avoided.

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  1. Masindi says:

    why must SBY be embarassed if the logo was not covered up?

  2. Tomaculum says:

    It wasn’t SBY, who was embarassed, but some of guys from Paspampres (what is Paspampres? Old Indonesian disease with these abbreviations/acronyms).
    Maybe they just worry that the wheelchair won’t run like a Porsche because it is an infidel wheelchair?
    Seriously: I think they just worry about the reaction of the Moslem sisters and brothers. Maybe we shouldn’t interprete every such “unorthodox” reaction as something negative. Maybe we should first postulate, that there are rational, foresighted and intelligent thinking people in Indonesia.
    And I hope, that SBY said: “Where is the problem? The wheels are not triangular or quadratic”
    BTW: every company put their “messages” on their presents or even their products (We wouldn’t buy Mercedes Benz or Rolls royce without its logos, are we?).
    So if the wheelchair foundation think its necessary to put their “logo”, then why not?
    The most important think is that Pak Sohimin’s mobility is now increased. I just hope he doesn’t care what people have writen or painted on his wheelchair, and if he doesn’t like it he still can pain it over and write something else on it.
    And last but not least: let’s hope, that some zealots will not destroy or burn this infidel chair.

  3. Fanglong says:

    Right, Tomaculum !

  4. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Tomaculum, forgive my English but can u tell me the meaning of infidel? ;p
    thx. ^^

  5. Tomaculum says:

    Hi, Miss Indo, nice to meet you again.
    The word “infidel” (or better “pagan”) in this context was meant ironically.

  6. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hi again Tomaculum, thanks for the explanation, now i know the meaning. ^^

  7. Erwin says:

    I think these wheelchair are partly “subsidized” by donations from church or Christian organization in the US, that’s why on the back of the chair written Jesus Christ, and the price is so cheap (one million rup only). If the wheelchairs donated by midle eastern countries, on the back of the chair would be written Allahu Akbar in Arabic! Unfortunately most of donations for natural disasters in Indonesia came from western countries.

    infidel=pagan=non-believer=kafir=kafr ?

  8. Ben says:

    Actually I find the word “unfortunately” a bit harsh because all this time it is usa who helps Indonesia.

    Arabs are only stupid people with heaps of money.

    So please stop harrassing usa because all they do is help us

  9. Tomaculum says:

    Ben, maybe we should read the word “unfortunately” as an ironic flavouring in erwin’s comment?

    Do the USA really help us or do they just care of their own benefits?

  10. Czeslaw says:

    Oh my goodness….
    some are just blind, some just want to be blind.

    Why the biggest joy of this fortunate fellow is not the major subject in this story?

    Happy be he, and let him go around his new wheelchair all over that place, that is the major benefit.

    The religious dogmas to often are crippling human relationships.

    Why it is so important that the chair was even made in USA? What! it was made of gold?

    A polite attitude would be, to ask the fellow if the fellow recipient do not mind that there has something about some Jesus or what have you. Was Islam afraid of losing one more Muslim over stupid wheelchair?

    Hey fellow, go around in your new wheelchair, do not give damn about political and religious manipulations. It doesn’t matter where the wheelchair was made.

    Jump in your new wheelchair, do not look back, grab a beer, and Enjoy the ride! This is what I would do in your place. ;-))

  11. Hassan says:

    czeslaw: I think that man is not allowed to drink beer, for obvious reasons.

    Miss Indo 07: yes, infidels meant non-believers. that’s not actually an offensive title, as I am also an infidel for Christianity, Hinduism, buddhism, or other non-Islam religions.

  12. 1ndra says:

    The logo is up to the foundation, they may put a honda logo (Hey, this might suited for a worldclass motogp champion :D), but IMO, there’s no connection between the logo and the foundation itself.

  13. Munafikbangetloepade says:

    I’m an animist…, and I guess around here I’m the one who has the most labels placed on me:

    – The unsaved / lost sheep: by the Christians (should be “loved” and “saved”)
    – Kafir: by the Moslems (should burn in hell, by the qoran)
    – Goyim: by the Jews (child of animals, according to talmud)

    Poor me.

