Depravity, Decadence & Punishment

Nov 29th, 2009, in News, by

Tifatul SembiringPunishment for sin, a minister blames disasters on depravity & corruption of Indonesians.

Minister for Communications & Information Tifatul Sembiring speaking in Padang, West Sumatra on 27th November to the victims of the recent earthquake in the province which killed 1,000 odd people said that all the natural disasters Indonesia had suffered in recent years were partly caused by moral depravity and decadence.

Giving a sermon to mark Idul Adha day Tifatul, who is a leader of the Partai Keadilan Sejahtera/Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) said the string of disasters and earthquakes at Garut, Tasikmalaya, Cianjur and West Sumatra, were due to people sinning willy nilly, without obeying God’s commandments, and no longer fearing Him.

As proof of the general immorality of Indonesians these days he said there were at least 500 porn videos in compact disc format on the market that were produced by Indonesians, and 70% of them ‘starred’ students. Immoral television programmes were also to blame, he said.

Apart from pornography, other signs of the immorality of the people were seen in the ease with which the courts were corrupted, and the existence of the profession of “case broker” (Markus) in the legal system.

In addition to earthly punishments such as earthquakes and floods, a terrible vengeance lay in wait for such corrupt and immoral people on Judgement Day, said the minister, when their mouths would be covered and their hands and legs would involuntarily tell of what they had done on earth. antara

Meanwhile, on the issue of pornography, he further said that within six months new government regulations would be issued based on the anti-pornography law, which would see internet access to porn sites blocked vivanews

Once the laws are ready all porn sites will be closed off.

He did not say whether this was likely to reduce the incidence of earthquakes in Indonesia.

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  1. diego says:

    There’s another face off every other week, if you really feel like voting there’s those little voting buttons, -5 total gets the comment hidden, +5 total gets it highlighted.

    I’ve been voting down for a set of individuals no matter what, and up for another set no matter what.

  2. Oigal says:

    Ah Assmad, how much more weight your opinion would carry if only you represented yourself instead of the views, opinions and attitude of that insidious, grasping, cabal of crocodiles. It’s one thing to be a thoroughly repugnant, however to be that on behalf of others is truly sad.).

    I do note Patung comments (again given he is having a dollar each way). Assmad when s/he channels the Chamberlain theory of appeasement “oh you must understand why they are saying these things” is exactly face the crocodiles rely upon to maintain the status quo. Assmad as in his role as chief crocodile tick does present that face knowing full well, short of insults his statements add as much true value to the conversation as his gene pool did for humanity.

    If we wish to refer to the subject of the post (which was not my original post) then as Patung said he is Minister and a senior one at that. So the poor bugger me, kupangan defence doesn’t wash. Few would doubt that a robust and free media is a central plank to democracy yet our man prefers to blame sinners in Padang for earthquakes, is an avid supporter of censorship (is anyone else’s youtube blocked today..oh..oh) and panders to the very part of Indonesian society that at best has serious doubts about the concept of democracy. That may well not be his intent never the less..if it walks like a duck….

    It is patronizing and the very worst sort of racism when people like Assmad continue to espouse these views of “oh you must understand” or “he is just saying it not believing it” as if the Indonesian people deserve nor could understand any better. This of course, is just a sugar coated version of the people still need our born to rule crocodiles and “guided democracy”. It is impressive that ASSMAD does all that for 100,000rp and lunch tho, the IM Version of rent a thug.

  3. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Once again, the tyranny of missed it. The problem with your Indonesia-lens is its clouded by all that moral frothing. In the meantime, your analysis is about as spot on as you thinking that tasty little Golf caddy in the mini skirt likes you for you.

    Actually, I think you’re the one supporting the crocodiles by presenting arguments against them so weak they don’t stand up. Oigal the Australian crocodile keeper.

    Just to set you straight: the PKS isn’t status quo at all. The inner circle would love nothing more than to turn Indonesia into Iran. Your crocodile friends & backers on the other hand just want to party all the time. If you keep it up, they might even reward you with another caddy hand me down.

