Latin Lovers & Bule Babies

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Latin LoverThe sad cautionary tale of Anastasia, her Italian lover boy, their bule baby, and her cuckolded husband.

A 32 year old woman, Anastasia Wulan Widarti, from Bawen, Central Java, was convicted of adultery on 1st December at a Semarang court and jailed.

Anastasia began on the path to the jailhouse near the time she fell pregnant in late 2005, one year after she and Paulus Junarko, 33, had married. Paulus, who worked away from home on a cruise ship, was thrilled at the news of the pregnancy and took a two month leave from work to await the coming of his first-born, expected in June.

The baby however stubbornly refused to be born in June, and was not born until August 2006, by which time Paulus had already given up waiting and returned to the sea. After the birth he made some calculations and concluded that the child could not be his. State prosecutor, Bambang Wiwono, helpfully explained:

The last time Paulus had relations with his wife was on 24th September 2005, after that he went to sea.

Paulus’ suspicions were confirmed after finally laying eyes on the child, noticing that the baby was ‘bule’, or fair skinned. Prosecutor Bambang with more explanations:

The baby was bule, but Paulus is brown skinned like most Javanese.

Finally, if any more confirmation were needed, Paulus discovered a romantic message on Anastasia’s handphone, sent by her swarthy Italian boss, Giuseppe Puglisi, and reported the matter to the police.

At trial DNA evidence was presented putting the matter beyond all doubt, with the state court of Semarang having no sympathy for wayward Anastasia, sentencing her to five months in a correctional facility for women, one more month than prosecutor Bambang had, at length, requested. jawapos

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  1. BrotherMouzone says:


    but first step he must treat her well, dinner with champagne may be. bring her to the beach, sun bathing, put oil in her body, massage her feet, etc

    with few exception, very…very…very…very smart woman who able to attract bule using her brain and attitude without using the power of boobs. the possibility for this to happen 1:1000

    Do I sense a little bitterness here Wong?

    Don’t worry, I’m sure that the perfect bule guy for you is out there somewhere. And he’ll be willing to wait until after the wedding to “put oil in your body”. 😉

  2. deta says:

    Most of the cases of infidelity are not brought to court in Indonesia because it is considered disgraceful, not to mention the cost, time and energy required to bring a certain case to court. That’s why the case of infidelity are mostly left unsaid, kept as a family matter, or socially punished. And it has nothing to do with race.

    Do you enjoy seing bules being ridiculized in TV shows like “bule gila”?

    Bules were not ridiculized in “Bule Gila” show. On the contrary, they were appreciated for willing to put up with Indonesian sense of humour, however ridiculous it is. Take the show “Opera Van Java” for example. This kind of slapstick comedy quite sells as a TV show in Indonesia.

    Even if you’re treated like shit, don’t worry, they will treat you as different shit, the brighter ones…. 😉

  3. timdog says:

    Oh, I see Mister bas; I’m not a bule. What am I, pray tell? Can I please be a gay Muslim Pakistani? I’d really like that…
    Actually I was a bule last time I looked in the mirror. I’ll forgive your mistake as I had assumed that you – with your sneering about pembantus – were an Indonesian, but it seems that you’re a bule too, and one with some terrible hang-ups.
    I think, my friend, if you haven’t done so already, then it really is time for you to leave Indonesia before you crack and run amok in downtown Jakarta, stabbing to death any Indonesian who dares to flash his sinister smile in your direction…

    Sounds like what you’re suffering from is an inability to put yourself in perspective. Now, as mentioned I am a bule. I am not, however, a bule on an ex-pat income. I’m a bule with very little money at all by bule standards.
    This can occasionaly lead to ridiculous situations – like when some tukang parkir decides to ask me for Rp10,000 as I – in my grubby shorts and dirty sandals – wheel my aged 100cc bebek back to the road (“You! America! Banyak uang!” – I’m not American either, by the way, mas…) despite the fact that four very fat Indonesians in polo shirts in an enormous SUV have just handed him Rp2000.
    But do I allow that to turn me into a festering cesspool of resentment and racism, convinced that the entire country is out to get me? No, of course I don’t, because I’m a balanced, decent human being who is able to recognise that though obviously something of an idiot, the aforementioned tukang parkir is behaving in an inevitable and understandable way (I didn’t give him Rp10,000 though, hell no!), and that if I was to alow such petty issues as that to turn me into a deranged, paranoid imbecile, deeply unhappy at being in Indonesia, then the loss would be mine. I’ve chosen to be here.

    Are things like “bule gila” entirely grown-up, mature or politically correct. No, but then I am grown-up, mature and politically correct, so I’m able to smile and enjoy it.

    And Anastasia didn’t get jailed “because she did it with a bule” but because her husband filed a complaint and that there was material evidence of the “crime”. If a bule hadn’t been involved then she probably wouldn’t have been jailed, but only because the evidence would have been less obvious. If her husband had still been suspicious, if he had still demanded a DNA test and had then taken the complaint to the police then of course she would still have been jailed.

    Get a grip mister…

  4. wong cilik says:

    @ Bro

    Do I sense a little bitterness here Wong?

    Don’t worry, I’m sure that the perfect bule guy for you is out there somewhere. And he’ll be willing to wait until after the wedding to “put oil in your body”.

    yes bro, i am waiting, how about you?
    would you put oil in my body?

  5. BrotherMouzone says:

    yes bro, i am waiting, how about you?
    would you put oil in my body

    I might, but as a Westerner I do have certain standards…

    Are you;

    i) Swarthy
    ii) Buxom
    iii) Easy
    iv) Pembantuesque in appearance?

    If so, PM me… 😉

  6. David says:

    There’s more on the story here – Appears Guesseppe actually attended the wedding of the woman and Paulus, cripes…

  7. deta says:

    It’s a relief to see the piece of information that the husband also reported Giuseppe, not only his wife, but still didn’t answer our big question ‘where is the old man Giuseppe now?’ He must have such a damn strong sex appeal in his 50 that can turn an attractive woman away from her 33 yo husband… Oh, I am such an infotainment girl now…

  8. devilkitty says:

    The law to prohibit sex before marriage in KuhPerdata honestly make me feel safer as a daughter, a future wife & mother.

  9. devilkitty says:

    ugh.. KuhPidana i meant -_- epic failure..

  10. Anthony Tolomeo says:

    Indonesia has these rules, because the men there are jealous the women there go for guys who like them. I have two Indonesian girl friends, and it pisses off the Indonesian dudes for reason I can’t fit to understand.

  11. emmfabulash says:

    Well, I just try to make it straight…
    For me man is man, no bule, no hispanic, no african, no indonesian , no indian or whatever. Please notice, never generalized indonesia girl as a bule lover…I completely disagree..
    How to break this bule lover paradigm?

    And for anastacia, come on…

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