Ramadan Crime

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Crime and prostitution are said to increase during the month of Ramadan.

Hasyim Muzadi, chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU), says he is concerned that crime rates increase sharply as the celebration of Idul Fitri/Lebaran nears. He says the burdens and obligations of celebrating the holidays leads to more people robbing and stealing, doing things which are in fact against religion.

Hasyim Muzadi said the problem was rooted in poverty, crime had to be tackled by dealing with poverty first. He is said to have quoted from a hadith, wherein Muhammad says that poverty can lead to a person becoming kufur, or in a state of unbelief. There were many different manifestations of kufur, said Hasyim, and stealing was one of them.

Meanwhile an official of the Jakarta city administration, A Sjarief Mustafa, says that the number of prostitutes caught by his office had increased from 94, before Ramadan, to 264 during it. He also said that the numbers of beggars had increased.

He claimed that the incidence of social ills such as begging and prostitution always increased during the “holy month”, and said that people from the provinces often used the “momentum” of Ramadan to come to Jakarta and seek money from the Jakarta’s residents.

On the streets of Jakarta, specifically Tanah Abang in central Jakarta, it is reported by Tempo that many bars and entertainment places are open almost as usual. Near the Tanah Abang station fifty stalls selling liquor are open. Each one has a number of women acting as hostesses for the men drinking, it is said. The women are also available for “dating”, at a price of 75-100 thousand rupiah.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hmm, this could be a good subject for a doctorate thesis.

  2. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    This is the most hypocritical celebration in all Indonesian celebrations!

  3. Czeslaw says:

    Andrew, and Karlira…

    What you need to know, is that when Islam was created, it incorporate many of the beduins and nomadic believes, Allah the Moon god, etc., to keep and attract more people as some cohesive group of people. Most formed religions have done this same. So, Islam is nothing new here and there. Just another way of making money.

    As far as the “sex scandals” in Islam is concerned, that is not a scandal, just sexual orgies, sexual expressions of groups of people. People all around the world have been doing it since the beginnings of humanity.

    In Islam is only difference, that one man can screw many women, sometimes they stone them for adultery after it is all over. So, Islam is only unpredictable as an end result of sexual things. So, the women have hard times in Islam, for they do not know what is for real, and what is not. The Islamic women, never knows when they will be stoned, or hanged after the sex and with whom.

    The adultery is most widely spread in Islamic countries, due to the fact, that let say an old 70 years old fart, is given children girl as young as 7-9 years old as a wives. When such a girl becomes an older girl of let say 17-20 years of age, this same old fart is now 80-90 years old, and is losing his butt air with each step. The girl at that age is fully developed woman, let say, and is sexually active. At least she should be. That is the normal physiological cycle. That is normal human being course of life, except in Islam countries.

    When a married woman to that old 70-90 years old fart is “being caught” on adultery, she is usually hanged or stoned. It makes sense only in stone age Islam. Only Islam is till mutilating woman’s body by cutting their clitoris off. It is nothing more than humiliating and degrading and controlling of woman.

    Why do you think Muslim man can have so many wives? They still live in a stone age, in pre- totemic times. Other religions and civilizations advanced, except Islam. So, let it be, forget Islam sex scandals, if you want to live in today times.

  4. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    That type of tradition is the pure discrimination against women. That’s why Indonesian women are against Sharia law because they are already wide-minded. Unlike male Muslim who are very narrow-minded and arrogant.

  5. Czeslaw says:

    Hello Karlira Kanakahuko

    I just wish, that Islam controlled and brain washed women get “infected” (I mean in a positive way here, please) with your bravery and honesty!

    There are no differences between Polish, Swede, American, Japanese, Arab, Indonesian, etc., etc., etc.. women.

    They all should be respected as a human beings, and not by how many camels can one Arab/Moslem get for one Arab/Moslem girl, woman or both.

    It may happen one day, you never know, when Islam will evolve beyond the bronze age…

    Till then, poor Muslim women..