  4. Oigal says:

    Ok fair point, if you take away my agenda of annoying you. Acknowledge there is a real battle royale going on for the secular soul of Indonesia and the crocodiles are making very easy for the likes of PKS and others.

    Sorry nice try but the crocs are not real fond of people like myself, much prefer the apologists, forelock tugging, yes Pak no Pak like yourself. Although I do appreciate the compliment, the one must be hurting a bit huh..bit close to the sponsors me ol son.

    As for caddies, once again yours reflects the attitude of the “born to rule” your inference that caddies are just commodity to be “handed down” is exactly the attitude of your patrons and why they and you are so despised. It amuses me when you continually post trash like that which makes it so easy to expose your disregard of others that you believe are beneath you.

    Sorry to disappoint but the last conversation I had with a caddie was:

    “You must be the worst caddie in Indonesia”

    The Reply “Sorry Mister, that would be way too much of a coincidence”

  5. Oigal says:

    BTW..It’s a bit pointless if only Assmad votes my comment down :-). I declare a non voting stance myself

  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Croc Keeper.

    Thou doth protest too much. You’re exactly what the crocs, like, need, and employ: a foreign face to provide the illusion of international exposure at their sordid little enterprises.

    You throw in the extra service of posting straw men arguments at places like IM, feeble arguments designed to be knocked down. As for sordid, no need to air your private transactions with golf caddies, but hey, whatever makes u happy, man. Indonesia can provide.

  7. Oigal says:

    ? “Is that all you have, my what a disappointment” . Although you would have heard that phrase more than once in your life, pretty sure maternity ward would have been the first time. Have you considered setting the phrase to music and making it your own personal theme song.

    I take it your patron is not in the office for advice today, simply taking my points as your own displays a certain lack of imagination and flair. Still in the interests of troll development happy to help you out, but really you should try some new material.

    I do agree your arguments are feeble and sadly your inability to show any compassion to others whilst accusing others who do as exhibiting unjustified “moral outrage” (as if this is bad thing) common amongst your kind whose very existence depends on the suffering of others.

    It is even sadder that you think contact with people outside of the elite and privileged class as sordid. Certainly after talking with you and your crocodile patrons, I feel the insatiable need to wash my hands but that is more than countered by my interactions with ordinary (you know them as commodities) Indonesians. It’s a shame you cannot imagine anything outside of your slavish and unquestioning devotion to your sponsors.

    Seriously tho, what makes you think you are so much more superior than the Caddies and other people who do what they have to do make a living in Indonesia. Is it really the birthright of your patron? You think you are better educated? Or what? I do confess a complete inability to understand the destructive arrogance of this attitude.

  8. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Try to keep the clauses to one or two a sentence, Oigsie. Easy on the adjectives. Golden rule: less is more.

  9. Oigal says:

    “Golden rule: less is more.” Yup do pass that on to your Patrons. It may just make a difference if enough people say it

  10. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Oigs, amidst the insults, just trying to help you out. Leaving your own hang ups at the door when trying to analyse is what the pros do. Saves mouth froth and makes for better writing. Do recommend you stick with the basics for now, though: proposition = argument = conclusion. Save the flourishes for when yr ready. cheers.

  11. bs says:

    It’s surely fun to see the master of flamebaits at work here. Keep it up 😉

  12. Oigal says:

    Well you are going to have to help me out some more then. Who be these “pros” surely not you unless forelock tugging is now a profession. Perhaps your crocodile master and I must admit “Pro” would be a suitable alternative title although I would prefer the more earthy man-whore.

    As for being ready, what are you a bloody boy scout??

    Any chance of you actually offering an opinion beyond the insults or do you have get approval first?

  13. Oigal says:

    Mmmm.. Seems more than few neo-religious types and crocodiles lurk on IM (well that or people are finding me boring (nuts..). One of my posts is already up to 4 thumbs down and according to Patung doomed to oblivion 🙁
    “As the gecko said to the Croc seems all rather arbitrary to me”.

  14. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Like i said, Oigal, just trying to help. The likes of you have come a long way to have the honour of being insulted by the likes of me, but time to take it to the next level.

