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Vice president Jusuf Kalla advises businessmen of Chinese descent to regard Indonesia as their home, and not as a hotel.

Speaking to a group of Chinese, Tionghoa, businessmen at the Gedung Metro TV in Jakarta on the 11th Kalla asked them to not consider Indonesia a hotel, and that when times got tough not to flee, with their money in tow, to greener, safer pastures such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

Chinese should regard Indonesia as their permanent home, and if there were problems, or “damage”, in the country, then Chinese businessmen should stay to help fix the problems, and not make the problems worse by leaving, or likely more to the point, moving their money to other countries.

This is our home, let’s fix it [together].
(Ini rumah kita, kita perbaiki rumah kita.)

According to Kalla Indonesia had already passed the worst of its economic and socio-political distresses and bright sunlit uplands were in view.

It’s much safer here now than in the past.
(Kita sudah jauh lebih aman dibanding masa dulu)

On the part of the government there was no longer any discrimination in Indonesia based on ethnic and religious identity (SARA), he said. As proof he pointed out that some government officials had been punished for corrupt practises.

He hoped that Chinese here would help convince foreign investors that Indonesia was a good place to invest in by themselves prioritising Indonesia as the first place in which they invest their funds.

Kalla said that the government did not distinguish between the ethnic backgrounds of businessmen. Whether Chinese or Bugis (like Kalla), or whatever, they were all just Indonesian. (Antara, Media Indonesia, Metrotv.)

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  1. Bradlymail says:

    To all Hindu friends ‘Happy Depavali’. Frankly, I don’t know that Titiek Puspa is Chinese, great she’s truly Indonesian. Thanks to O.Bule for your info.

  2. Peace says:


    Pribumi resent Chinese success: SOME Chinese as well as Pribumis are very rich and successful. Though it is understandable that some especially (poor) pribumi do not like the Chinese success, this is everywhere very human isn’t. There are also poor Chinese.

    Sorry Julita…
    not because I know how to be a poor ‘pribumi’.
    But your notion there is very discriminatory, even though you put the word ‘some’.

    While for the poor Chinese, you assume: they accept that others have better life, would they resent the rich pribumi, no of course not. I said, sometimes we don’t realise that we sometimes are not less racist or discriminatory than those we said racist or discriminatory.

  3. Tomaculum says:

    O. Bule:
    My respect to T. Puspa using her prominent position to fight for the weak (btw, her birth name was Sudarwati).
    What do you want to say, O. Bule? Not every one is talented and can reach such a career like T. Puspa. And I’m sure, she didn’t give most of her money away for charity or social purposes. I think she isn’t a greedy swine, is she, O. Bule?
    Sorry, but try to deepen your knowledge independently and neutrally about the problems in Indonesia before giving such amential comments.
    My heros are the poor women, Chinese and non-Chinese, fighting against everyday problems to earn money to give their family a hope for tomorrow, without much complaining.
    Every Indonesian citizen can be a good citizen without abandoning her/his cultural identity (remember: Bhineka tunggal Ika=unity in diversity. I think this motto is also valid for the Chinese!).

  4. Andrew says:

    O.Bule said:

    1. Kill the Chinese only private schools off right now. Private schools are fine, but admit Pribumis too, and teach in Bahasa Indonesia or English, NOT Chinese.

    First of all, I am not aware that there is such a school. If that kind of school did exist, yes, it should admit Pribumis too, BUT what is the problem with Chinese as a language? why can you teach in English but not in Chinese?

    2. End the “iron ceiling” for Pribumi employees of Chinese-Indonesian owned businesses. Meritocracy should rule; let the most qualified get the position, all the way up to CEO and Chairman.

    You make it sound that the Chinese should take the blame. Can the same is applied to all other Pribumi and Government-owned companies, including government institutions? can they allow Chinese to rise to the top? CAN THIS BE DONE?

    3. Do what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have done. Demonstrate Chinese-Indonesian commitment to the society and culture through generous private and corporate charity and philanthropy (Gates and Buffet have given away tens of BILLIONS and continue to do so). In short, if you make a lot of money, give most of it away, it shows that you care (as opposed to being a greedy swine).

    (1) WHO ARE YOU TO TELL PEOPLE what to do with their hard-earned money?(2) if you look close enough you’ll find successful Chinese businessmen who do the same.

    4. Intermingle in Pribumi culture and INTERMARRY. Chinese-Indonesians should value being Indonesian over being Chinese, and value Indonesian culture over Chinese culture, or else they should move back to China.

    You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. First of all, a lot of Chinese have been in Indonesia for generations – I’m talking about 7+ generations. A lot of them don’t speak Chinese or any dialect anymore. AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH DOING A LITTLE TO PRESERVE THE CULTURE OF THEIR ANCESTOR? MOVE BACK TO CHINA? HOW ABOUT YOU MOVE BACK TO THE WEST?

  5. Julita says:

    I just returned from a vacation, so I hope you don’t mind my getting back to what we were talking about before I left, October 22, 2006.