  6. IndoGal says:

    Most Indonesians are hypocretes… including me. But at least I will not do something I shouldn’t do “in the name of my religion” (like suicide bombings… sure it will get them to the heaven’s door… but will the door be opened for them??? HAHAH!! )

    In my opinion, Indonesia is a country where men are “higher” than women (unlike most South American countries where people can kill each other if someone bad mouthing someone’s mom)….not only for Moslems, but also people in big city like Jakarta.
    You will think that as a normal condition if you never live somewhere else but Indonesia.
    When I moved here in the United States, I learn lots of stuffs (good and bad unfortunately). Women are equal to men… it is NOT okay to treat women differently from men. It is not okay to put more pressures on women, and it is okay for man to do house chores (simple stuffs that in Indonesia is not for men to do). Indonesian men doesn’t really like Indonesian women who already experienced living abroad because of these facts.

    Indonesian men requires virginity, and they actually wants someone “lower” than them (in education, financial, and career). Men are superior… and this is OK if they have the qualities. The problem is: most of them DO NOT HAVE THE QUALITIES….

    I do not have anything against Indonesian men… Juz want to share my opinion *__^

  7. Karlira Kanakahuko says:


    In my opinion, Indonesia is a country where men are “higher” than women (unlike most South American countries where people can kill each other if someone bad mouthing someone’s mom)”¦.not only for Moslems, but also people in big city like Jakarta.

    That is the culture of all narrowest-minded people in the whole world and the universe forever.

    Indonesian women are alrerady higher than Indonesian men/boys, like the Indonesian women’s brave protest against Sharia law and most of all, the demonic law, RUU-APP. This what you mean Indon women are lower while men/boys are superior? you are blind. You are influence by devil’s culture and you are promoting discrimination aghqaisnt women. You are a woman and you are the most unlucky woman, if you support that kind of stupid culture.

  8. Travis says:

    Sharia is against the Law of Reason and True Love!

  9. 1ndra says:

    To IndoGal and Karlira :

    At least in my house, me and my father could do cooking, cleaning, shopping…ah simple work…do what women could do, and still preserve our abilities as men.
    It’s hard to make a woman do roof repairing, fixing 220v house cabling (I have electrified several times, one of them even make my palm burt), sawing tree’s branches by climbing on it, take engines down and do cleaning carburator and pistons, installing/fixing water pipe, repairing cooker, moving heavy objects more than 25kg each, and else.

    What do I do today as a man…and as a woman?
    Cooking in the morning then cleaning very dirty big aquarium (I have almost dead fishes, lucky they’re survived) then fixing my sister’s bad looking bike that she dropped a few days ago.
    At noon, I burnt my palm with melting hot glue while making new engine induction system, lost some skin, but at least I have better performance engine. Still I have to cook for late lunch and do cleaning dishes. And still, room cleaning and preparation for “pengajian” after Isya’. My mother and sisters? Just do making drink and dinner.

    My mother said they’re men jobs, but still make women jobs something I must and could do, no difference between men and women, but when I give them men’s job…guess what
    Yeah maybe I’m just a gender victim 😀 as the only one son, but at least I’m superior…

    My mother is a career woman, I do respect her for her ability, but sure there’re still many difference what men and women could do or not.

    If you both think you could do the same, let me know, I’m not forcing you, but you know the risks 😉

    Sorry for my personal rant…but dont judge all men as the same, many men do respect women

  10. Czeslaw says:

    It is hard for me to have any opinion on sharia law. Any place on net I could download English version of this….

    Karlira, if this is what you belive in, what you say, stay with it. There is nothing wrong with it, except, these are just words.

    Nothing will change nor make any good, untill it will be put in an action.

    Get more women and man into some organized group. Build some follow up meetings. Get active and promote your philosophy and your way of thinking.

    Love and peace are harder to promote and spread anywhere, but it si truly noble thing to do.


    You are very good person.

  11. 1ndra says:

    Sharia or not, the most important thing is how to make the laws be respected and feared.
    If the law is too light or even could be bought…hell…then there’re crimes everywhere.
    And please dont think that criminals are peace loving or true loving person. A light punishment wont make them shrink, but heavy punishment is. Better let the criminals rotted in jail than regrets that our family be their next victim.

    Remember there’s no “I love you deeply in my heart buddy, now turn out your pocket or I’ll make you suffer and die!…Thank you, oh by the way I’ll make you suffer anyway”.

  12. Sweely says:

    I personally don’t think crime has something to do with Ramadan. I think they just got it all wrong. Ramadan is a month of peace – where people show love and feelings towards each other. Some commit crimes, and thanks to the media, it gets all big since it’s the holy month of ramadan. Gosh, I wish media stopped being such —holes against my religion.

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