Latin Lovers & Bule Babies

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Latin LoverThe sad cautionary tale of Anastasia, her Italian lover boy, their bule baby, and her cuckolded husband.

A 32 year old woman, Anastasia Wulan Widarti, from Bawen, Central Java, was convicted of adultery on 1st December at a Semarang court and jailed.

Anastasia began on the path to the jailhouse near the time she fell pregnant in late 2005, one year after she and Paulus Junarko, 33, had married. Paulus, who worked away from home on a cruise ship, was thrilled at the news of the pregnancy and took a two month leave from work to await the coming of his first-born, expected in June.

The baby however stubbornly refused to be born in June, and was not born until August 2006, by which time Paulus had already given up waiting and returned to the sea. After the birth he made some calculations and concluded that the child could not be his. State prosecutor, Bambang Wiwono, helpfully explained:

The last time Paulus had relations with his wife was on 24th September 2005, after that he went to sea.

Paulus’ suspicions were confirmed after finally laying eyes on the child, noticing that the baby was ‘bule’, or fair skinned. Prosecutor Bambang with more explanations:

The baby was bule, but Paulus is brown skinned like most Javanese.

Finally, if any more confirmation were needed, Paulus discovered a romantic message on Anastasia’s handphone, sent by her swarthy Italian boss, Giuseppe Puglisi, and reported the matter to the police.

At trial DNA evidence was presented putting the matter beyond all doubt, with the state court of Semarang having no sympathy for wayward Anastasia, sentencing her to five months in a correctional facility for women, one more month than prosecutor Bambang had, at length, requested. jawapos

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  1. Ross says:

    Well, Giuseppe doesn’t look too happy in his photo!
    But what is the point of the story anyway, Patung? Is there not enough real stuff going on in Indonesia?

  2. David says:

    There’s no ‘point’ Ross, there’s rarely a point as far as I’m concerned, whatever amuses or interests me, if it doesn’t amuse or interest you pass on to the next thing in silence thanks, as for ‘real stuff’, feel free yourself….

    And it’s not Guiseppe, as for who that is, background here.

  3. Ross says:

    Aha! A whiff of nihilism! Ukraine’s Nestor Makhno would have endorsed your stance.

  4. diego says:

    I didn’t know by indonesian law you can get jailed for having sex outside marriage. Seriously I didn’t know (I’m not lying, this time). Jesus.

    I guess we learn new thing everyday. Thanks patung.

  5. donny says:

    wow … this is also new to me … that having sex outside marriage can lead you to prison !!

    what’s the charges ?

  6. Farah says:

    Its an unfair thing… what about that Giuseppe guy? not getting jailed because sleeping with other guys wife?? he could get away with that? adultery is done by two people, why its only one convicted??

    …Indoensia law… still sexist/unfair toward women. Poor baby.. have to live in jail with mom or maybe 5 month without mom.. uhhh !! sad !!

  7. BrotherMouzone says:

    Cheesus! You can get locked up for playing extra-marital hide-the-sausage? We may need some new prisons…

    But what is the point of the story anyway, Patung? Is there not enough real stuff going on in Indonesia?

    @ Ross – Surely this counts as real stuff. It’s a blatant example of the some pretty awful sexism in the legal system and a somewhat scary precedent on adultery. I realize that it doesn’t give you a chance to get all “Daily Mail” about Islamic clerics but there are other things going on in the country, you know?

  8. deta says:

    Someone is not going to jail if she/he commits adultery but neither side is harmed. However, if his/her spouse feels manipulated and reports it, someone who commits adultery can be imprisoned, referring to the Article 284 of the Penal Code.
    Simply put, the content of that article is (more less) as follows:

    1. Convicted with maximum imprisonment of nine months:
    – A married man who commits adultery
    – A married woman who commits adultery
    – An unmarried man having intercourse with a woman, whereas it is known that the woman is married
    – An unmarried woman having intercourse with a man, whereas it is known that the man is married

    2. The prosecution is not conducted unless it is based on the allegation from the husband/wife

    So according to that law, Giuseppe should’ve been put in jail too, but maybe because his nationality is not Indonesian he can’t be tried in Indonesian court.

  9. timdog says:

    Actually, I have a feeling that adultery is illegal – and prosecutable – in lots of countries; it just almost never makes it to court. Don’t think it happens too often in Indonesia either.
    Key question is, where is Giuseppe now?

  10. bs says:

    Yes, we should never underestimate the freakishness of law. The Dutch navy recently caught some pirates and brought them back for trial. Word is they had to use some 15th century law article for it since we didn’t have a real piracy problem after that. No one ever bothers to look at old out-of-fashion laws and remove them. Politician don’t get kudos for that.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if adultery is illegal here too. But besides that, isn’t it unfair anyway? Breaking up first and then messing around with others sounds more honest to me.

  11. BrotherMouzone says:

    @ Deta

    but maybe because his nationality is not Indonesian he can’t be tried in Indonesian court.

    I could have a lot of fun if that was true 🙂 However, us Orang Asing are subject to the same laws as Indonesians as long as we are in the country. Even daft laws.