    __________Peace: I said, sometimes we don’t realise that we sometimes are not less racist or discriminatory than those we said racist or discriminatory.
    There are reasons to separate people; health, etiquette, morals, respects etc. In all, it is an easy way out and sometimes damaging conclusion to say ‘discrimination’. It exists and it does not bother me a bit. I have confident; the ONE I am concern about is what I am in the eyes of the Lord.

    Thus, I was referring to the psychological side of the situation how people usually/should reciprocate.
    When we are welcomed to live in a certain country, contrary to what is going on in the world today, we would/should not provoke trouble or terror but be more appreciative.
    To Bule who wants to be more Indonesian then the Indonesian.
    Bule: Well, you regard Titiek Puspa as an ideal Indonesian of Chinese descent, good for you. Is she? You must have a very good source. Though why is there still this question among people? Is it because in her 50 plus years of career, singing, composing talking in public, she did not write or speak about her descent? Sherly wrote quite a long article showing her compassion towards others, a kind of biography without telling the important people who brought Titiek Puspa (not that it matters to me).

    ______________Intermingle in Pribumi culture and INTERMARRY. Chinese-Indonesians should value being Indonesian over being Chinese, and value Indonesian culture over Chinese culture, or else they should move back to China.____________

    Additional information: Most Indonesian have vague ethnicity or do not reveal their ethnicity, including millions Indonesian of Chinese descent. The recent November 21 Citizenship Law is great. On the contrary, Bule said ‘OR ELSE THEY SHOULD MOVE BACK TO CHINA””whew!!!!!!!!!!! What part of the body should go back to China and which part of the body should stay in Indonesia. (Your children will have the same issue, my friend) Simply ridiculous! I teach the young of inter-marriage couples, to be proud of their origin, to pick up all the good from both sides of their parents, ancestors.

    For your information, see the following:
    In a census held in 2000, respondents were asked to describe their ethnic background: less than 1% of the country s 210 million inhabitants described themselves as ethnic Chinese.

    Many sociologists regard this as a serious underestimate: they believe that somewhere between six million and seven million people of Chinese descent are now living in Indonesia.


  6. luphIndo says:

    to O. Bule

    In general, Chinese resent Pribumi political and military power, consider themselves to be racially and culturally superior to Pribumis, and, consequently, do not even try to assimilate into mainstream Indonesian (Pribumi) culture, let alone intermarry”

    HELLO!!!… 75% Indonesia Chinese here CANNOT speak Chinese, and preferred to be called Chinese when they are abroad because of the that, We have INDONESIAN NAMES, speak Indonesian (even Javanese or Sundanese or Manadonese) as mother tongue!!! I am proud of that… I live in Indonesia… so why not speak Indonesian? although some Chinese Singaporeans or Malaysians will be snotty at me… but I wont listen to them.. I am Indonesian and I am proud to be able to speak Indonesian and communicate well with other Indonesian Ethnicities… not like Chinese Malaysians who are still feel unease to speak Bahasa Melayu to their bumiputera friends… and I can say that Chinese Indonesians assimilate better that Chinese Malaysians…

    about the intermarry… I have several cousins who married Batak, Minang and Javanese girls… and we are happy with that!!!! I know that some Chinese may still have prejudice to their pribumi but THE NATION IS ON ITS WAY TO LEARN TO ASSIMILATE AND ERASE ALL THE DISCRIMINATION, IT IS A PROCESS AND CANNOT HAPPENd OVERNIGHT…

    so Bule, I think you should check out the reality around you!!

  7. Dragonwall says:

    According to Kalla Indonesia had already passed the worst of its economic and socio-political distresses and bright sunlit uplands were in view.

    It’s much safer here now than in the past.
    (Kita sudah jauh lebih aman dibanding masa dulu)

    In present days if this short VP says the economic and socio-political distress had passed it’s worst then it clearly shows how how medicocrity he is. It also shows how hypocritical (not ignorant but pretext by throwing smoke cloud) knowing that the worst is yet to come.

    In term of economic, the progress in development slowed down due to higher than usual cost for investor as the cost of materials rose sharply. This eventually reflects the cost of consumer buying end product. Not forgetting, for exporter the weak rupaihs does not help at all unless BI is prepared to bring them through the yo yo process. 4000 plus items were drafted to be delisted as dutiable items, but this will not help consumer because the exchange rate were double that 5 yrs ago and 5 times that 10 yrs ago. It will only help C&E by preventing them fron rampant taxation.
    Taking into account for salaried blue and white collar woeker were not raised that high perhaps 45% of their salary 10 yrs ago. and 25% 5 years ago. And taking into consideration the high cost of living making the livelihood of workers “sama aja kosong” from left hand in right hand out. This will eventually cause an increase in divorce rate and people looking for better job jump ship..

    The socio-political is even worst. From discrimination and violence to bombings and threats of anarchist and terrorism by radical right and left groups ever greedy of filling in the Big Brother gap. This will end up like Iraq, Iran, Palestine Hamas and will lead to another civil unrest. Their motive is not religious motivated but money. Same as the middle east, Osama b Laden, Arafat etc. In public it is for the interest of the people in private it is for their pocket.