    Maybe I need to make a revenge and find my own word that I’ll put on you all (and all the harsh consequences of not following animism).

    Hmm…, where should I look to for that word….
    Oh, right, there’s a big banyan tree just at the corner of my village. I’ll ask it.

    I’ll be back when I have the answer.

    well”¦ one more thing, my future seems bleak”¦

    I’m a child of animals who must be “loved” and “saved” or be burned in hell.

    Be “loved” and “saved” sounds nice, but I’m not very sure the exact meaning of it. I guess I’d prefer to go to hell”¦. I heard that Hitler is in there too, then I’ll have a chance to ask him directly about the truth of holocaust”¦. I’ll blog from hell to inform you then.

    Ha ha ha.

  14. Czeslaw says:


    to me it doesn’t matter in what or who do you believe in. If you do not believe in anything, that doesn’t bother me either.

    You are just a fellow (human being) like any others. Your rights are not different than mine, in my society. I would never dare to silenced you, for I will never knew the really YOU!

    I am glad that you are different than me, in your thinking…

    Live in peace and harmony with others.

    Be happy.

    Happiness and love, are the only things which should be spread in all directions and to other people in the biggest possible quantities.

    cheer up, you are okay ;-))



    holocaust was for real, and seeing is believeing.

    You are welcome to come to Poland any time you wish to visit here”¦

    In Poland you will be much safer than where you are right now. Here in Poland, we have no bombings, no kidnappings, no beheadings, no terror threats, no shootings, no harrasments. Nothing, just clean peaceful slate. No strings attached. No one would ever care about your religious or political views here in Poland.

    Poles are very friendly and peaceful people. We have super food and drinks, and hospitality sector is trully excellent.

    We would love to have visitors like you to come and visit Poland!

    Here in Poland, near Krakow (Kracaw) and other places are exterminations camps German Nazis have build on occupied territories in Poland.

    Oswiecim – Treblinka, was truly death factory monster.

    Come over here, take a look, and have your own educated opinion after you see it.

    Do not take anybody’s opinion either way , till you see it for yourself”¦

    Stay the way your are, and like your self for who you are. Others will follow/mirror your attitude toward you! Be happy!

  15. Hassan says:

    czeslaw: now why don’t you go that oswiecim-treblinka and even auswitz, go tell the poor departed souls that you think there’s a new “virus” and “scum of the earth” around. let’s see how they will feel if some fascist wannabe like you told them that!

  16. Fanglong says:

    Hi Hassan !

    I don’t get the point of your anger against Czeslaw…

  17. Tomaculum says:


  18. 1ndra says:

    Fanglong: Everyone will blame and anger someone if that someone is talking everyone’s religion as a virus and scum of the earth.
    But these comments are available in other topics.

  19. Molisan Tono says:

    correction Hassan… we (Christian) don’t think Moslem as enemy… just a missing cousin…

    and yes, mostly treat you like sh*t and enemy. so forgive that.

    at least Jesus donate a wheel chair for “our enemy”… never gonna happen if the crippled man was Christian for your religion isn’t it?

  20. Czeslaw says:

    It is simple,
    if there would be a democratic state in Indonesian, not an Islamic regime, things like this case of this stupid wheel chair would never get that much attention, if any attention at all.

    After all, it is just a stupid wheel chair.

    But to make the case, just turn attention let say from Amrozi, this eveil made wheelchair, did the trick, to some degree. We still, learned that Indonesian people are forced to pay for protection of this criminal psychopth, so he safly will go whereever he will, and he will again murder at will.

    That is all point, not this stupid wheelchair.

    Mr Hassan, many people figured you out already. So, keep the fumes of your bravery for a better occasion as your heroes zarqawi, saddam and usama did. YOu seem no diferent than them

  21. Molisan Tono says:

    Hassan and me are lover dude… he like being sarcastic to my point… I’m not new to him…

    but you’re right crezlaw… Hassan is on opposite way from the truth.


    i watch many craps regarding imperialism, bush, blablabla”¦ look who is talking?
    imperialism my ass”¦ being under Arabian cleric spell. what a twist.

    afraid of wheel chair? cast out the demon from it dude”¦ what a stupid embarasment.


    any polish girl available mate?

