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Jakarta HotelSix months after the bombings, is it “business as usual” for Jakarta hotels’ security?

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Fast Track, the travel show on satellite/cable TV channel BBC World News, featured Indonesia recently: one report covered tourism (especially diving) and reconstruction in Aceh five years after the tsunami, another about hotel security and terrorism.

I must admit that I watched with some trepidation. “Fast Track” seems fairly open-minded, but here was a travel show that seemed like it would once again reinforce stereotypes that a) Visitors to Indonesia were at great risk of attack and natural disasters, and b) Indonesia was full of terrorists.

Anti Terrorist
Move along, nothing to see here… Jakarta’s Anti-Terrorist Police on a training drill in Bali

The story about hotel security – watch it here – discussed how hotels in recent years have become attractive targets for terrorists trying to attack Western people and/or businesses.

Unfortunately, all the major 5-star hotels in Jakarta apparently declined to be interviewed, with only the relatively small and obscure Alila Hotel agreeing to discuss their security procedures.

Alila Hotel, Jakarta
Alila Hotel, Jakarta

So, let us be more helpful to prospective visitors to Jakarta and provide reviews of some of these hotels’ security arrangements. Please share your thoughts below about the following questions:

  1. Is hotel security is a major consideration for you when choosing a place to stay in Jakarta?
  2. (Where applicable) What Jakarta hotels have you stayed at since July 2009, and were their security arrangements sufficiently safe and professional?
  3. In your opinion, has the quality of Jakarta hotels’ security improved since July 2009, or is it the same like before?

N.B. These are not intended to be general hotel reviews as such. You can write them here – and it would be nice if you did – by following these instructions.

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  1. realest says:

    Try again Reales aka Adichandra aka Dragonwall

    @Purba: I came across Dragonwall on ‘Israel Gaza Strip Conflict’, so i decided look up Adichandra but to no avail. Apparently you’re a pretty bad guesser – i don’t do ad-hominems and i don’t stick my ass up some topic that cannot be concluded( like israel-gaza because both sides are wrong). in any case, i will revoke my benefit of doubt and consider you as just another googler. have a nice day.

  2. Odinius says:

    I thought that accusation was so off the mark it was downright funny.

  3. Chris says:

    My family enjoyed the additional hotel security on Christmas Day at Gran Melia Hotel in Jakarta:

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