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The notorious Al-Mukmin Muslim boarding school, or pesantren, held over the weekend a seminar designed to improve its image and educate the ignorant on the true meaning of jihad. The school, founded by terror suspect Abu Bakar Ba’asyir has the dubious honour of being the alma mater of a string of convicted terrorists and wanted men.

Among the school’s more well-known graduates are the currently on death row mass murderer, Amrozi, his two brothers, most of the others involved in the first Bali bombing, and Faturrahman Al-Ghozi, who was killed in action on Mindanao, Philippines. Additionally the school boasts of being the educators of three men currently on the run for terror activities, Zulkarnain, Aris Munandar, and Abdurrahim Thayib. Wherever there has been maiming and killing in the name of the religion of peace in Indonesia recently the froth and scum products of the Ngruki pesantren have been in the thick of it.


However the director of the school, pictured here, Wahyuddin, as well as the head of the alumni association, Ali Usman, said that the school could not be held responsible for the misdeeds of a small number of its former students.

Ngruki has thousands of alumni. If some of them have taken part in criminal activity, we apologize.

Both men were cautious to avoid referring to the “criminal activity” as acts of terrorism.

The seminar was held in conjunction with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), a hardline group of clerics prone to issuing medieval-heritage fatwas at any opportunity, and the ludicrous Religious Affairs Ministry, which since the rise of democratic politics after the fall of Suharto has been the dominion of small Islamic parties who need to be bought off for coalition building purposes.

The MUI deputy chairman said:

Let there be no stigma given to any institution, including pesantren. If there are one or two people found guilty, they should be dealt with according to the law, not their institution.

He also said that his group had thoroughly investigated the school’s curriculum, research papers and other “literature” as well as observed its daily activities and had come to the conclusion that it was all hunky-dory.

As an old communist might say, it is no accident that so many of the terrorists active in Indonesia come from this one establishment. Not many people, however indoctrinated they may be, are, in the end, willing to blow themselves up or blow other people up but the fact that, of those in Indonesia who do fall into this category, so many of them come from the Ngruki school should be the cause of ringing condemnation of it, and perhaps a little more than this, direct action against it.

One of the more interesting participants in the seminar was the spokesman for the Indonesian Mujahidin Council, another creation of the industrious Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, Fauzan Al-Anshori. He explained that jihad cannot justify attacks on civilians of whatever religion. He also, interestingly, seemed to take the traditional Indonesian “nationalist” position in its Islamic world-view. America, he said, was not at war with Indonesia and therefore attacks on American interests or citizens in Indonesia were unjustifiable. In this he seems to be repudiating the sense of the Muslim community, or ummah, as a global, supra-national, force, an attack on one part of which, like Iraq, is considered an attack on the whole, including Indonesia.

He went on to say that America had attacked Indonesia only in the cultural, economic, and political spheres, and therefore retailation had to be also in those areas, but not by violent means.

The organisers of the seminar had invited the representatives of about 20 foreign embassies. Malaysia had signaled its acceptance but even they didn’t show up. About 1000 other people attended.

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  1. secret says:

    this is a f*cked up school.
    you should not brain wash young men into becoming suicide bombers.
    you should not tell them if they don’t die for your god they will go to hell.

  2. R. Patterson says:

    It’s usually the old, the ones that the young look up to. It’s these old that continue with their families. It’s these old that continue with their jobs. It’s these old that continue to live and enjoy life. It’s these old ones that send the easily led, naive young to blow themselves up and in doing so murder innocent men,women and children of all faiths. Then these same old ones wash their hands of these dead young. How criminal, how sad. R. Patterson

  3. Neutral Guy says:

    Do Not be Prejudice Please. Let’s try to understand waht really happen actually so that they are doing such these things. Let’s be as objective as possible. Investigate fairly what actually essentially happen. Do it by your EQ( Emotional Quotient) & SQ(Spiritual Quotient), not just by using IQ( Intelectual Quotient).

  4. sarah says:

    Let’s find the truth from Qur’an. Since moeslems still discriminated, there would be a figth against this Discrimination. Ask Bush what the hell he did with Palestian, Iraq,etc. He responsible to the Lebanon killing field. We, moeslems are peace lovers. But should we still do nothing when we see our moeslem brothers and sisters being killed as in Palestina? Ask Bush to investigate whether Israeli has already developed nucelar bomb! Be right in jugdging!