  22. Czeslaw says:

    Molisan, you see, there is no cultural or religus or whatever barrier between you and me even thought, we do not know each other. I do not know your religus or political points of view, which is not important, and the dialog just got off the ground without any, I slit your throat, I chop your head off, or my imam is a holy man.

    Who ever you are be who you are, and that is the beauty of it. If you not able or not willing to love another person, do not harm that person.

    Friend, Polish girls look like me, they lift weights 55 kgs in left hand, and they shave daily, drink beer, wine, love shopping, and they have all of their private parts in place, and they enjoy the life.

    But what I see on some pics from Indonesia these Indonesian chicks, friend are you far sighted?



    Also, why it is so important who “gave” or who “receievd” this simple wheel chair.

    Who care either way?

    The only important thing shall be, that the lucky fellow have got something to ride on, and I just hope that he laugh all the way where ever he get in that thing.

    I hope he will go and just get few beers, so he could easly reliefe him self on this whole anti this and anti that Islamic regieme propaganda.

    Hey fello, go and get your self a beer, or two, or three, or whatever you can handle. Life is to short, enjoy every minute of it, you never know when AmzozI be around you, so…. 😉

  23. 1ndra says:

    Beer, no thanks, I love milk 😀

  24. Molisan Tono says:

    so crezlaw, you’re girl? far sighted? hmmm nice catch… just cruzin and foolin around girl, chill out.

    beers are just fine, but I prefer coke… cheers….

  25. Hassan says:

    czeslaw: Fanglong just haven’t had the opportunity to read your statements. you did call Islam as a “virus” and “the scum of this world”. any Muslim who read that will be angry. those words my friend will entitle you to be called as a fascist. those are the exact same words that ADOLF HITLER had said about the Jews. that had proven you to be no better than herr adolf, making you the same pound per pound racist as he once was. I think people had figured that out a looong time ago, czeslaw.

    on the other hand. I had never said anything in support of zarqawi, saddam, or usama. I was upset by someone who called my religion as a “virus” and “the scum of this world” and that is logical. if someone called your religion that way (in the tone used by the nazis towards the Jews), I think you’ll be upset as well.

    now, you can say anything you want about zarqawi, saddam, and usama. I have no love for them, and i never support them. you can ask around if you want.

    you can’t divert the fact that you tried to copycat adolf hitler by trying to insist my likeliness with zarqawi, saddam, and usama. maybe you were trying to stereotype anyone who defend their religion as ‘fanatics’.

    btw, Indonesia is not an Islamic regime. ask any sensible Indonesian.

    Molisan Tono: he’s worst, he’s a fascist.

  26. Czeslaw says:

    Mr Hassan, big part of my family was murderd by fasists, beofre I was even born.

    Why would joyn this fasist scum?

    My family memebrs were taken by communists and never returned. No one knows where they are

    Why would joyn this fasist scum?

    Please do not explain for Fanglong, he/she didn’t ask you for it.

    IN your eyes I may the worst, but this your birth right to have that opinion. I would not slit your throat for it, nor behead a school grils, becouse they are diferent than I am.

    I am not sure about you….

  27. Czeslaw says:

    Molisan, coke is okay, but to much sugar, it get you hyper, too high for too short time.

    Indonesian chicks are very pretty, too late for me…

  28. 1ndra says:

    You’ve right to say anything you want, but not saying something that might provoke, spread hating and others hurting comments.

  29. Molisan Tono says:

    yeah… not a brilliant idea. you could simply kill your self with coke. Indonesian chic is fine… but quite sassy too… not really my top rate playboy girl… hahaha

  30. 1ndra says:

    Yeah, too much softdrink will make your mental degenerate, at least that was Norwegian researchers found 🙂
    Milk is better.

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