    A court would be very unlikely to prosecute a foreign businessman under a law like this because of the damage it would cause to Indonesia’s fragile international reputation.

  12. David says:

    As far as it getting to court, assuming a complaint, it has to be rock solid, um, before the prosecutor will touch it, um, I think, ie they were caught in the act, so there are witnesses, but in this case there was a baby, and DNA.

  13. deta says:

    @ Brothermou

    However, us Orang Asing are subject to the same laws as Indonesians as long as we are in the country

    Not if you have the privilege of exterritorialiteit or whatever. Who knows, anything can happen in Indonesian court… 😉

  14. donny says:

    really ??

    what is exterriowhatsit thing ? could you elaborate, Deta ??
    because I want to have it =D

  15. Oigal says:

    “Word is they had to use some 15th century law article for it since we didn’t have a real piracy problem after that.”

    Did they have to walk the plank? Keel haul? That would make think twice..Keel hauling always seemed a nasty one..all dem shellfish n stuff

  16. deta says:

    @ Donny

    Well, it’s the same as exterritoriality (just can’t get away from some Dutch terms, huh), which is immunity from the jurisdiction of a nation, granted to foreign diplomatic officials, etc. I don’t know if it is now expanded to be granted to foreign businessmen as well ?!?… 😉

  17. donny says:

    so it’s some kind of diplomatic immunities like that ?? with stickers CC and license plate in the car ?

    I think it’s reserved for diplomatic staffs only … and I’m not T_T

  18. bs says:

    Diplomatic status is only for government officials (meaning those who have to perform some official function in another country). So not for all government employees and definitely not for business.

    Walking the plank would be great for those pirates. But although we were one time masters of heel hauling, sentences in the Netherlands often turn out very mild these days.
    And even if they go to jail here, how do you ever get them back afterwards?

    If he’s a sailor, maybe you mean international waters/territories. But that would be outside Indonesia though.

  19. deta says:

    Hmm…interesting. Another scenario is that Italian Law applies the Nationality Principle, which permits a country to exercise criminal jurisdiction over any of its nationals accused of criminal offenses in another state…

    Shouldn’t’ve been sleeping during my Law class……

  20. bas says:

    There is something many people are not aware of: The anti-bule feeling.
    If she had committed adultery with a local it would have been “ok”. That happen all the time.
    But baby looks “bule”. She did it with a foreigner.
    That’s why she got 5 months.
    Just yhink about how women flirting with bule or marrying them evenare treated.
    They instantly become “whores”. I have discussed the question with many officials and most of them, if not all, just cannot understand and accept than a nice normal, not materialist, woman can choose a bule to be her husband. Actually it is only accepted if the girl is a “second class” citizen alias a pembantu (everybody knows bule don’t know what is a beautiful girl).
    They even tried to create a $50.000 tax for foreigners marrying local girls. Not yet implemented.
    The anti bule feeling is a major pilar of the actual Indonesian society. If you don’t understand that you miss a lot.
    Bule are tolerated as long as they give money with a smile.
    They are not supposed to “steal” women from the great muslim local guys…

  21. diego says:

    Really Bas? I didn’t know that. Are you making that up? I got a different impression about this: marrying bule is something to be proud of, it’s like improving your race (memperbaiki keturunan). I can’t understand, though, how marrying David Bowie type of guy (?), for instance, would be consistent with the very idea of “mejorar la raza”.

  22. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Seksi Friends,

    This story cannot be true because there is no man Seksier than the Melayu man.

    Good Indonesian woman would not go with Bule like that.

  23. bs says:

    Or, more general: If you have something that is considered desirable, other people become jealous and gossip about it.
    I don’t see much difference with other cultures here.

    @pak Achmad:
    I didn’t know lazier was actually translated as seksier for melayu men 😉

  24. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Pak BS Yth,

    That is only because you do not know the seductive power of Ukulele music combined with an aromatic cloud of kretek smoke (my favorite is minak djinggo).

    Va Va Voom !

  25. wong cilik says:

    Just yhink about how women flirting with bule or marrying them evenare treated.
    They instantly become “whores”

    for non moslem women married with bule should be no problem, no body will treat them like whore, just like diego said marrying bule is something to be proud of, it’s like improving your race (memperbaiki keturunan)

    but for moslem woman is different. bule never marrying untested woman, they will test her in good and in a bed. He will marry her if she is good in a bed

    but first step he must treat her well, dinner with champagne may be. bring her to the beach, sun bathing, put oil in her body, massage her feet, etc

    with few exception, very…very…very…very smart woman who able to attract bule using her brain and attitude without using the power of boobs. the possibility for this to happen 1:1000

    ask bule what they prefer to have, spring chicken breast or chilli cow brains?

  26. timdog says:

    WHERE IS GIUSEPPE? This is what we desperately need to know.

    bas – if she’d comitted adultery with a local it wouldn’t have been “ok”; it would just have been less obvious, and sailor-boy might have given her the benefit of the doubt over the baby. She got five months because there was incontrovertible material evidence, not because she “did it with a bule” per se…
    I think, my friend, you are both over-egging the pudding and conflating a couple of seperate issues into a myth of seething bule-hatred (my god! I never knew! Get me out of here at once!)