  5. Kevin says:

    IMO Wahyuddin and other Muslim clerics who have affiliation with known terrorist and do not denounce terrorists actions don’t have the any business saying they are part of Islam. They will go to hell and ideally they should be treated as heretics and punished according to Islam. Muslims are peaceful and gentle people and extremist only give Islam a bad reputation. Good Muslims need to get rid of these extremists. If extremist people like this lived next door to me they wouldn’t last a day.

  6. Terence says:

    Abu Bakar Bashir
    The Infidel

    The ‘terrifying’ aspect of Bashir is his capacity to deceive and mislead Allah’s children of the Islamic race, for all that follow ‘Bashiri’ will learn the reality of liquid terror, as they follow him down into the Abyss for their failure to ‘bow’ to the Command of Allah being HIS “Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive others” Command.

    I can assure you all that Abu Bakar Bashir knows not the meaning of true Islam, ( Bowing in obedience to the Creator) and Abu Bakar Bashir is nothing more nor less than an infidel ‘rebel’ being the ultimate ‘rabble rouser’ who hides behind the facade of religion. He sees not that he is but a foolish and arrogant ‘stool pigeon’ for Satan the Serpent who uses all the vain.

    Abu Bakar Bashir knows NOT the real ‘The Law of Allah,’ for IT stands supreme above all the silly ‘day dreams’ of men like Bashir who use ‘rules and rulings’ to control the destiny of others. The real Law of Allah is very simple and it is revealed in its fullness on this web site and it commences:

    ~ Understanding Allah’s ONE Law ~

    “As you do is done unto you – As you sow so shall ye reap”

    What does this mean in a spiritual and ‘logical’ and ‘practical’ sense?

    It is ‘simply’ the ‘Just & equitable’ return unto you for all the fortune or misfortune, joy or pain, or giving or taking ‘deeded’ by your deeds in your ‘interaction’ with other children of Allah, of any race, colour, creed, or ideology.

    As you ‘seed’ your deed be it positive or negative, you ‘earn’ and invite an equal return upon yourself that is ‘placed’ or ‘given’ or ‘forced’ upon you by circumstance that is ‘granted,’ or designed and, – – –

    This is in fact imposed by Allah in a manner that is ‘unforeseen,’ and in many cases arises from ‘inexplicable’ circumstances when least expected. Be it in this lifetime or in the afterlife and, – – – (continues at: The Law )

    Abu, you ‘son’ are a very dangerous man, for you ‘in span’ others who are as arrogant and ignorant as yourself, and you lead them into ways of war and terror as you incite them and unknowingly invite them to defy Allah and wield a ‘sword’ against His other children. You are a FALSE teacher.

    Your destiny Abu is very, very bleak, and as I seek to save everyone who ‘errs,’ I also seek to save your ‘miserable’ soul from eternal suffering. I suggest that you come and visit me by reading everything written by me. For only thus will your psyche have the opportunity to ‘refresh’ itself as to the TRUE path to the ‘water well’ of eternal happiness and, – – –

    That way son is the ‘way’ of “peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness,” as taught by Allah via my sacred pen. The way you preach and teach is the way to the Abyss, and therein are “worms, snakes, maggots,” and they feed upon your very soul as IT screams in agony for every moment of eternal time for that, – – – is the justice imposed by Allah upon all ‘swine.’

    You ‘Sir’ need to learn that immorality has nothing to do with ‘nakedness,’ for Allah created us naked so that to Him we would be a ‘delight’ in His sight. It is only the ‘sin’ in men such as you that perceive His ‘works’ as error, and I can assure you that the ONLY ‘immoral’ act in the ‘eye’ of Allah is when you (or any) defy Him, and you sup on His forbidden to use Dark energy that is the fruit of evil, and this you do as you criticize, judge, condemn, control, deceive, punish, wage war, cause pain and terror, and lead yourself and others to Hell.

    You are a very foolish man Bashir, for you know not the difference between good and evil. Were you never taught the meaning of “good”? Do you know not the meaning of respect, courtesy, kindness, and duty of ‘care’ unto other children of THE CREATOR?

    Wake up ‘brother,’ we are all born from the same heavenly Mother.

