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Fast Track, the travel show on satellite/cable TV channel BBC World News, featured a few stories on Indonesia this week.

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In one segment, a “local expert” – actually, a viewer who entered a competition through the BBC Global Minds website – led us around some of his highlights for a short stay in Jakarta. His name was Reno Mornama, an analyst in the coal industry who lives in Pamulang, South Jakarta.

He selected:

Fatahillah Square
Jakarta Old Town, Fatahillah Square

as a place to see colonial-era architecture.

Bank Mandiri
Bank Mandiri Museum

to see old-style coins, money counting machines, etc.

Jalan Surabaya
The Antiques/Flea Market on Jl Surabaya

to buy souvenirs from across Indonesia in the one place.

Monas, a.k.a National Monument

to see Soekarno’s Final Erection the most famous monument in Jakarta.

Istiqlal Mosque
Istiqlal Mosque

to “find peace”.

With respect to Bapak Reno (he has lived in Indonesia rather longer than me), I would have chosen a few other places.

But what about you? If you were an unofficial tour guide or “local expert” and had to choose quintessential experiences of a short trip to Jakarta, what would you pick?

If possible, please include a photo and directions, especially for more obscure locations.

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  1. Ross says:

    Well, a walk along Jalan Jaksa, as you’d expect from certain afficionados.
    There you can see the wreckage of Western civilisation and many specimens of exotic local wildlife!

  2. Burung Koel says:

    The Museum of Jakarta ain’t bad.

    But no love for Taman Mini? I’m appalled.

  3. Ross says:

    Went to Taman Mini yesterday, in fact. Certainly there is a lot to see, some of it interesting and most of it fun, the latter (and the former!) including the dangdut singers who lured me onto the stage.
    What I did notice was the wide availability of very cheap eats. If you go to a Western theme park, like Disney’s, you get ripped off atrociously by the food merchants, but I had an excellent nasi goreng for Rp. 10,000.

  4. tomaculum says:

    I prefer to take a walk in Glodok. There you’ll find one of places with original “Jakarta” flair: nice aromas, nice foods, nice living snakes, some garbages on your way. And then you will find Kelenteng Petak Sembilan.
    This is one of the places to be in Jakarta.

  5. David says:

    then you will find Kelenteng Petak Sembilan.

    This was like 10 years ago and not even sure what temple it was, maybe the one you’re talking about, but it was in that general area:

    But I like the harbour most, here I found Brad Pitt, ‘at one with the people’ on a boat.


    This old man was pretty chuffed to have his photo taken.

  6. Katlyn says:

    There are numerous locations to see like the Museums, Ragunan Zoological Park, Candi Shiva Temple and so on. I always try to book at cheap Jakarta hotels so I spend less time traveling to the sites so I keep hopping in and out of hotels.

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