Kleptocratic Lying Yudhoyono

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Indonesia is a kleptocracy, says Amien Rais, and president Yudhoyono is a big liar, a leader of a republic of thieves.

The former leader of Muhammadiyah, and the National Mandate Party (PAN), in speaking at an Idul Fitri service in his home town of Yogyakarta, central Java, said that Indonesia suffered from all the symptoms of kleptocracy – its leaders were dishonest, arrogant, and did not uphold justice. An example of their dishonesty, he said, was the quoting of innaccurate poverty statistics by president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his state of the nation adddress this year. In America, Rais said, a leader could be impeached for such dishonesty.

In America that is enough reason to begin impeachment proceedings.
(Kalau di Amerika Serikat, itu sudah bisa menjadikan alasan untuk melakukan impeachment.)

Amien Rais
Amien Rais, in happier times.

Some may wonder whether such words count as insulting the president although Rais is of course not a lowly university student. Not done and unwilling to allow for the possibility of any lack of clarity in his words, Amien went on to point out that dishonesty was another way of saying lying, and that lying was an increasingly established practice of figures in the government. Yet another example of bald-faced lying:

Several days after the Yogyakarta earthquake a high ranking politician promised to give 10 million rupiah to the victims of the earthquake whose homes had light damage, 20 million for those whose homes were moderately damaged, and 40 million if the homes were severely damaged. He didn’t keep his word at all.
(Misalnya beberapa hari setelah gempa melanda Yogyakarta, seorang pejabat tinggi negeri ini berjanji akan memberikan bantuan bagi korban gempa yang rumahnya rusak ringan sebesar Rp10 juta, rusak sedang Rp20 juta dan rusak berat Rp40 juta. Dan ternyata ucapan itu tidak ditepati sama sekali.)

In more general terms, Rais said that the leaders of the nation paid too little attention to the needs of the people and were more interested in keeping conglomerates happy. By, presumably, allowing corporations to fleece the country and its natural resources, the leadership had become thieves themselves, to the point where, if things were not improved, the name of the country should be changed to “Republik Maling Indonesia”, or Indonesian Republic of Thieves.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Those are harsh words. Although I don’t always agree with his views, Rais is one of those politicians who -occassionally- have an open mind.

    There is some truth to his comments, the Indonesian government is full of corrupt officials (note: NOT ALL officials are corrupt) – who are only concerned with building their personal wealth.

    Corrupt officials are everywhere, in every government, in every countries, but undoubtedly Indonesia is in the top 10 list.

    Not something that I can be proud of as an Indonesian.

  2. Bas says:

    Not all. Only 99%.

  3. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    This is the beginning of many regions of Indonesia will secede like Timor-Leste today in year 2000 until the latest time in this year, because of Indonesian Islamic imperialism, tyranny and result to be Indonesia as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Many regions will secede from Indonesia is the Singapore while Republic of Indonesia is really the Malaysia.

  4. Munafikbangetloepade says:

    The voice inside rais’ head: “If you can’t be the president, bash him / her, smear him / her, bring him / her down, etc”.

    I’m not one of SBY backers “” but I do think he’s not such a bad guy, he’s just godam slow, sissy, self-image-obsessed, etc “” , and much less that fcking Kalla, and even much less that mango faced Bakrie.

    It’s just my opinion toward that rat faced Rais.

  5. Hassan says:

    Karlira Kanakahuko: “Indonesian Islamic imperialism”? how can you say Indonesia is an Islamic imperialism if Indonesia is not even an Islamic country? Indonesia is a secular country based on javanese culture. pancasila was built upon javanese principles, not Islamic ones.

    those corrupt government officials which had ruled Indonesia all these time might be Muslims, but they don’t represent Islam. they represented themselves, and their greedy stomachs.

  6. Dragonwall says:

    Comparing Soeharto to SBY, Soeharto is more tactical whereas SBY being more academic tends to more timid. I could smell most officials would put in a more favorable report to secure their position in cabinet. What must we consider that, neglect to be concise.

  7. ecojhb says:

    Indonesia is defiantly a kleptocracy. The Indonesian government has a habit of stealing peoples lands and sell them to multi national corporations.

  8. bluemoejoe says:

    hell dude …. you you bloody waited for six years just to tell that ….

    give us some refresh stories and please other than bashing …. ’cause i’ve read a lot of cheap papers for today already 🙁

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