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The RUU APP is again being debated in the parliament, but may have now been reduced to just the RUU Pornography.

The RUU APP is the controversial anti-pornography and pornaksi bill. As mentioned in “RUU APP Stalled” it was believed that there were two competing bills in circulation, one with the original strict provisions against public indecency (pornoaksi) and one without. It seems that the latter draft may have won the day, at least in part, with the Jakarta Post claiming that parliamentarians now refer to the bill only as RUU AP, or simply as an anti-pornography law. But, in another report, from Hidayatullah it is said that the bill’s name has been changed instead to “RUU Pornografi dan Pornoaksi (RUU PP)”.

Balkan Kapele, the head of the deliberating committee is quoted in the Post as:

We have responded to those opposed to the initial draft by changing the name of this bill into one that contains only the word pornography.

While in Hidayatullah he is quoted as:

There has been progress. Now we don’t use the word “anti”, we just call it the Pornography & Indecency Law.
(Sudah ada perkembangan. Redaksinya saat ini tidak menggunakan kata ‘Anti’ dalam RUU, sehingga menjadi RUU Pornografi dan Pornoaksi (RUU PP).)

Deliberations on the bill began anew on the 11th and lasted the whole of that day. Balkan Kaplale, said that the deliberations went ahead smoothly, for a change, because the provisions dealing with manner of dress and clothing had been dropped from the bill. Presently he said the main focus was on three questions – production of pornography, its distribution, and sale. On the production side he said the display of sexual material on television and in print media would be restricted. (Liputan6)

Meanwhile however the Jakarta Post says that only the forms of dress peculiar to Indonesia’s myriad of peoples and cultures are definitely going to be excepted in the bill. Rustam Tamburaka of Golkar is quoted as saying:

A new stipulation carries an exception for kebaya and koteka.

Not Pornoaksi – A Sundanese Kebaya.

However the Post says it is unclear whether any exceptions will be granted to non-ethnic types of dress, such as short skirts and tank-tops.

Catwalk models appear to be safe, says Rustam:

Should this version of the bill be endorsed as it is, those models could stay in their professions without having to worry.

Members of the committee tasked with rehashing the bill also agreed to less restrictions on the art world as well, with the definition of pornography excluding works of art put on display to a “limited audience”. Rustam says:

The new definition is tough only on the dissemination of pornographic works to the general public

The Post also claims that the definition of pornography in the bill is restricted to only covering depictions of sexual intercourse for public display and to arouse or titillate.

10 Comments on “RUU AP or RUU PP”

  1. Fanglong says:

    Is it really sure that kebaya is not pornoaktik ?

    Wassalam to all !

    Btw, how does a benten (‘trapless camisole’) look like ?

  2. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Because of imposing anti-pornography bill. Indonesia will be disintegrate really like secession of MInahasa and Bali! If Indonesians supports anti-pornography law, they are the mosy narrow-minded in the whole universe forever if anti-pornography law in Indonesia last!

  3. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Because Indonesia has anti-porno law maybe this country will be the ugliest country in the whole universe forever!

    Indonesians are the narrowest-minded people in the whole universe forever if they support anti-porno law!

  4. Fanglong says:

    I think they will not be enough to support it if they allow God to bless them!

  5. Hassan says:

    Karlira Kanakahuko : shushhh! I had enough of people who insults me and my countrymen. keep your racistic comments to yourself. this website belonged to one of those ugly and narrow minded Indonesian.

  6. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Hassan:Karlira Kanakahuko : shushhh! I had enough of people who insults me and my countrymen. keep your racistic comments to yourself. this website belonged to one of those ugly and narrow minded Indonesian.

    Why are you participating in this website?
    You said it is for narrow-minded Indonesians?
    I’m not Indonesians, I’m Saudi Arabian. If you hate againstme, you should hate against Saudi Arabians, not Indonesians. You are the one who insults your fellow Indonesians like what did you said”this website belonged to one of those ugly and narrow minded Indonesian”. You are the most hypocrite of all!

    If you hate in this website, get out of here!

  7. the Moslem says:

    Hai friends, cooling down please!!

    Let us take account into democracy and through away prejudice and stereoptipe.

    Before criticizing of the bill and give more comments, It will be polite if we read firstly to the bill and than give your constructive submissions rather than blaming and judging based on the assumption emotionally.

    In my point of view, the bill is kind of the unique of Indonesian movement to the new concept of democracy which give more space to the Islamization. Beginning by the establisment of regional autonomy Law which make it possible for the lower government applying shariah law. it is like test case for the Islamic conservative group s to know how the respond of the public and central government in case of syariah law. Actually, there is less political will of central government to restrict this movement although they have legal instrument to do this based on the constitution or lower regulations. Also, many of us neglect to this trend.

    I belief that the Islamization of Indonesia is an unproductive attempt and ahistory. However, the democracy can not be used to pass undemocratic law (the rule of law cannot undermine istself) (Universal Declaration of Human Rights Art.30).

  8. Karlira Kanakhuko says:

    But RUU-APP is the most undemocracizing thing. It represses women and abuses the rights of non-Muslim Indonesians. We are condemning against Islamization of Indonesia. Try to Islamize Indonesia, many more Indonesian regions and provinces separate from original Indonesia, because of Islam.

  9. Ade Dungga says:

    Somebody gave porn a bad name!

    Because pornography makes us arosed it has been considered as wrong, dirty, shameful and taboo. But it also help us realize that we are human, not weird and abviously have the same desire.

    You guys in DPR (particularly Balkan Kapele), c’mon. I bet you enjoy a lilttle porn now and then, just like your other Indonesian felows. Especially the survey done by a magazine “Men’s Health” in June 2006 showed that Indonesian men came as the second place after Brazillians in terms of LOOKING AT PORN EACH DAY! Surprised? I was. You hyprocite! Remember, Indonesian is also the world’s fourth populous country, so it makes you guys the most porn magazine readers in the world.

    Yeah yeah, pass the law in order to preserve hypocrisy culture of ours. I thought hypocrisy was so yesterday, but no. In Indonesia Hypocrisy Rules Forever! Tetap Jaya Kemunafikan!

  10. Beauty's lover says:

    All I can say is…..May GOD bless and save this country!!!!

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