  15. David says:

    One of my posts is already up to 4 thumbs down and according to Patung doomed to oblivion

    Not oblivion, see on the first page –

  16. Oigal says:

    -5 total gets the comment hidden,

    Not dead just resting 🙂

  17. deta says:

    Patung, what if a comment has +5 thumbs up and +5 thumbs down, would it be hidden and highlighted simultaneously? Just being curious…

  18. David says:

    No, that would be a margin of 0. The margin must be +5 or -5.

    So 12 thumbs down and 7 thumbs up gets the comment hidden, because margin is -5.

    9 thumbs up and 5 thumbs down, nothing happens, because margin is only +4.

  19. deta says:

    Ups, just missed to notice that you wrote +5 total.
    Ok, guys, continue the battle!… 😉

  20. Oigal says:

    laugh it would appear I am in world of “hidden” hurt here. Some of youse people must be voting twice. Now you do understand I will go away and sulk.

  21. timdog says:

    … I was just thinking how I didn’t like those little red-and-green thingummies, and how they mar the white austerity of Indonesia Matters. Also, there’s an unexpected consequence of voting a comment out of sight. As soon as I see “comment hidden” I just have to click on it to see what was so rubbish about it, thereby giving it more attention than it deserves… Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not sure.

    Anyway, I’m greatly enjoying the current battle. Continue gentlemen.

  22. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Hi Oigal,

    Yes, I shamelessly cheated and somehow voted three times in a couple of the posts. Sorry. You know the story about the scorpion and the turtle (or was it a frog ? Or maybe a crocodile?). : )

  23. bs says:

    I have to agree with timdog, a hidden comment is quite enticing.

    Also, what if 25 people vote “thumbs up” and 30 “thumbs down”? Now that would most definitely make it an interesting comment, wouldn’t it? But it would still be (enticingly) hidden…

    I’d like to propose an absolute more-than-five-thumbs-up-always-visible rule.

  24. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Seksi Friends,

    What I have ‘hidden’ is very enticing… Va Va Voooooom !

    Stay tuned. I will soon craft my ‘Seksi Man’ course.

  25. David says:


    Also, what if 25 people vote “thumbs up” and 30 “thumbs down”? Now that would most definitely make it an interesting comment, wouldn’t it? But it would still be (enticingly) hidden…

    Well, these are the settings currently:

    Highly-rated comments have (Likes – Dislikes) >= 5

    Styled- background-color:#F5F5F5
    Text- Top Rated!

    Poorly-rated comments have (Dislikes – Likes) >= 5

    Styled- (text)color:#A6A6A6 [and you have click to see it]
    Text- Not Popular!

    Hotly-debated comments have (Likes + Dislikes) >= 20

    Styled- border-width:thin; border-style:solid
    Text- Controversy!

    I’m mathematically challenged…but if there is a conflict between the stylings, the order of precedence is: highly-rated, poorly-rated, hotly-debated.

  26. bs says:

    Great job Patung.
    What happens in the browser depends on where you’ve put it. If it’s in html/css then it’s probably fine. If it’s in the php source, we might never reach “hotly-debated” depending on how you put it in there.

    Let’s test it. If enough people click your post then we’ll know…

  27. David says:

    Well I manually fiddled my score for my last comment, didn’t quite work out, I think there’s some issue with multiple comments on the same page being top rated, low rated, controversial, I’ll have to play around with it a bit more.

  28. diego says:

    I tried to cheat it. I know you can’t vote twice from the same IP. So I tried using site like to open this IM. Well, it worked, partially, Ok, it didn’t work. The returned HTML was modified by that anonymouse, and some javascripts in this page (including the one for the voting) don’t work). Maybe I should try using Tor (, something I learned to use when I was behind the great firewall :D. This way I hope i can “fix” the votes. Oh ya, don’t get me wrong, I love democracy, ha ha ha.

  29. David says:

    Well, I don’t bloody know, I can fiddle my own comments votes but the styling won’t work….but if I fiddle Diego’s the styling does work….

  30. diego says:

    Oh hare christus, how did you do that?

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