    Somewhere in your sneering about “whores” and “pembantus” lies the crux of what I think you’ve miss-read. It’s not hostility to bules in general pal, it’s occasional hostility to bule-indon (even up the balance, eh? 😉 ) relationships. Why? Well part of it is the confusion based on a very widespread (mis)conception of the kind of women “bules” find attractive – the idea that they only like “dark” girls (hence your sneering “pembantu”; hence your preposterously presumtious “everybody knows bule don’t know what is a beautiful girl”).
    Actually, I think you’ll find that “bules”, unlike you, don’t have any particular preference when it comes to colour, having fewer of the chronic hang-ups about skin-colour that most Asians suffer from. Therefore some of them end up, by chance, with “dark” Indonesian girls who happen to be very attractive for various other reasons – to the bafflement and horror of the likes of you.

    The other “pillar” (I like your freudian talk of pillars; I’ll borrow it) of course is straightforward unease at the idea of a foreigner, not least a white, “western” foreigner, stealing “your” women… Now it would of course be entirely out of character for me to extrapolate from such a hang up a conception of the image of a white man with an Asian woman as a powerfully loaded symbol – a potentially inflamatory one in this post-colonial era – of all European involvement in the “east” (a symbol used, incidentally, in a most interesting way by Graham Greene in The Quiet American) – so I won’t…
    But I may borrow your post to beat the “bule isn’t a racist term” people on another thread…

    Now, going off at another tangent (I think it’s because I haven’t quite readjusted to the Javanese heat after the chill of China), a concept for a new post on the issue of “Achmad Sudarsono” just came to me. It would be a very weighty, accademic neo-Saidian deconstruction of the various issues raised by what I might term “the Achmad discourse”; it would address the possible variations – and conflicts – in the reading of said discourse by the constituent parts of the audience. I might call it “Achmad – black and white minstrel for the internet age, or post-colonial irony? A critical discourse analysis”…
    I would of course only do it with the consent of the man in question, because everyone knows that if you don’t get a “yes” it’s rape… so?

  27. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    If you want to write a thesis on my ‘writings’ here go ahead. Some themes I’ve been toying with;

    * Plans for the invasion of Australia, then Malaysia, then world domination.

    * Management Seminars: the power of negative thinking.

    * Picking up chicks II

    * Typology of Bules II

    What do you think ?

  28. bs says:

    Malaysia? do you really need a place to bore people to death in your kingdom?
    Why not go for Singapore instead?

    And do you really want Australia? The Dutch were there first and we left it for the English. But we did go for Indonesia. Now there must have been a reason for that…

    On a more serious note, I agree with Timdog. I don’t really experience any extra trouble in Indonesia because I’m a bule (besides the odd “sorry sir, no change”). I even have to say it might be the opposite. People often forgive for me showing non-compliant behavior and PNS ask less bribes from me than from my Indonesian friends.

  29. timdog says:

    Oh please do Achmad, any of them would be great.
    I’m somewhat busy at the moment, so I’m not quite sure when I’ll get the thesis done. It will be heavy, man… IM readers have seen me in snarling mode, in comedy mode, in journalistic mode, in parodic mode, even in fiction mode, but not yet in full accademic mode, and I think it’s about time.
    I’m kind of fun when I’m in accademic mode, and I do funky stuff. For example, one of the key points of my argument in “Achmad Sudarsono” will be a close comparison between your good self and the very, very awesome band Alabama 3… see – funky, huh?

  30. bas says:

    I think Timdog has no idea about the anti bule discrimination. He is not a bule and despite all his efforts and knowledge, will never be one, so he will never experience the “happiness” of being a bule living in Indonesia. I have never said locals are treated better. If you are nobody you are treated like shit. But differently. That’s discrimination. If you treat me better that’s discrimination. If you treat me differently that’s discrimination.

    Bs, I think you don’t really experience any extra trouble because you just don’t care about the “sorry sir, no change” or what people may think about you (or maybe you don’t have the balls to shut their mouth or ask for your money?). No wonder things don’t change with that expat mentality. And no wonder everything is just fine for you if you give them all the money they want.
    But if you were treated like that in your country would you react the same way?

    Sometimes I think expats are not so different from the local “elites”. As long as everything goes smoothly for them they just don’t care about what others may endure and perpetuate the myth of the heavenly smiling friendly Indonesian fellow bullshit.
    You have a nice life in Indonesia. It doesn’t mean it is the same for all other bules.
    Do you enjoy seing bules being ridiculized in TV shows like “bule gila”?

    Anyway, about Anastasia I maintain she got 5 months because she did it with an Italian (wish I must admit is not very intelligent).
    Now if you wanna say I am wrong just show me other cases of a cheating wife getting a 5 month imprisonment sentence because she committed adultery with a non bule… 😉

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