    Note: A non believer (Infidel) is a person of any race, colour or creed that does not believe in the strength of Allah nor of Allah’s “Go your way in peace and love one another” Word. Thus they use force and deceit to manipulate and control, punish, abuse or destroy, and they turn man against man, and they see not that their ‘understanding’ of Allah and their ‘interpretation’ His Law is in error and, – – –

    These vain and arrogant mortals see not that as they incite ‘unrest’ and disobedience to Allah’s Command, that they in fact make Allah their enemy, and none can ‘win’ any battle against Allah, for all so ‘attempting’ fill their souls with Dark Sin and die in IT in the Abyss.

    Every Infidel has the ‘belief’ in their own superiority.
    Every Infidel is an ‘anti-Christ’ and is anti being ‘Ruled’ by Allah THE CREATOR.

    Allah has ONE immutable, inviolable ‘rule’: “As you do is done unto YOU.”

    Infidels are found in every race, colour, and creed, and they are known by their daily deed. Are you the reader one?

    Terence – Imam Al-Mahdi

    There is a copy of this letter on line as page 23 at:

  7. Teddy says:

    If you don’t know the subject are, don’t ever judge the object..!!

    If al-mukmin or abu bakar baashir is terrifying, so what judgement that suitable for amerika, israel, france and the animal george bush??

    Think before act..!!

  8. dewi says:

    IMO, Baasyir and all the terrorists are just emotional people who try to win the chess match without thinking smartly.

  9. Terence says:

    Allah judges man on an individual basis, and this means that any ‘teacher’ preaching ANY doctrine that contravenes Allah’s Command; “Go your way in peace and be forgiving and merciful” is an infidel, and will suffer the consequence of their own defiance of Allah and they WILL suffer the consequence of having DECEIVED Allah’s children and having MISLED them.

    So as for you or I or any, Allah expects us to BE merciful to any infidel, and irrespective of what they do to you or I or any, Allah expects us to BE compassionate and forgiving and THUS ‘we’ must remain in the ‘Light’ and reach out to them with love and truth as WE by ‘example’ show them the TRUE PATH to enlightenment and happiness.

    If ANY person judges another as requiring punitive correction and thus causes them any ‘pain or suffering or loss’ then rest ‘assured,’ Allah will do the same unto the ignorant one. This because NO mortal man is above the ONE supreme Law of Allah; “As you do is done unto you.” I AM the Imam Al-Mahdi.

    Be advised that the awaited Al-Mahdi the Divine Saviour and Just Leader of the whole of humanity has returned into the flesh of this world to restore the purity of faith, being the doctrine of PEACE as commanded by Allah the Creator. The fresh and uncontaminated message from the Creator for humanity to prepare all for the coming TRIBULATIONS & utter destruction is now on line at:

    Issued by Terence Malaher
    Pyengana – Tasmania 7216

  10. yusufkuria says:

    I want also to join these madrassa.

  11. BALI4EVER says:

    When will the government of indonesia wake up and close this school down, This school bred the killers who ripped apart my island of Bali, a part of indonesia, many indonesians died both muslim and hindu and atheist aussies but these killers are brainwashed malaysians, i was in bali when the bopmb happened and a few days later watched a programme trying to understand what these people were thinking, it said the more people it killed the happier these people are, i hope noordin is happy , he will be running his whole life now, if it is the work of allah, let allah judge him after death and see if he goes to paradise or hell,

    personally i hope he goes to hell

  12. Terence Malaher says:

    Dear reader, every school on earth ‘breeds’ killers, and every ‘race’ & ‘religion’ breeds killers, for evry village on earth contains people that believe in control, regulation, punishment, merciless vengeance and killing etc., because this ‘way, doctrine or policy’ code of conduct is now ‘in bred’ and ‘ill bred’ into the psyche of everyone.

    So every ‘taxpayer’ is in fact funding a known terrorist organisation that is operating outside the ‘mandate’ granted to man by Allah.

    For every government ‘official’ believes that in order to maintain ‘control’ that they can defy Allah’s “Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness” Command and do all the things that ‘we’ the populace are forbidden to do, for they see not that NO ‘badge’ of official status, or mandate of ‘man’ nullifies or ‘voids’ the Law of Allah:

    “As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you”

    If you are funding any government organisation then you are in ‘trouble’ in the eyes of Allah, for all the interference, control, punishment and suffering they impose upon others is done on behalf of the taxpayer and in their name, and becomes your spiritual ‘due’ also.

    Terence – Al Imam Al-Mahdi

  13. hamba says:

    In Islam, there is no one or organization who can monopolize the truth

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