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Ratu Felisha appears nude in her latest film, or so it seems.

Apparently in her latest film, Kuntilanak, a gothic vampire movie, Ratu Felisha, or Felisa as some would have it, is seen to romp around stark naked, more or less, in one scene, a scene where she is shown having a shower, although the camera’s view is said to be obscured partly by a glass screen. Nevertheless, viewers are left in no doubt as to what they are looking at.

Ratu Felisha
Ratu Felisha.

For Ratu however it is all about professionalism, and camera trickery. She says:

Those are the demands of my job. But I think that that scene is not too sensual. At the time of the shooting I was wearing a bodysuit, I wasn’t naked, it’s just a trick of the camera which makes it look like I’m nude.

21 Comments on “Ratu Felisha”

  1. Masindi says:

    I don’t mind at all if she is.

  2. Think in a Blink says:

    what did the glass screen do between her and camera !!!!!
    Hahaha.. kidding 🙂

  3. Munafikbangetloepade says:

    What’s the difference between “look like nude” and “nude”???

    They both “look nude” on the screen.

    So why didn’t she just “actually nude”?

    It matters only if you can touch the object….

    Weird world….

    On second thought…. well, maybe getting naked in front of other people is really an embarassing thing to do (for her). So, ok, I accept it. “Look like nude” is good enough for me….

  4. Andrew says:

    Hey, why isn’t FPI protesting this time? they’re to busy enjoying it, I guess 😀

  5. 1ndra says:

    Wearing suit or not, you looked naked, and that’s your act for…

  6. olce says:

    hahahah andrew..
    but yeah she looks so freaking hot in this movie.
    nice tattoos

  7. MAS MACHMOOD says:

    Let the people decide what they want to see… Stop the hypocrisy!

  8. olce says:

    I just dont like the ghost character in this movie ( the kuntilanak ) I think its kinda copying sadako from ringu ?
    the way she walk.. long hair and stuff

  9. Andrew says:

    olce – I haven’t seen Kuntilanak, but I doubt it rivals Ringu!

  10. wadehel says:

    can we have the screen shoot? Please?

  11. olce says:

    Andrew : havent seen kuntilanak ? go watch it then and compared that to ringu movie.

    wadehel: wadehel ? screen shot ? nah i watched that movie in theater so no screen shot for you :p

  12. 1ndra says:

    I hope you have the chance to see the real kuntilanak here, at Indonesia 😀

  13. olce says:

    hahaha 1ndra you btch !

  14. 1ndra says:

    She’s right behind you, no, dont turn your head back, just keep moving ahead calmly and peacefully, she wont bother you…
    There’re not so many woman like to sit on the top of trees at night.

    BTW, I havent see the movie, is it good?

  15. sonz says:

    go felisha, i’ll be see u’r body for only rp 20,000

  16. markeco says:

    I think she played well in kuntilanak, the movie is pretty good…… but I still have a comment.

    In some dialog said that kuntilanak is half human and half horse body, but in the end of the movie it looks like suster ngesot??? tell me if I’m wrong……..

    How could a director doesn’t realize about this thing? hmmm………

    Btw, i like felisha just the way she is.

  17. bobby cool says:

    ratu felisha…….mmmm….. I have a triple “S” to her : sexy, sweet, and strong lady… FELIIIII……YOU ARE MY HOT GIRL…!!!!!!

  18. Andik says:

    wew ratu felisha is sooooooooo SEXY

    his bodyyyy WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Passerby says:

    If any of you want to see screen shot of the movie –> http://filmkuntilanak.com/

  20. enenk says:

    Ratu felisha is not good, please try better…

  21. Bram says:

    At the present she plays on sinetron series ‘Dewi Bintari’ roled as Ratu Shima, the cruel witch. I like her acting on that series. I knew her when she played on sinetron series ABG about ten years ago.

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