Bogor Restaurant Raids

Oct 7th, 2006, in News, by

A number of small restaurants were raided by Muslim militants in Bogor and forced to close.

SCTV and Metro TV say that dozens of young men, Islamic boarding school students, it seems, stormed through the Leuwiliang market in, Bogor, West Java, on the 6th, and forced any small restaurants, or “rumah makan”, to close. Those places which were already closed were inspected anyway, with the doors forced open, to make sure that in fact no-one was inside, eating.

The students had previously delivered letters to eating house owners informing them that they were required to close during the fasting hours, even though no local laws exist regulating hours of operation for restaurants during Ramadan.

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  1. Mohammed Khafi says:

    It saddens me to see, that on a daily basis, we slip closer and closer to a state of anarchy. Where are the upholders of Law and Order, if the TV stations could have people there why could not the police? These people have absolutely no justification in either the law of the land or from religious teachings to be doing this sort of thing. When is somebody in authority going to stand up and say “Enough is Enough” and put an end to the rampant criminality which is taking over our country?

  2. Rockstar says:

    I wonder if they really value the teaching of Islam anymore.

    When a friend told me once that this was a sacred month for them, I wonder which part of their actions that closely resemble the sacredness?

    I do fasting from times to times, not only on a certain months or because I have to. There is no an easy way to do fasting, the whole point is to resist the temptation that this world can offer.

    I’m so angry that I couldn’t pray to God to forgive them anymore. I hope they will be punished severely here on earth. May their souls be rotten forever in hell.

  3. Andrew says:

    Can I still expect that justice be served?
    Can I hope that the authority follow-up and take appropriate legal action?

    When Suharto was still in power, this kind of thing never happened, ironically. Unfortunately, MOST Indonesians are not ready for “freedom” and “democracy” – they just don’t have a clue of what those words really mean.

  4. Tomaculum says:

    Some one wrote in a blog: the tsunamis were punishment Allah’s for misdoings and lacks of faith in Indonesia.
    I believe rather, that these dafts abusing Allah’s words are the punishment. And the self-important and chicken hearted authority is the cream on the top.
    I don’t wonder that normal people don’t have the courage to say or to do something against those impurifying of the holy month.

  5. Molisan Tono says:

    another stupid act of mislead teaching of Islamic boarding school…
    what kind of teaching these people doing in that school anyway?

    “how to terror your neighbour who don’t fast?”

    or maybe…

    “how to scare the hell you mom’s butts knowing her son commit Islamic crime?”

    I’m sorry for my other Moslem fella, I’m not provoc your faith, it just written up these post… Islamic boarding school… so, it’s your obligation to search the truth what the hell is going on with your people religion value in that school.

    oh… it just to remind you guys… according to my beloved commentator Hassan…

  6. Bradlymail says:

    Another stupid act by the students of Islamic boarding school. If this is a part of their teaching curriculum? I agree with Andrew.

  7. O. Bule says:

    These “Islamic boarding schools” (aka zealot/terrorist training centers) must be closed throughout Indonesia immediately.

    O. Bule

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