Howard, Iraq, & JI

Oct 20th, 2006, in News, by

Prime minister Howard of Australia claims that withdrawing his forces from Iraq would aid terrorist organisations in Indonesia.

Previously the oil minister of Iraq, Hussain al-Shahristani, had said while visiting Canberra, Australia, that there was no longer any need for a foreign military presence in his country. The Labor opposition leader Kim Beazley seized on these comments in parliament and brought a censure motion against the government. One of Howard’s tactics in opposing the motion and defending Australia’s military presence in Iraq was to say:

They [terrorists] would use our withdrawal [from Iraw] as a recruiting ground, particularly in Indonesia. Why does he [Labor leader Kim Beazley] want to give a propaganda boost to JI [Jemaah Islamiyah] in Indonesia?

Meanwhile the former Australian ambassador to Indonesia, Sir Richard Woolcott, without directly referring to Indonesia, responded thus to Mr Howard’s words:

The Iraq war has been a disaster and has substantially increased the terrorist threat Mr Howard said it would reduce.

However he said that any sudden withdrawal would cause chaos, instead recommending a gradual retreat.

4 Comments on “Howard, Iraq, & JI”

  1. Bradlymail says:

    Why Howard becomes the worryman? Why you are worry so much about J.I? Nowadays even Australian tourists are not worry to visit Indonesia. Howard, are you trying to sabotage Indonesia’s economy?

  2. Hassan says:

    Bradlymail: blaming J.I. is howard’s “job description” as the US’s lackey. he don’t care about Indonesia’s economy.

  3. Oigal says:

    Gee, the bombs just exploded by themselves, just like the churches just burst into flames.

  4. Czeslaw says:

    Bradly, JI is not concerned about Indonesian economy, then why are you worrying?

    All they want is Islam, 179 millions of virgins after they blow the crap out of themselves.

    Hey you guys, do not make to much noise about the JI, amry moves here and there.

    If JI will learn that by what they are doing, that they bring money and are stabilizing some countries economy, they will quit suicide attacks.

    Someone have to produce the TNT, someone have to design tanks, guns, someone have to build it, etc. That creates economy. New jobs, people buy more things, people make more, people spend more.

    JI and others like hatred is blinding their thinking. So, what you going to do, stick your throat out to be cut? Help them to locate next place where to place a bomb or what?

    Hey Jihad, good job, keep doing what you are doing, blow crap here and there, we need more jobs here and there, except where you live.

    I know, I know, I do not believe in Jihad myself, but what you going to do with a moron who have 5 pounds of TNT hidden under his shirt?

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