NU & Suicide Bombing

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Hasyim Muzadi of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) worries about the suicide bomber trend.

In the wake of this week’s suicide bombing attempt by 36-year old Muhammad Nuh at an A&W restaurant in Jakarta the chairman of the NU, Indonesia’s largest Muslim social association, is concerned about the phenomenon of suicide bombing and the tendency of young Muslims to idolise terrorists such as Dr. Azahari, a Malaysian bomb-maker who was killed by police last year.

Speaking to reporters at the Al-Hikam Islamic school in Malang, East Java on the 13th, Muzadi made a plea to members of the Nahdlatul Ulama, especially its young men and students, not to oppose western attacks on the Muslim world with methods that, he said, were not approved of within Islamic teaching. mediaindo

Perhaps with some pride Hasyim said that until now none of the terrorists in Indonesia were products of the NU boarding school system, but rather, he claimed, suicide bombers were men who had a very shallow knowledge of Islam, such men had not read the Quran and hadiths with any care or attention to detail. The Jakarta Post quotes him:

They usually learn about Islam like something they pick up along the road; not thoroughly. They don’t learn much from the holy book, but they feel they are very knowledgeable and they want to get something immediately.

President Bush should be opposed, he said, but not with bombs, such methods would only confirm the belief among many westerners that Islam was inherently violent.

We must deplore the suicide bombings because fighting Bush in that manner can be used by the U.S. as a justification for their accusations that terror persists in the Muslim community.

He said the U.S attacks on the Muslim world came not only in the form of armed or military ones but also in the spheres of economics, culture and politics. Therefore Muslims had to strengthen their knowledge in these areas in order to defend themselves and their culture.

Muzadi said he was not personally opposed to president Bush’s visit to Indonesia because it was just a normal part of foreign relations. However Muzadi himself would refuse to meet Bush, if he were invited, which he isn’t.

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  1. Andrew says:

    He said the U.S attacks on the Muslim world came not only in the form of armed or military ones but also in the spheres of economics, culture and politics.

    Does the US specifically attack Muslim countries? the fact that most of Afghanistan and Iraq’s population is Muslim does NOT mean that they are “the Muslim world”.

    Generalization is indeed the mother of all problems.

    Oh, I forgot… it’s Israel that causes all misery in this world.

  2. Josef says:

    I guess they forget that less than ten years ago it was the US that was fighting to save Muslims in Kosovo and Bosnia.

  3. Fanglong says:

    The phoney “mall bombing” in Jakarta, the “limelit” suicide attempt of a poor guy, was just meant to arouse the bad consciousness of some leaders. The name Mohammad does not mean (pseudo)jihad and the name Patrick does not mean IRA.

    To quote Andrew:
    “Generalization is indeed the mother of all problems.”

    Wassalam !

  4. Hassan says:

    andrew: so what is ‘the Muslim world’ in your oppinion?

  5. michman1984 says:

    Hassan to andrew:

    so what is ‘the Muslim world’ in your oppinion?

    mind if i make an opinion on this? well, i will 😀

    the Muslim world is quite simply put the state of revolving around the Islamic religion. That is a very obvious description and does’nt explain much in detail. So if i were to give a rational description I would explain that the Islamic religion is implemented into most of their governments judicial systems across the globe. Whether it be a democratic, republic, communist dictatorship or not, the religions beliefs are so strong that they are added to their governments.

    On that note i will say that it is very admirable, yet because most of the western world is “free,” believing that government and religion conflict too easily it leaves the Muslim world open for criticism and predjudice…

    I don’t like this train of thought, hmmm… I think that these extremist Muslims (not pointing any fingers but al quaida, al jazier [deffinately suck at spellin these but don’t really care, they hav’nt gained my acknowledgement anyways], etc., lol) focus way to much on these so called predjudices and crticisms that they are doing nothing but hurting the worlds views of Muslims and the Muslims views of the rest of the world.

    I don’t know what it will take for all the chaos to end, but it needs to and it needs to quick, fighting over religion is by far the most ironic reason for war it’s rediculous. All the religions in the world should ask themselves this one simple question… does your prophet/god want to see you angry (at war) or happy (at peace)???
    well, that may justify things or it may not, thanks for reading 🙂

  6. Andrew says:

    Hassan, how many Muslim countries are there in the world? attacks to 2 or 3 of them HARDLY represent an attack to “Muslim world”. That is simply an overstatement.

    If the US intends to attack the so called Muslim world, why does it help other Muslim countries? why does it spend hundreds of millions of dollars on other countries? yes, you may say it’s because of their interest, but that’s the point: Iraq & Afghanistan do not represent the Muslim world.

    It is very easy to see things that we don’t like, but I think we need to open our eyes and recognize/acknowledge other facts as well.

  7. Rockstar says:

    michman, i agree with you.

    however I’m pesimistic that this Christian / infidel v Islam mumbo jumbo will somehow end soon.. nor it will end.

    I think that it will never end, the number of people who hate and hurt each other in the name of religion has been growing up every single day.

    now I’m not trying to be wise here, but it all depends on people like us, the internet people, and people in this forum to respect one another regardless their ethnicity, religion and background. we have different opinions, that’s normal dont you think? it all depends on how you react to those differences.

  8. Jutatip says:

    Rockstar, I love your last statement.

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