    Look at it, from Aceh to Tanggerang, and right now more and more province are pushing for Sharia Law to be impose. What does that show. It shows that every one is trying to be big brother and because of the over zealous clerics’ personal perception will by way and means trying to induce followers to cause chaos by do sweeping etc. Say what the government like but they will just do what they like.

    The short VP is a Bugis, and he is very anti-Chinese. Read carefully all the speeches he said and breakdown by analyzing them to determine and compare them to what SBY’s, Soeharto’s, Soekarno’s speeches and you will realize that what the short VP said did not mean what he said but meant what he mean at heart.
    Same as what the impeached Habibie said.

    A mentality not broad enough will not make him a president. He got his job as a VP bought with money not because he is capable. Take a look at the mud flow. He even had the government pick up the sh*t he collaborated with his business cronies.
    Saying ‘don’t make Indnesia a Hotel’. If I am a conglomerate, as what many had done, I will move my business hub to Singapore and not Malaysia. Malaysia impose a 2 years sanction for money brought into the country. This hapenned to my boss who did not realize the sanction and he had to see his money sitting in a Malaysian bank for 2 years.

    Like any free democratic country, anyone will have their right to bring their money they want without any prejudice. Indonesia became prejudicial unable to convince the investor who moved by saying all sort of rubbish.

    So judge yourself if the economic and socio-political situations in Indonesia had improve or becoming worst!


    In referring to someone’s comment saying ‘OE ELSE THEY SHOULD MOVE BACK TO CHINA’.
    This mentality is not helping the Indonesians resolve their problem but it shows you have the mentality as the short VP, Habibie, Abu Rizal Bakrie, and those radical groups.
    I also suppose you miss the ‘root’ and origin. The migrant came from way back when and when the later born who have bright ideas not being able assimilate cough up a bright ideas by telling them to go. What if you were to put yourself in the same position. If that person do as you suggested then it will make him giving up his rights of domicile being born in that country.
    In any country, unless a person makes an affidavit not to make their new boarn a citizen, he will automatically be a citizen the moment he landed on the ground from the womb.
    This is exactly the thinking of an anarchist. Did your parents or teachers taught you be behave and think this way?

  8. Raden says:

    Here is correction to our VP’s statement :
    ‘ Hi Chinese Indonesian, pls go back home, in this super corrupt Indonesia home country, we will offer you a special protection for your family, freedom to practice your belief / religion & other basic rights of human being … but bring your money offcourse to pay for all of those basic rights for protection ‘.
    ‘And… by the way, if there will be second riot happening again in Jakarta (which can be happening at any time very soon before the next coming election), I am sorry to say that I need your amoy to be our scape goats again …. we missed the taste of our chinese Amoy since they are all went out, scared to death during the May 1998 famous riots in Jakarta/Solo ‘

    Amoy, if you read this forum from outside Indonesia, I think it is a reminder for you to surrender your green passport to the nearest KBRI, renouce your WNI immediately and just settled & take your new nationality wherever you are happily living now … for sure this is the right way you must do

  9. Tomaculum says:

    O’Bule is possibly married to a chinese hater (ngapunten nggih mbak! πŸ™‚ ) sitting in his left ear whispering:”Hate the chinese Indonesian, they are greedy grubs etc., etc.”
    If his next wife is a chinese, then he maybe will say:”The pribumis should go to hell with their ….!”

  10. Julita says:

    Hi Raden, could I be mistaken? I thought you are a Christian. Your posting of Septembre 8, does not sound like it.

  11. Julita says:

    Raden, if I meet some of them, I will forward your message and even help them with processing their papers. The ones I’ve met they are settled, too bad. They do not need my help.

  12. Molisan Tono says:

    Julita, girl, Raden was joking. He is our guy, it just a parody about one of our best wayang gelok character Mr. JK.

    Funny, but hurt indeed.

  13. Julita says:

    Right Tono, wayang gelok really. Too bad, perhaps he did not read my posting or perhaps he is still coming up? Could also be a slip of the fingers instead of the tongue.
    Hurt? Not at all, I came here in utopia centuries ago. What makes me feel is, everywhere, may it be Africa, when people become so demeaning. I would like to come with dozens of jumbo jets and pick them up and let them have a taste of peace and love. (What a dream!) O.K. anybody if they check their blood there could be just a trace of Chinese blood in them. especially in Indonesia. Men, the world is now so mixed, look around, travel and see, be open minded. So, why keep bitching at each other, better think how to build up the country together. Decide for an end to it and a good start.

    Prehistoric Period: Several thousand years ago the inhabitants of the islands (Indonesia) were Negritos and Papuans. Perhaps about 10.000 years B.C. large numbers of people from the mainland of Asia began to migrate southward into the Malay Archipelago.
    They intermarried with the inhabitants or drove them eastwards.
    The descendants of the Asian migrants are the Malays. The ancestors of the Malays arrived from SOUTHWEST CHINA abour 4.000 years ago.
    So people, do you look more like the papuans? or negritos? or Malays.? Interesting!
    from: Merit Students Encyclopedia.

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